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Sandeept30 2015-03-11 15:22:34


No idea..its seems till 6th they are free to select what ever they want to do ;- )

shreyasharu 2015-03-24 16:36:39


Hi Mr.Sandeep, I read most of your reply .You hv done good survey on thane schools.we are looking for admission in poddar international school thane for my daughter in 5std.can u pls share your review on this school .wwaiting for your reply Thanks Shreya

geetuag 2015-04-06 20:27:00


Hi All
I am shifting new to Thane in June, and we also have to take admission again. 
Its going bit last hour kind thing for us though. 
We prefer CBSC. We need admission in Class V (5th)
Any pointers suggestions. I am bit scared since its April now dont know how and what schools we should look at.
Pls help


MPK 2015-04-17 08:33:16


Hi, This email as I c is posted long back. But I saw billabong ur list under consideration, so just felt like giving personal experience. I too shifted from USA but back in 2008 and was looking an admission for ICSE board so dat she dun face problems if ever we have to leave d country again. Billabong seemed to be good option. I admitted my daughter for nursery. Pre primary section was quite satisfactory but since ever she is in primary section.. Things changed..syllabus were never completed.. Surprised assessments which ultimately was a load for less den average students wid d the fee structure is exhorbitant considering what we get in return.everybody expects whatever dey spend should b worth it which I dun c happening in billabong. My daughter is in 4th grade now n looking for change of school.this all years the school made lot of promises which I dun c been fulfilleD.over all I won't give it ne star.I was just happy with d pre primary section in dat period but dunno what's the status now. Please can nebody give feedback abt orchids school or some better schools with good staff and infrastructure.

MPK 2015-04-17 08:47:48


Hi der, I had been to podar international yesterday to hv a look at the school for admissions in 5th grade.currently in billabong.I spoke with d principal directly. She explained me everything abt CIE board. They have cbse n CIE in thane branch. They dun have a playground but hv a tie up with hiranandani tovuse d ground.. I didn't understand which ground she meant. Books will b given from d school. Library was half set where the librarian said they r working on it since it's d first year bbooks Wil be surely added gradually. Idid the my daughter with me n she said upfrontly dat dey have good collection of books (with whatever they have atvpresent)compared to billabong. Academic yr is already started from 1st April but principal said dat not much will be covered coz dey r expecting more admissions n some who hv joined will be coming from June since there have classes in previous schools.curriculum looked been set for the students.she said dey r looking to take both the buildings of the Hospital to themselves so the concrete area surrounding d bldng will b alloted for sports. Dey r charging enrichment fee of 10000 one time payment which is considered to b for d sport activities.and d fees for 5th grade rounds upto 1,50,000. I hope I hv covered most of d points.since it is d first year of school nobody can really talk abt staff. Well der are some websites which has reviews about there branches.

geetuag 2015-04-17 10:05:16


Hi there
I am also looking for admission in grade 5. We prefer CBSC though. 
I checked with Podar, but since no playground and first year I am somehow not very comfortable. esp building n premises does not even make it feel like school. 
We visited Orchids last week, Councillors said they started last year, Building looks like they have hired some under-construction mall and converting it to school needs. One plus is they have ground adjacent to school. School promising lot on CBSC syllabus and teaching methods I hope they do what they are saying. They take 35 students in one class, considering class size and amount of fees i think this student number per class is bit to high. Kids benches were clustered since class size is bit tinier. 
On roof they are planning basketball and skating rink. its yet in plans,. They have small swimming pool too. 
Currently they have students for upto class 7, this year they will have upto class 8.
School timings are 9am to 4pm. 
Fees again same goes approximate to 1.5 L. The school kit of year costs Rs. 12000 which i feel is sheer loot.
It looks like one option but no feedback on who are teachers and what is alteration rate, since thats being major common problem right now with all these new schools. 
I am searching for parents or forum of current parents of orchids who can pass-on some better reality scenario. 


Sandeept30 2015-04-17 12:01:37


Since I took admission in Orchids, I can give u more inside about my experiences In first 2-3 interaction with school management, I feel my decision is right sharing with all top 10 points based on my experience with Orchids till date :

1. Compare to other schools orchid people are very process Oriented Tech Savvy Management. Principle is available just a email away.

2. Bus is there with security camera and GPS system which is now a days a need of the hour... at any point u can call their control room they provide exact location of bus. Security person is also there is Bus.

3. Other than this they teach 4 Languages from day1 - Hindi, English, French, and Marathi.

4. Extra-Curricular there are 4 dimensional development Options

4.1. Physical (skating, Judo, and one more)

4.2. Music - Keyboard, Guitar and someone

4.3. Science - Robotics, Aero Dynamics and 1 more

4.4. Kathak, Bharatanatyam and Bollywood) so overall it’s giving multi-dimensional options for kids. Swimming etc is part of school.

