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santy77 2013-11-30 12:36:16


I am looking for admission for 1st std for my son.
I enquired in universal high and later found out from my colleague that school mgmt. is rude. But online reviews are positive. I am confused. can anyone throw more light.
 I will prefer CBSE/ ICSE school with good extra circular activities. I heard Singhania is good , but getting admission is tough. What are other school with good sports infrastructure.
How is DAV, when do they start admission process.

Monty 2013-12-16 00:34:25


Hi Santosh - I am in the same boat. I am currently in USA and will be relocating to Thane India by June 2014 and looking for 1st grade admission to my kid.

I am looking for JK Singhania OR Billabong High as primary choices though I have heard Euro and Universal (Lodha) are also good schools. My friend's kid goes to Universal High and he seem to be really happy with it. JK unfortunately said the admission is only open for Jr. KG and not for 1st grade. Billabong - No reply yet.

Can anyone help with few questions regarding 1st grade admission?

1. With not really being in India at this point - Does any of the school allow online (or via phone) admissions to 1st grade? Even open for phone or video conferencing if that is needed.
2. Does anyone know how admission process work for 1st grade? Apparently most of the admissions that are open are for Jr. KG and not for 1st grade.
3. Do they make concession for folks relocating especially when looking for admission to middle of chain (in this case 1st grade)?
4. Does anyone know Fee structure for Billabong High? I have heard it is expensive but no one could articulate Annual or other fees to quantify.

Looking for responses as I am heavily relying on online community's help since not physically co-located.


santy77 2013-12-16 13:18:57


Hi Monty

I could put some light on 1st std admission process, with the experience I have so far. You have to fill form and submit (unfortunately many of them have kept this process manual). They will call you for 1-to - 1 interaction with kid and parents. They may or may not tell you to come with DD of first fees installment. Once they are ok with interactions, you will have to confirm admission by paying fees and submitting original documents within  prescribed time. If you are going to locate to thane, you may have to give in writing about your shifting plan.

Billabong does not disclose fees on phone or mail. You have to physically go to school to ask. Euro School is good and fees is around 40k+60k(in 3 installment)+misclenous. Billabong I understand is 150K+.




USAmominNaviM 2014-01-13 17:02:11


Billabong is 90+25+ transportation fees if you desire (food and such is separate).

santy77 2014-01-14 22:28:30


Thanks USAmominNaviM
NHSS - is CBSE and fees is 88k + transportation


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