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SuperMom14 2012-12-21 15:41:30


 Hi Friends,

I am looking for a feedback on  Universal High in Bramhand. do you know any kid studying there ?

auradsouza 2013-03-23 12:45:54


what did u do finally?


 Former member 2013-05-09 14:09:38



My Son is studying in Universal High Thane. Study is good , ambience is ok but extra activities are not at all good. despite of informing the management about keeping the Sports day , Annual day etc on Sat or sunday no +ve response from them on this every time this is informed to them they alwaly play with parents emotions and tell " you should be able to take atleast a day off for your child. Annual Day was wrapped up in an hour. while taking admission to 1st std they took signature from us on the No Objection doc saying school can follow any stds like SSC/CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE/IB. On raising a objection on this clause the coordinatior laughed and informed me that i am the first person asking this question and later said it was just a legal formality. Also very surprising is that they tell us verbally that their school is ICSE affilliated but nothing is mentioned on the website.The school forcefully take money for Shamak davar Dance academy and teaches nothing to the kids. When i enquired i got a response from them stating the Shamak davar teachers teach our school teachers and our schoolteachers  teach the kids , very surprising this was as why is the school taking teachers training money from parents This is my sincere review about universal High. rest is up to you to decide


Prags84 2013-05-09 14:52:38



Universal High is ICSE affiliated...they got affiliation a few months back...so u need not worry on that...


ManasiW 2014-04-02 11:40:28


Hi All

I m new to this Parentree.  

I decided to join Parentree as i found it nice to share views about schools. Like all parents I was also very confused which school and me n my husband went to schools near by where we stay. Since I reside at Highland Residency, Dhokali Naka, Thane for me Lok Puram, DAV, Universal High and Vasant Vihar were my options. Billabong and Euro were out of budget. JK Singhania was not offering admission for Nursery as we were looking at Admission for Nursery so we will try for Nursery but people have told me that its purely Lottery system. Also we both were of the view that it better to get child admitted at the school fro Nursery as later it gets difficult as we have seen our friends suffer

For us Vasant Vihar was last since its state board.

Lok Puram, CBSE board was a normal school with no much curricular ativites.
DAV had the funda of Siblings only. My only question to school is if u dont enrol new children how will Siblings and more over now a days couple are of the view one child so doesn't really work. So i would suggest that they can have pref for Siblings and den admit new. Also i have heard that DAV does admission on reference basis from big ppl in Thane like local corporators ect.

We checked on Lodha also but the fees were high and moreover they had non refundable deposit. Hiranandani Foundation was not ready to enroll outsiders

So we decided to go to Universal High and check the school. When we statisfied by the facilities but think on the fees part. But after comparing fees with all the major ISCE school i found that it was in par with them. After consulting few friends and complex friends we have enrolled our daughter in Universal High for Nursery starting June 2014 in the morning Batch.

I will still try Singhania for Jr.

shdiwakar who is also from Highland Residency i would like to know if you have enrolled your lil one.

I am sure after the school starts i will be able to comment. But looking at friends daughter they have lot of activities like english international level certificate courses, spellbee, skating etc.

So I feel if i dont get admission in JK for Jr I will not regret as I feel Universal will do better for my daughter.

We have one bus that gets full at Highland Residency. Only the Bus Service is out sourced and is about 8000 pa

Look forward to getting more help for all the wonderful parents


Nirmal009 2014-07-07 05:39:01


Hi All,

I am new to this parentree. staying at Dhokali.looking for admission in Jr.KG for my daughter Durva for 2015-2016 for which admission procedure will start from  Oct 2014.

Can you pls share your valuable feedback on CBSE schools like Universal High School, New Horizon scholars school and DAV their reviews, transport and Fee structure.

Also reviews, transport and Fee structure.for Vasant vihar and Saraswati vidyalay (rabodi or Ghodbundar road)

thanks in advance



ManasiW 2014-07-07 09:42:01


Dear Nirmal
Please note that Universal in not CBSE its ICSE

DAV is strictly admitting students if siblings are already studying in school or you need to get some recommendation from the local corporator extra which is sign of donation.

New Horizon is pretty new school started i think year or two ago.

If you have to ask me if you staying in Dhokali I believe Universal is nice option. Incase if u are looking at CBSE than you have LoK Puram  near Pokhran 2.

Vasant Vihar and Saraswati are SSC schools.
Dhokali where do you stay 


Nirmal009 2014-09-07 02:01:27


Thanks Manasi for your valuable feedback. I stay in Aban Park. Finally I arrived 4 schools - Universal,New Horizon, Vasant vihar and Saraswati. Lets see, admission will start in Nov first week in some schools.

kagzi 2015-02-18 08:39:35


Hi. I am new to Thane. Is Universal a good school for extra curricular activities? Also what is their fee structure... My child will go to 6th std this year..pls suggest any other I.C.S.E. schools Thx..

ManasiW 2015-02-18 10:30:18


its good for circular activities. They have some or the activity for every year . I visited their art and science exhibition and the efforts taken by teachers and students is very commanding.
I have no idea about the fee structure for 6th std. for my daughter in Nursery her monthly fees were Rs 4735 plus 2 term fess every 6 mnths which included uniform, food stationary

SuperMom14 2015-02-18 17:56:22


Hi... You can explore option of Euro School on Ghodbunder Road, Thane as well . my son has been studying for last 1yr and we are very satisfied.

1ayeshu 2015-02-19 11:52:10


Hey kagzi If ur looking for extra curricular activities then pls try orchid international school in bhramand...it is CBSE and offer at least 10 activities in a week....must visit them...less fees this yr....


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