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ManasiW 2014-04-02 11:44:01


Hi All

I m new to this Parentree.  

I decided to join Parentree as i found it nice to share views about schools. Like all parents I was also very confused which school and me n my husband went to schools near by where we stay. Since I reside at Highland Residency, Dhokali Naka, Thane for me Lok Puram, DAV, Universal High and Vasant Vihar were my options. Billabong and Euro were out of budget. JK Singhania was not offering admission for Nursery as we were looking at Admission for Nursery so we will try for Nursery but people have told me that its purely Lottery system. Also we both were of the view that it better to get child admitted at the school fro Nursery as later it gets difficult as we have seen our friends suffer

For us Vasant Vihar was last since its state board.

Lok Puram, CBSE board was a normal school with no much curricular ativites.
DAV had the funda of Siblings only. My only question to school is if u dont enrol new children how will Siblings and more over now a days couple are of the view one child so doesn't really work. So i would suggest that they can have pref for Siblings and den admit new. Also i have heard that DAV does admission on reference basis from big ppl in Thane like local corporators ect.

We checked on Lodha also but the fees were high and moreover they had non refundable deposit. Hiranandani Foundation was not ready to enroll outsiders

So we decided to go to Universal High and check the school. When we statisfied by the facilities but think on the fees part. But after comparing fees with all the major ISCE school i found that it was in par with them. After consulting few friends and complex friends we have enrolled our daughter in Universal High for Nursery starting June 2014 in the morning Batch.

I will still try Singhania for Jr.

shdiwakar who is also from Highland Residency i would like to know if you have enrolled your lil one.

I am sure after the school starts i will be able to comment. But looking at friends daughter they have lot of activities like english international level certificate courses, spellbee, skating etc.

So I feel if i dont get admission in JK for Jr I will not regret as I feel Universal will do better for my daughter.

We have one bus that gets full at Highland Residency. Only the Bus Service is out sourced and is about 8000 pa

Look forward to getting more help for all the wonderful parents


shdiwakar 2014-04-02 20:13:04


Hi Manasi, Its great that you had started searching for your lil one from nursary itself and got enrolled in Nursary. Till now i have not been able to enroll my son in Jr. kg.. Currently he is in daffodills in nursary. The good schools which are near us like Universal , Lodha, New Horizon are very expensive and out of my budget. I filled form for St. John and Saraswati Panchpakhdi .. Unluckily couldnt get addmission in St. John. And in Saraswati the admission results will be displayed in May. I have also filled form in DAV. But they say that their admission is also full and if any vacancies come they will call. Now I m very nervous and have no idea on what to do. I have also considered Sri Maa Vidyalaya. Their fees is OK (24-25 K annual + transport) and have to pay 25000 Rs as donation. But that is not a problem for me if the school education is good. If you have any feedback on Sri Maa with any parents whose kids are in it please let me know as I am considering Sri Maa Vidyalaya.

ManasiW 2014-04-03 09:29:38


Hello Mr Diwakar

Try Lok Puram (Pokhran 2) ya Little Flower (Pokharan 1)

nikus 2014-04-03 12:57:27


No I didn't enroll my kid @ Universal yet. I think this March/Arpil their first batch appeared for 10th exam, so once result is out, it will help get some idea about education quality.
Universal fees are also going on higher side. They increase 10-15% every year.
Looks like giving good school education at reasonable fees is a big challenge!!

nikus 2014-04-03 13:26:58


Dear Parents,
Anybody having kids in std 10 this March/April 2014 @ Universal High, Thane?
Would appreciate if you could share your experience.

Coolguy 2014-04-16 09:57:22


Hi Manasi,

I think you've taken a good decision to go with Universal. My son would be attending Std 1 in Universal, June onwards...

We had taken admission in Sr. KG. We are quite happy with the school and it's management.

Well, earlier my kid used to go to Lodha World School, which was absolutely pathetic in my opinion.

The best thing about Universal is that my kid enjoys going to school and really looks forward to it every single day.

Please feel free to ask questions regarding the school.

sansah 2014-04-16 11:57:29


Hi manasi,
my daughter will be going to Jr. kg from this year.
can you tell me some more details about the fees of universal high school.
Also one of the parent had complained that people from shiamak davar classes do not teach the kids directly, but the teachers.And then teachers teach the kids. This actually isnt right, as they are taking money for shimak davar dance class.
Also,what is the best thign you likes in this school.

ManasiW 2014-04-16 14:17:16


Hi Sansah

The overall fess I will be paying for nursery is around 65K plus bus fees. These fees include uniform, shoes, bag etc.

My friends daughter is in Universal plus loads of people from my complex in same school but not heard ill as of now about the school. With regards to fees except Vasant Vihar & Lok Puram all schools have fees almost in same range like Lodha, JK, DAV.

The best thing I like about the school is that the environment, and the facility to learn some or the sport pr activity every year. Cause imagine in my case where I work is just next to impossible for me to take my lil one to different activities.

As i have written earlier I am goin to try in JK for Jr hope my luck prevails.


sansah 2014-04-21 09:28:13


Dear ManasiW,

YOu said you are going to try in JK for Jr KG...
But as far as i know, their admission process for 2014-2015 is already completed!!!

ManasiW 2014-04-21 10:57:17


I am going to try in 2015-2016 so this yr Oct i will have to keep watch.


sansah 2014-04-21 12:22:18


But then the age criteria will not match as per the school guidelines.
Still can we try..

komrav 2014-05-05 22:37:51


Hi Friends
I am relocating from Hyderabad to Mumbai in June. I would like to get my son admitted immediately in Class 1 under CBSE curriculum and I also prefer to stay at Hiranandani Estate in Thane.

