Billabong School Thane , parent views good & bad

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paisony 2014-03-10 19:56:45


Hi , 

New to this group  .  Moving back from UK ,  2 kids Year 3 & Year 1 .

We  will be moving in April , plan to live near Pokhran rd 2 in Thane west .

I was looking at Singhania  ,but no vacancies on website today .

Next option is Billabong , quite expensive but atleast they are willing to give admission on payment of 1 terms fees , unlike most others who won't even talk over the phone .

Would like info from parents whose children are going there as to what good and bad things to look for . Any info on travel times from my location to the school.

Feedback on teachers & staff .

Any other ICSE School near by who would be willing to give admissions . My present school here is happy to take any assessments .
We are moving on short notice due to family needs , hence not planned well in advance .

Any info much appreciated.


USAmominNaviM 2014-04-22 18:30:34


We have visited many schools. We chose Billabong but I was not happy with their front desk staff but I like that they have two teachers per class and one aide in the lower grades. You may also look at Euroschool or Arya Cambridge.

Adiva 2014-04-24 14:41:26


I am looking at ICSE schools for Grade 1 for my son.
Singhania is not available. LWS and Billabong is available.
Parents with kids in these schools please share your feedback...


paisony 2014-06-26 10:56:53


Hi , Is ur child in Billabong. When we took admission they said a lot of things but now There is no aassistant teacher in class. Timings have been made too early Sport activities we were allowed to choose now kids have been allot ed activities as per their class . I am not happy with school . Did u look at any other schools . Thanks Sk


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