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1sadhanabane 2015-02-07 15:24:48



Can anybody help me with  the reviews for ARYA CAMBRIDGE SCHOOL thane. One of my friend's daughter is presently there and she is very happy with the school. I enquired about fees also, it is drastically low then the other ICSE boards like rustomjee, hiranandani or universal high. Awaiting reply.


Papa2pareshaan 2015-02-15 10:53:46


Dear sandeep thanks for inputs. By any chance u have feedback about Rustomjee .. Lodha i m sure is worst in that area heard many negative feedback from office colleagues .even in this forum... infact universal i heard is one of better option. Even i would be staying at Lodha hence looking for Rustomjee option. I am very much interested in getting my son addmitted to Rustomjee Thane school Considering their positive feedback about dahisar branch and management, wondering if anyone been there .I am for 6th standard admission...since i am out of station ,will be able to visit next weekend...till then if someone can please share their views Thanks

Sandeept30 2015-02-16 12:17:33


Yes - i went Rustumji Internaiton 2 weeks back. Building was not ready and its the first batch. IG -Board. Fees ~ 80K. Overall its looking good, but since its a first batch some management risk is always involved. Loadha i found not very good and its ok for any one below 5 yr old. its a ICSC board.

if u ask me - finally I have decided to take admission in Orchids Internations (its a CBSC Board) and fees around 1.25 Lacs overall with some internaitonal school flavor its funded by Navneet publication and they have more then 80 schools across all metros. 
CBSC is good becuase it is relevent for competetive Exams. Initially load is low, and proper focus on Hindi, English and all other subjects. across India there are only 2 boards (StateBoard and CBSC) IG and ICSC are in Mumbai and Delhi in few more cities. reason is for getting permission for CBSC and stateboard there are certain norms of Govt which needs to be fulfill. which most of there schools try to get rid of. overall there are lots of teacher avaialble to teach CBSC but very few for IG and ICSC board. I hope my answer will help you.


prernaprasad 2015-02-23 16:07:26


Hi all,

My son is presently studying in Shreerang English Medium School in Junior Kg. I want to change his school as I am not happy with the school as well as the crowd. I am not able to decide whether to change school for Senior Kg or wait for Class I admission?

I have inquired at a couple of schools in thane.
Singhania: Admission is impossible.
DAV: Local transfer within thane city is not allowed for ones who are not in govt. services.
Vasant Vihar and Lokpuram: No vacancies
Lodha: Too expensive.
New Horizon: I liked this school but find it too far as my kid is just 4.

I am very confused, please help.


Ganesh01 2015-02-23 23:23:31


Hi ,

As pointed rightly by you, there are no vacancies in most of the Schools like Singhania, Vasant Vihar, Lok Puram, DAV.
I believe admission are still available in New Horizon - CBSE (yearly 50000 plus 20,000 for transport) and Rainbow, Universal.


nivedithamom 2015-02-24 00:13:25


Hi papa2pareshan, Had been to Rustomjee School for my daughter for grade 1.jus like you have a Gud feedback abt their dahisar branch.currently they are starting from Jr kg to std fourth and Will be adding one grade gradually each year. But when we had gone there was a parent who had come for 6th std grade and the principal there mentioned that if there are more students can start the 6th std too. Really have no clue on their infrastructure capacity will have to personally go there and Chk. Hope tis info helps you.

pradeepaap 2015-02-24 12:20:23


Dear All,
I have taken admission for my kid at new horizon for the second batch. Overall good review. I liked the infra and bus service provided by the school. The syllabus followed is CBSE. I had evaluated all the schools across CBSE and other boards. Pls note Goenka has started admissions and they are in kapurbawadi near big bazaar. fees is around Rs.80,000 per annum - i havent checked the school premises.


1ayeshu 2015-02-24 14:25:31


Hi sandeep I'm also planning for orchids thane...Wh branch u hv taken admission in & in wh class? Did u spoke with any existing parents that d activities they promise they fulfill or not? My son will go to grade 2 this yr.

Sandeept30 2015-02-24 14:26:34


I have decided to take admission in Orchids Internaitonal, its a CBSC Board, but initially till 5th they teach IG Board (Oxford books) and mosly International Board post 6th they start CBSC till 12th, Fees is also at part with other schools Infra is good. Very Tech Savy people.

