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pradeepaap 2014-07-04 12:32:32


Dear Parents,
Pls suggest your opinion about good schools near waghbil for junior kg onwards for my kid . How is kid zee nursery at waghbil. Also can any one suggest any good nursery cum day care .


 Former member 2014-07-30 11:05:02


There are lot of Schools near wagh bill first you will have to decide on which board you are looking for 1) State 2) CBSE 3) ICSE 4)IGCSE
If you are looking for State Board Vasant Vihar is the best in Thane. There are lot of CBSE Schools too like New Horizon, DAV, Lok Puram, Arunoday, Dyan Ganga , Laurel Public  . For ICSE Schools all are new less than 10 years of operating in Thane ...Euro , Universal High , Singhania etc. Singhania is the oldest also you are staying close to it so you can try for it to but do not completely depend on it keep other options open.For a change Hiranandani School - ICSE has also started giving admissions to outsiders. With reference to fees all CBSE's and ICSE's have almost the same fees, pl get feedback from people whose kids go to that school. Arya Cambrige and Orchird are IGCSE Schools. My Son goes to Universal High so a few things 1) Fees are almost same like other ICSE Schools  2) Infrastructure is also good 3) Study similar to euro yes extra activities are +point . Then some negatives like mismanagement from admin dept , inexperienced teachers like u have  +ves u have -ves also. IMP :- Fee hike in Universal High every year :)

 Best of Luck........

Prags84 2014-07-30 18:50:11


Hi Namitha,

Has Hiranandani School started to give admissions to outsiders this year onwards?

Magicfairy 2014-11-02 01:54:55


Dear Pradeep ,

The best preschool is Kangaroo Kids , my child studied there . Fees are high though. They have opened new centre at Hiranandani Estate from November 2014, please get details from their web site . Students get admission to Billabong High International School after preschool.  They have preschool and high School at Wagle Estate . Bus facility is provided.

pradeepaap 2014-11-13 13:41:30


Dear Namitha and Magicfairy

Thanks for the kind revert.

Namitha - i was considering admission to universal school can you pls share your number so that my wife can talk to you .Also we were exploring the possibility of exploring preschool like Daffodil and Kidzee in hiranandani estate. Our reasoning was we wanted the kid shouldnt travel much as me and wife will be working - so we wanted one place to study and for daycare. Currently ours is a joint family in kalyan and next year - me ,wife and kid will be moving to thane.

Magicfairy - can you let me more on kangaroo kids.



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