Thane West Admissions 2013-2014

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vishakhapotdar 2012-12-03 14:39:05



Let's share our information here regarding Thane West Admissions 2013-2014


vishakhapotdar 2012-12-03 14:45:39



I am looking for a Good school  for my son for Std. 1st 2013-2014 either ICSE or CBSE  , we stay @ Pokhran Road 2. and the schools nearby are JK, Vasant Vihar, DAV, Lokpuram, LPS, Universal High, Euro

Till now he is in Sr. KG - Rainbow Pre-School ( Since PG to Sr. KG )

A) V V : I cant opt as it is a State Board

B) J K : Getting an admission there is like winning KBC ... still give it a try

C) DAV & Lokpuram : Personally didn't like the schools on visit , also it seems Lokpuram doesn't have theier own Transport

D) Laurel Public School : Will consider as a last backup plan

E) Universal High : I was sure abt this school till I read comments in this Blog from start to the end of the blog abt mis behaviour of management and teachers of Universal

Now I am damn confused ...shud I go ahead and take an admission in Universal or no

F) Euro School : It seems like they are operating in Clubhouse of Haware City .. No good surroundings .. Bad Roads ... Lots of dust ... and way too far from my place

I wud like to give a pref to ICSE first then CBSE ...

Can anyone give me a feedback abt Universal again and also abt Laurel Public School ?

very anxious n tensed




payalvh 2012-12-04 16:57:50



why dont you try for bellobong school

its in kisan nagar near waghle state and its

i guess ICSE or IGCSE

just try




vishakhapotdar 2012-12-05 16:33:34


Hi Payal

Yes I have enquired abt Bilabong High but it is way too expensive  ... : (


AbhiSmit 2012-12-20 13:09:18


why did u say, DAV is not good. any specific reason??


malhotraraul 2013-01-08 20:41:41


I do not understand y ppl r more concerned abt status symbol rather than education standard, the most important thing is how good school is & education, not whether this national or international.

at the end of the day the study & grade is important rather than what school, nearly 95% of successful ppl in the world or atleat in India come from vernacular medium. (please exclude movie stars etc)

its all become like shopping, its expensive means its good.

Billabong is like more than 1 lac per year, seriously 1 lac, believe me ppl will die for admission. (refer above line .... shopping)

Sanskar Public School in Pokhran Rd looks good so far, everything allright about it, not too cheap nor too expensive etc etc, it also has CBSE pattern which is good.


ThaneVeteran 2013-03-03 18:49:02


Hello Friends,

I am currently in Hyderabad and plan to shift next month to Thane in Pokhran Rd I. My daughter who is born is 2008 is currently in L Kg in DPS Hyderabad (CBSE).

I want admission for her in Sr. Kg and though I want to try my luck with Singhania, my other option would be Lok puram and DAV. I am not sure of Rainbow.

Will anybody please throw some light on admissions in Sr. Kg and the timelines.

What are the chances in Lok and any opinions from current parents about Rainbow?


-My first post




malhotraraul 2013-03-03 20:19:55


@ ThaneVeteran

I think Singhania is ICSC, DAV is CBSE & have no idea about Rainbow.

Its not about luck about both the schools (Singhania & DAV) its more about how much money you can give, all you have to be is straight forward & ask about formalities & show them your bank account :p

just in case if money is not your problem then you can try BILABONG International School.

Good Education is not about how expensive schools you can send your kids to, but the quality of education, no offense please !!!!


AnjuVasant 2013-03-13 20:22:30



I am planning to migrate to Thane, Vasant Vihar near area from next academic year i.e. 2013-14. Planning to take adminssion in Vasant Vihar at it appears to be good school. I am looking for admission for my daughters in Std. I and Std. VII. Any help, suggestion and information around this would be highly appreciated.



shubh11 2013-03-19 16:42:35



Both the schools which u hv considered like dav and  jk r good but admissions are an issue. My son is in rainbow and believe me its a very good preschool with good teachers. they follow cbse.