5. Canteen facility is there and kids can buy snack by their own

6. School uniform, Bags Shoos etc everything they give from school u don't need to run everywhere

7. Overall I interacted couple of parents and nobody was complaining anything in fact people are very positive. i spoke to couple of kids as well they found kids are very well mannered and quite proactive not shy at all which shows confidence.
My views about Poddar

8. They have facility for extra class to cover-up in case there is few days gap

9 They gave us a book to cover up previous class learning and its very informative

10 Lot of focus of Experiments Since Exhibition and outside school Contest and external events as well

Since i have not gone ahead with Poddar i don't have much to tell other then what i have already shared. Some of my friends kids in Nerul Poddar School. Since its build and following from Ghandhi ji Principle (I found there people very old theoretical traditional school) some is my feeling with feeling for their kids.

Poddar I know they focus a lot of academics and give lot of homework for kids and even parents also need to spend extra hours helping kids finishing assignments. They mess up all your Diwali and Summer Holidays and kids become lethargy over time.

For Poddar i can sense one thing - They don't value extract curricular activities. for them Play Ground and Swimming pool etc have no value Which I felt is totally irrelevant in today’s scenario.

Lot of my friends who’s kids are in Bangalore and Hyderabad current trend is for Orchid kind of education model is prevalent hence i made my mind for Orchid.


patul 2015-04-20 17:48:37


Hi All,
Parents pls. select school based on some of the following criteria. i used the following criteria to enroll  My Kids ( 5 yrs and 8 yrs old girls) in Vasant Vihar...

1. Location- school sh'd not be far off
I stay on pokhran road-1 and choice was made on following criteria. singhania is not possible.
DAV is old school.
VVihar has the best school bus, staff and gud name for pre-primary and primary.
Little flower was not considered.
School sh'd attract decent crowd so that our kids get gud friends.

2. Decent teachers and name-
goenka trust runs some of the famous school in mumbai west like gokuldham, yashodham.
also VVihar is decent although project based trianing is not there.

3. Physical activity/sports
VVihar has decent name is sports.

4. Costs
I had gone to Orchid and found it good.
but is also new and cost more. if we add 2-3 kids then the cost can accrue.
VVihar does not accept grant for secondary hene is similar to singhania in costs.
Plus for all schools, we have to enrol kids in tutions, so we need to add that cost too.

5. Extra-curricular - VVihar allows exra curricular on it's campuses but it is payable.
also, we can get this done from outside easily,
note: we've enrolled our kids in skating, bharatnatyam (going on), phonics, abacus, drawing, music etc

6. Board
I studied in CBSE (kendriya vidayalaya , powai). from my experience the curriculum is great and good kids do v. good as parents take care of the studies. but for all schools we've to admit to tution classes.
with vast portions kids can loose interest too.
Vasant Vihar is SSC Board. we make sure to get kids to attend competitive exams like ipm, spell bee etc. to keep pace.
so option is gud for average kids. Kids get some time to breath and allows parents to get kids to attend classes etc.
rainbow was certfied till class 7 then. VVihar has junior college.

7. new schools/new ideas
The newer schools bring forth new ideas namely
a. computer/projector based education- this standardized education to kids
b. more focus on experiments, projects etc. - can help creativity
-but most schools can/might be destroying creativity too ( more "subjects" etc. load kids and hence can make kids less creative/loose interest)
c.competition- these schools help bridge gap and hopefully older schools start to listen to parents.
e.g. V vihar wont allow to take your kid out of school early in case we need to go somewhere or emergency comes up.
they own;t have xtra classes etc.
They have a diary concept which is optional for kids to write down and most don't.
so, consider all this.

buy house near school if the need be but don;t make the kid go to school travelling on highway
New Parents have lots of options and most of these schools train using PPTs and projectors.
so training across teachers is standard.
-Poddar allows to select board like CBSE, ICSE(not sure), IGSE but is new and rented groud for 30 years.
-Billabong is costly so don't complain afterwards if the school raises the already high fees.
The trend is education to encourage kids to be more creative and it is to be competitive so that kids can be successful later in the years.

Sandeept30 has mentioned a lot about schools in the region and agree to most points.

All the best for your school hunt. :)



geetuag 2015-04-21 10:42:03


Thanks a lot Sandeep, your feedback has been tremendous help in taking decision.
I think next week we will also go ahead and take admission in Orchids.
Nalanda school had one vacancy for grade 5th but it will far for us.
Your feedback and interaction with other parents is reassuring to me. thanks once again.


Sandeept30 2015-04-21 16:15:03


you are welcome !!!

Sashig 2015-04-22 11:38:48


Hello Sandeep - I stay in Bhandup. I have not got Nursery admission in Pawar Public school Bhandup and now have left with only 3 options for my kid.

1. Gopal Sharma International - Powai - But school doesn't guarantee ICSE board, they will have assessment during start for 1st Grade and based on results either ICSE, CBSC or SSC. Also Travel time will be more for small kid.
2. Euro Kids - Mulund - But school doesn't guarantee admission Jr KG in Euru School Airoli since most of their seats get filled up from thier own center.
3. Vibgyor - Airoli - New school and good in Infra. Travel time will be more for small kid. Also 1st Std fee is more than 1.25 Lac.