Last week there was Science Expo there I went there with my kid and she enjoyed a lot.. I also intreacted with few parents there and they said its a good school - they involve parents a lots and overall level kids are happy in this school..So my bat is on Orchids this year will see if thing go out of order will move to Rustumji or Podar or Goenka next year .. this year all these 3 schools are just getting open hence i don't want to take risk becuase it takes minimum 4-5 year for school to come up with full swing.


Sandeept30 2015-02-24 14:28:27


my daughter will go in 3rd standared now..

Papa2pareshaan 2015-02-24 16:25:22


Thanks Nividetha Ji , Yes ! I have been to Rustomjee and found their team to be transparent enough and ready to listen.may be just because they are begining.. but i have v good feedback of management in dahisar and same management is here. They have confirmed , since they are getting required request for class 6 and they already have admitted 15+ students in grade 5 ..they are ready to begin with 6th. Even their online admission form shows till 6th now. i have filled form and my kid will be going through required test , post which they will confirm admission. I heard few people have already availed admission in 6th standard. It is really tough to decide school...following are the reasons i selected this school..obviously after research.... thought sharing may be helpful... 1. I will be staying at Lodha Majiwada , hrnce was looking for school nearby. Since my kid is in ICSE ..ICSE/IGCSE preffered. 2. Nearby schools , Singhania , Billabong ,Lodha , Rustomjee ...frequently discussed. 3. Sunghania is very well known and considered to be top.. but due to no seats available.. option ruled out . Billabong : many negative reviews in their transparency and their torture against parents in news as searched in Google .hence rejected. Lodha : very bad review , infact many from Lodha premise send their kids to other schools. Hence dropped . Universal High : 4.5 km from Majiwada , heard positive reviews for their activities And ok for studies. Considering infra they have building ready but small class rooms play ground for overall growth of kid .but Yes found ok when compared to Billabong or lodha .school fees at par with others but when travelling cost is added, it increases. Hiranandani : ICSE good reviews ..but restricted to Hiranandani people hence ruled out ... Goenka :  I came to know through this forum , since this is new i thought its better to search more about management and their chain.   The trustee of this chain has many schools and some well known but are not jnown to be in good books of parents for one or other reason they are in news for wrong reason. Looking out for good schools i even searched for CBSE options.. New Horizon : Very promising , good infra ,relatively new . Ptos and cons , but pros dominate.i dropped considering distance from Majiwada 7 km every day. Not fair to my kids DAV : Near Majiwada , well established , typical schools of our times...misses in terms of infra and heard overloads kids with home work aling with parents... they need to update method of teaching cinsidering new generation.also heard admission for new people challenge if no siblings .hence dropped. Orchids : managenent response was good but premise was not like school.but i found them promising. Dropped due to distance and board. Podar : New , on rent premise..very good feedback about santa Cruz and kalyan. Negative feedback for powai Hiranandani.  Found new horizon and orchids better. I selected Rustomjee for following reasons , 1. Near to Majiwada. 2. Considering review of management and chain of schools , its impressive . Chairman of Rustomjee is known for his intitiatives for kids and is involved in social service for delivering education for poor , ofcourse by making huge profits in buildings . Relatively trust worthy. 3. I did consider this , parsi management . 4. Very good feedback about their chain in Dahisar and kind of practical experience and exposure they give to their students. To ensure kids do not suffer in competitive curriculum due to international board they have introduced CET exam preparation as part of their teachings. will be till jr college , hence no challenge after 10. They name school as Rustomjee Cambridge international school and jr. College . 6.They have given exposure to dahisar . students for NASA and international science exhibitions... which may be interesting. 7. Though there's negative point like building is not yet ready , considering builder himself i am taking risk that they will acheive as part of their township project. 8. They have commited many things as part of infra.. ..m taking risk that they may not cheat on this. 9. Management was approachable ... since many new schools coming due to competition may be . I will be getting admission of my kid in 6th if they confirm for admission . These Views are based on internet reviews and friends feedback.

geet17 2015-03-01 22:43:27


A  new preschool is opened in thane in waghbil  Shemrock star kids . It's ambience is very colourful . All the school walls have painting of cartoon character and chairs and benches are also very attractive . I like the school and take admission for my son in nursery . It's fees is also nominal 27000/ per annum including unifom books etc.