ThaneVeteran 2013-03-19 20:40:44


@shubh11 Thanks for the feedback on Rainbow.. Actually we had called them up and they declined to provide any information on the phone.

Are they taking any donations or charging "admission fees".

Rainbow may be a good pre-school; but what about primary classes and future development.




shubh11 2013-03-21 12:15:52


 no donations for rainbow :) They have laurel public school, their sister concern from Grade 1 onwards abt which too ppl speak positive . Only thing is that their new school will located somewhere near cena creek, which is a place too far!!!



Sunny04 2013-12-21 02:16:37


Hi Vishakha,
Which school did you decide on finally and howz your experience. I am in same boat as you were last year. :))
I am looking at Grade 2 admission for my son for 2014-2015 in Thane area.  Any more info/suggestions would be very helpful.

vishakhapotdar 2013-12-21 10:05:15


Hi sunny04 I am back after a long break ... My son was with Rainbow preschool till his n now is in LPS 1st stnd .. As a preschool Rainbow is the best. But as a working mom i found LPS to be very Harsh on academics .. Every day he has approx 2 -3 pgs of wriiten hw plus weekly class worksheets n practice worksheets. I found it to be tooo much for a 6 yr old kid ... Besides they expect ur kid to write one line sentences as an answer in Summative assessments which kids cant as they still r not well versed with the spellings. I mean i was very much stressed to see theier exam pattern for Summative Assessments Besides the Nglish n Maths books they r using In syllabus (oxford) is way too vast for Indian kids as here most of the kids doesnt hv English as theier mother tongue. My kid is sharp n bright in studies still i found him stressed when it comes to exams. Also i ve heard tht they havnt got affln to Cbse so they r going ahead with Stateboard which is a complete no no for me as we both parents have relocating jobs. Overall Rainbow peeschool is the best But I am not satisfied with LPS Planning to chng to NHS or Euro or Lodha next yr ... I hope this suffices Tc Vishakha Potdar

Sunny04 2013-12-23 10:09:55


Thank you for the response, Vishakha. I am so sorry LPS is not working out. Thats way too much to ask-off a 6-yr old. Getting a 1-pg homework done from my son is a nightmare for me. I wonder how you manage! But is CBSE so stressful or its just the school? And havent heard much good about Lodha. Is it worth a try?

vishakhapotdar 2013-12-23 12:06:26


Hi I think its the syllabus or books tht individual schools follow which makes the diff As i said these guys r following Oxford Press's Text books for English course which i found too much for indian kids .. It really becomes tough for a child to adjust wid the course if his/hers mother toungue isnt english ... Our mother toungue is marathi so my kid was almost lost for initial 2-3 months and found it hard to digest so many suddenly newly introduced words... He strtd feeling so stressed tht he once denide to go to his catholic friends's bday party saying tht " no i don wanna go .. i donn wanna speak english .. i donn unrstnd anything " n if u ask abt other schools frankly i m also lost ... its really tough to judge Rgds Vishakha

Sunny04 2014-01-15 20:17:40


Hey Vishakha-
Are your trying in other schools? Do you know about NHSS? They say they take care of homework in school itself.

ashwinp 2014-01-17 18:41:17


I visited Rainbow Pre school for my sons Jr. KG admission, The school seems to be good school, however they are asking first installation of the fees (Rs. 10000) in Cash, When inquired further, they are saying as for cheques there is a possibility of delays and bounce hence we accept only cash.
This was quite surprising to me.
Can you guys please share your view on it.


vishakhapotdar 2014-01-27 10:20:37


Hi Sunny04

We have zeroed down to NHSS till date ... NHSS seems to be good than Euro ... Also many of my collegues send theier kids to NHSS and have heard good response from them ... finally we have to remember that no institution which is being newly developed wiil be perfect but then we have to prioritize our requirements and evaluate accordingly.

