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Daddy007 2014-05-05 19:40:53


Hello dear Parents,
I have just arrived from Delhi 6 weeks back. I'm staying at Manpada (and  I intend to stay here for long term) and have inquired for good schools in neighbourhood for my boy's admission in Junior Kg.After researching since past 3-4 weeks, I have come across these options and would like your valuable suggestions.
1- Tree House - nearest to me, fees much less, but I observed teachers were not able to speak english fluently.
2- Rainbow - I'm told by many parents that they are putting lot of academeic pressure on kids. Not my idea of good education system.
3-Universal - Seems good, but fees are high and they did clearly say that fees hike everyyear by around 10%. Also currently getting only afternoon shift (12 to 3pm)
4- Orchids - Seems good, but new building, first batch in thane and fees very high. Not sure about quality of education.
5-New Horizon - Atleast 5 kms away from Manpada, So around 25-30 mins my son has to sit on bus to travel that long. Fees is little less compared to Orchids and Universal.
6-Euroschool - Even far for a kid to travel daily around 5.5 kms one side. However I hear its the best school for kids with no pressure and learning is fun.

Totally confused now, dear all please provide sincere suggestions


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