Can anyone suggest good schools (in priority) closer to Hiranandani Estates? I was told to check on Orchids, New Horizon Scholars, DAV. If these are good enough, can you please suggest any more CBSE schools?

As I am racing against time, your quicker response will be highly appreciated and be grateful.


Devdatta 2014-05-16 06:40:03


Hi Friends,

I came back from UK and am looking out for admission for my son in Sr. Kg. There are not much options left. Only Euroschool as of now and will try Billabong, Universal and Orchids today.  
Need help in decision making amongst the mentioned 4 schools.
I am bit worried about the approach road for Euroschool.  Practically no road at all. Has anyone faced issues due to this? Also was not impressed by the school building. 
Also i have heard lot of complaints about Billabong. 
Your inputs will be valuable in taking decision. 


neha13 2014-05-16 11:15:03


Have u heard abount New Horizon you can visit  the school has good infrastructure but not so update about academic since it is a CBSE board. 

ManasiW 2014-05-16 14:27:11


Dear Komrav

New Horizon is new school. You can try Hiranandani Foundation school in that school only your complex children are given admission

DAV sibling priority. Universal is good. So you can take call.

Dear Devdutta
Euro School / Bilabong you will like as you have come from UK as it is of International. Bilabong has loads of fees issue. They have increase in fees every year.

I agree with you Euro School has no approach road. Not heard of any complaints with EURO. Fees are high with Bilabong and Euro.

Universal is good. Now Orchid INternational has also openend but no reviews as this is the first year.

Dear Neha
New Horizon is new school. I think 2-3 yrs old so you need to check.

More over the choice of school also depends on the proximity to residence as I have observed with Universal that the Bus Fees depends on the where u stay and where is the school. I have no idea abt other schools.

Good Luck Guys!!! 



SwatiDalvi2014 2014-05-17 06:51:02


Hi all, 
I am too new to Thane and looking for admissions for my 9 year old and 4 year old. Moved from USA. I visited Arya Cambridge and Orchids International, which is opening for the first time in Thane, School building is new but has a commercial complex on the first floor, the staff is not able to tell you how they are exactly thinking of teaching the kids, met the VP of the school not impressive, just trying to sell the seats to finish there admission quota, good sports facilities though no reviews since they are just beginning.
Arya Cambridge thought the premises not impressive the staff know what they are doing and explain the whole structure in the best way, cater to the needs of international transferring students, also they claim that there class size is 22 -24 students.
Today planning to visit Euroschool and NHS. 
Can anybody tell me is it true that DAV class size is 60 to 80 kids in a class.


snddev 2014-06-22 07:41:03


Hi SwatiDalvi2014,
Just wondering if you visited Euro school in Thane and How did you find it. I'm moving to India next month and have narrow down my search to Euroschool. I would have preferred Singhania but they don't have seats available for this academic year.

Please share your experience about Euro school. Appreciate it much,


paisony 2014-06-26 10:33:07


Hi , I moved to Thane from London 1 month ago and I took admission in Billabong school from UK itself . I would request you to please visit the schools and then decide where to send u r kids . All schools promise a lot of things but reality is something else . Thanks SK

aksharmannan 2014-12-01 23:09:49



I m looking out for admission of my son for class 1st. We are looking for Universal High. New Horizon, Orchid and Poddar. Can anyone suggest which is the best school and regarding board which one is better CBSE or ICSE.


bhuvanad 2015-01-12 19:42:19


Can any one tell me does euro school thane conducts any assessments regularly for students of Grade 1 & 2.formative assessment etc or any test or exams.

have they got any registration number. only euro airoli is listed with & till what standard do they have now.?  

how much fees for grade 1 annually including books and school fees. any additional payments 

Papa2pareshaan 2015-02-15 11:03:34


Dear Friends , Can someone please share their experience with Rustomjee Thane if any ,please ? I am very much interested in getting my son addmitted to Rustomjee Thane school Considering their positive feedback from family friends about dahisar branch and management, wondering if anyone been there . I am luking for 6th standard admission...since i am out of station ,will be able to visit next weekend...till then if someone can please share their views. At present my son is un ICSE but the books seems to be same for IGCSE as well. Thanks in advance.

kagzi 2015-02-15 19:01:09


Need to know good schools in thane for 11year old girl. Pls respond...

deepa007 2015-02-15 23:35:35


Hi can anybody tell me abt goenka international school thane is it good school

kagzi 2015-02-16 08:33:30


It s an absolutely new school initiating this yr. Appears to be gud w it s proposed infrastructure n activities..

Papa2pareshaan 2015-02-16 09:15:22


Where Goenka is located..unable to find details on net if any would be helpful . Can you please share. Thanking you

Papa2pareshaan 2015-02-16 10:11:19


Thanks able to find website. But it seems admisson is till 5th only and I qm looking for 6th , do they have branches for feedback ? Any idea if they will begin with 6th standard... will be helpful. Website is well designed , any idea on fees if you could share. Thanks.

ManasiW 2015-02-16 10:47:09


Dear Papa2pareshan
Goenka International is coming up at Kapur Bavdi on the place of Big bazzar.
They have office opened for admissions. The fees are around 20k per quarter plus uniform, books, transport etc etc.
It is near to Mc Donalds Kapur Bavdi


Papa2pareshaan 2015-02-16 11:08:07


Thanks ManasiW , Admission for 6th standard is available ? Do you have any feedback on Rustomjee ... Thanks. Really appreciate reply.


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