Please suggest whether to continue Nursery in playschool ilke Euro Kids or directly for big school which has afflication till Std.X

Sandeept30 2015-04-22 15:52:56


I would suggest Target Euro School Since its one of the best new generation school. Its better to continue in Eurokid and next year try for Euro School.

Vibgyor - is coming up new so no Idea but generally first year its little difficult for school as well to align teacher and facilities.


Sashig 2015-04-22 16:24:24


Thank Sandeep. This year none of the Euro Kids Mulund got admission to Euro School -Airoli so chance are very less. Can you suggest any options nearby Mulund for next year -Jr Kg?

Sandeept30 2015-04-22 18:26:40


Check this school -  Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, SchoolAddress: Trimurthi Marg,Nahur, Mulund West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 40008 Phone:022 2569 1305

Its good lot of my friends kid are there.

Sashig 2015-04-22 20:53:52


Thanks Sandeep, but they give only limited 200 admission form and now Nursery Admission is full in SSRS Vidya Mandir. Not sure if they will have seats next year.

I got chance in Friends Academy, Mulund but waited for Pawar Public results and hence lost it.


Nannu19 2015-05-07 13:22:43


Dear Mr. Sandeep,
I am a resident of Mulund West Devidayal road. My son is October 2012 born and has completed play group. I am torn between alot of choices of school based on location and age criteria. The new govt rule says the child should be 3 years of age to get admission in Nursery. If I put him nursery in a school he wont be 3. Does that mean he may have to repeat a class in the future because the new rule also states that the child should have complete 6 years of age when in STD 1.
My list is:
 Euro School
NES Public
Please guide
Thank you


Sandeept30 2015-05-07 19:06:00


I would say go with Govt Rule - its been observed kids who are little aged compare to other have better marks and they perform well compare to peers its a good Opportunity for you.

I suggest try in Singhania and then Euro school both are best.

1ayeshu 2015-05-07 20:54:04


But sandeep won't that be burden on little ones who haven't completed age criteria as per nursery...I'm also facing same problem as my daughter is Aug 2012 born...wat to do???

1sadhanabane 2015-05-11 13:09:06



Can anybody please help me.

In Orchid International, oxford books will be provided till V then after that which publication will be preferred?

How is canteen facility? Is it hygienic?

I heard that nutritional meals are provided in Universal High and fussy eaters also start eating as all their friends are eating the same. Meals are not separately charged in Universal.


Sadhana Bane


Nannu19 2015-05-11 18:33:43


Thank you for your advice Sandeep. Yes we will try for J K singhania. But now.i have another question my huabad recently visited vibgyor and loved the infrastructure and school. He has fixed his heart on it. My worry is the diatance feom home. Would it be wise to put him in vibgyor then?

Sandeept30 2015-05-13 13:03:53


Yes that is also good.


Sandeept30 2015-05-13 13:05:29


On poddar international I have given my view.. pls go though same ..its there is discussion page..

Sandeept30 2015-05-13 13:06:46


 Orchid International Canteen is totally outsources and good, but cost is seprate.

Nannu19 2015-05-13 14:22:46


Ok thank you

saswta 2015-05-18 00:31:24


please suggest a good state board school for 8th std at ghodbunder road or nearby.
Vasant vihar admissions are really difficult, do we have other options ?


Ganesh01 2015-05-18 00:47:52


Saraswati Vidyalaya is at Ghodbunder and its a State Board.

Amit4thane 2015-05-29 18:11:02


Hello All,

Area ---- Anandnagar

I am amit, we are moving to thane on 15 june 2015 from Singapore, I wanted help in finalizing school for my 5yr old daughter who is studying in Montesori Sr. Kg (just started). We are looking for CBSE school which has small student-teacher ratio.

Also would prefer schools which are near our house in Anand nagar area.

I have been following sandeeps reviews closely.....kudos for the detail analysis Sandeep.

But couldn't find much reviews on EUROSCHOOL and New Horizon.(both are very close to house)

please also let us know any good schools other than that.

Please list the over all fees to be paid upfront

 Also the important question of wait list or the management approach to late applicants.

I hope they will still allow us to take admission, .........I am hearing nasty stories of making multiple application,

multiple rounds of office.....waiting for forms in lines overnight..........I am already sweating.

I am really expecting some good advice from you all fellow parent......

waiting for reply...

thank you


forpixie260313 2015-06-04 21:23:36


A request for those who have taken admission to new
 Horizon school GB road...
Can you please give details about the fee structure with donation amount for nursery class?
Thank in advance.


 Former member 2015-06-05 10:54:12


it is 75k


subha03 2015-06-06 14:18:03


Sandeep first of all thanks for your great reviews. I have an enquiry whether it is possible to get a mid-term admission in Orchids Thane. We currently stay in Andheri and my son is going to junior kg in a school here. We are planning to shift to Thane by October 2015. It will be kind of you if you can provide me some info.


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