Sandeept30 2015-03-02 11:31:56


Finally I took admission for my daughter in Orachids Internations Thane.
Primary Considerations are
- Reduced Fees
- CBSC board
- Teaching additional Language as Franch additional to Eng. Hindi and Marathi
- Till 6th Standared they are teach books of Oxford publications with are atpart with International board (IG)
- infrast. is good
- Running from last 1 year so more or less stable in terms of Operations
- Very Teach Savy People and don't make silly mistakes

1ayeshu 2015-03-02 14:35:34


I hv also bought form for orchids thane. Will get admission by Saturday....

Sandeept30 2015-03-02 16:34:15


which class u r taking admission for your kid ?

Papa2pareshaan 2015-03-02 19:24:54


Best wishes ...both... I have gone ahead with Rustomjee 6th standard ... considering location and my requirements... Good to see , branded schools around...

1ayeshu 2015-03-02 21:51:46


Taking admission for grade 2

1sadhanabane 2015-03-03 10:45:49



Can anybody share views about Goenka International school near kapurbawdi and arya Cambridge school.

Awaiting your reply.


Sandeept30 2015-03-03 11:41:06


okay, keep providing views on Rustamji Interaitonal to all of us.

Sandeept30 2015-03-03 11:43:13


C.P. goenka is coming in Big Bazar Building. As of now building etc is not ready so overall they are coming up with big AC school, fees is 1.25 Lacs Range. Overall it will be good school in long term but since it a first year i have not considered.

Prags84 2015-03-03 22:47:00


Hi Sandeep, What is the fees range at Orchids? Also tech savvy as in, what are the facilities provided? Thanks, Prags

himanigoyal 2015-03-04 08:19:16


Hi Sandeep, going through the discussion and saw that u finalised orchid. Have u been to new horizon? What is the difference between these two..? we are moving to Mumbai and today I am here to see the schools. Can't stay much and do the research. In that case your inputs can be really helpful. Regards himani

09riya 2015-03-04 15:13:24


Hello everyone,
Its so nice to see everyone's reply about various schools in thane and its so nice to read detailed information about schools, but couldn't find any detail about euroschool india which is in haware city, thane near hyper city .. I would like to know about that school too.. Is anyone has done some kind of research on that school... please help me on this... 


Sandeept30 2015-03-04 19:00:19


Euro School - I have been there.. overall its little far away from Kopurwadi Junction... Fees is at part  I think 55K to 65 K range for pre primary. but i heard recently they have increse fees

Educaiton side - its ICSC board. Kids who are there ( lots of my friends kid are there) enjoying a lot. So Educaiton point of view No issues at all. Only issues is distance ..

Sandeept30 2015-03-04 19:06:00


New Horizon I have never been there - becuase i wanted some thing near Kopurwadi junction or + 2-3 km range.. i found distance wise little far from my place.But fees is nominal thats what i heard, its CBSC botard. bus services is available everywhere. Building looks very good.
there is one more point why i am not there becuase its timeing is in afteroon where admissions are open and I never appreciate afternoon school. if u r close to school location and afternoon timing is fine this could be one of the Option in CBSC. Fees is reasonable  50 to75 K range.

Sandeept30 2015-03-04 19:08:41


Orchid Fees will trun up Appx. 1.15 to 1.25 K including evey things ( tution fees, term fees, sports, books, uniform etc)

1ayeshu 2015-03-04 20:35:12


New horizon fees comes across 120 k & compulsory donation is 32000 for all class.... Orchids is not having any donation or admission fee

nivedithamom 2015-03-10 22:16:07


Hello Sandeep, Thanx you for all your valuable inputs. I have taken admission at Rustomjee for my daughter for 1st std. Hav a small query....since you have taken admission in Orchid InInternational which is a CBSC board....why would they follow IG books? whereas Rustomjee on the other hand follows ICSE books till 5th grade.....which is quiet suprising.


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