For me LPS is also good seeing the locality and that my kid is used to Rainbow people and atmosphere since his Playgroup days but LPS is lacking in Infrastructure. We feel, kids shud play in open ground in sunlight too seeing the today's lifestyle disadvantages.


Sunny04 2014-01-27 21:57:04


Hi Vishakha-
Thank u for sharing this. We are still in dilemma about NHSS and Euro. Would it be possible to talk to you for few minutes? If u can send me ur contact and time to call. Appreciate.

User75073 2014-02-04 08:15:04


Hi sunny,

what at have you decided?


Sunny04 2014-02-07 22:09:27


We have gone ahead with NHSS.

vgayatri 2014-03-12 15:03:09


dear sunny,  i am also planning to take admissions for my daughter in IInd std in nhss, thane.  She is currently at lodhaworldschool, thane and i am not happy with the school.  Fees extremely high, teachers not good etc.  Have u already taken admissiion at  nhss, thane and in which std.  Did you like the school.

Sunny04 2014-03-12 19:14:43


Hi Vgayatri,
Yes. We have completed the admission process for  NHSS for 2nd grade for 2014-15 acedemic yr. I have not personally visited the school but Vishakha Potdar who started this forum thread did visit and she was pretty impressed with the infrastructure. She, very thoughtfully,  shared school pictures with me and I was impressed too. Apart from that, our decision was mostly based on reviews kind parents have posted on Parentree and fact that NH group is well establised and doing good in Airoli. Hope this answers, if not complete, atleast to some extent.

vgayatri 2014-03-12 21:55:01


Dear Anita,  I have visited the school and seen the infrastructure.  I have my cousin's children studying in NHSS, Airoli and they have said the school is very good.  I have some friends in NHSS, Thane who have said the school is good, but i dont want to do the same mistake that i did while taking admissions for my daughter in Lodha World School, Thane which is very bad.  Fees are extremely exhorbitant and not on par with the facilities / academics.  I just hope I am taking the right decision in taking the admissions at NHSS, thane.  Have they alloted the division for your child or will they display it later.  I will be going by this weekend to confirm the admissions or latest by Tuesday March 18.  My daughter will also be in 2nd grade so hope both our children are in the same class.  

Sunny04 2014-03-14 20:42:32


Hi Vgayatri,
No. They have not yet allotted the divison. That would be wonderful for kids and us as well if they are in same division. Maybe you can request them. My sons name is 'Neil Mhetre'. Whats ur daughter called? And one thing-the school starts on 1st Apr and they have parents orientation, uniform and books distribution on 29th mar.

vgayatri 2014-03-14 22:28:50


Hi.  I have just today confirmed my daughter's admission  at NHSS, thane.  Her name is kavya ranganathan.  They did inform me about the parents orientation on 29th march.  Where do you stay at Thane.  We stay at Louiswadi.  I'll try talking to the school and request if they can put both our children in the same division.


vgayatri 2014-03-29 19:08:18


Dear Anita,

I dont know if you had attended the orientation today but anyways thought i would give you the feedback on the same.  Your son is in II B division and my daughter is in II E.  At the orientation, they gave us a brief intro about the school and what is the code of conduct to be followed by the children.  It went on for around  1hr and 30 minutes.  The cost of the books was around Rs. 2862 and the 2 pairs of uniforms, belt, tie, shoes, bag cost around 2390.  The PE uniform and the sports shoe will be given around the 2nd week of  april.  You can send me a mail on in case you wish to speak to me about anything else.  




Sunny04 2014-03-29 21:19:07


Thank you so much, Gayatri! Very very thoughtful of you. I had actually sent u a mail on parentree earlier. I suppose we don't get any notifications. Will get in touch on gmail.

siddhisavarkar 2014-05-25 00:45:37


Hi M residing at thane. Want to gather info abt NHSS thane..regarding their grade.m confused whether thy hv grade x or not? Thy mentioned on their web site from nursery to grade IX. Thnx


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