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goody 2009-11-17 21:19:45


thanks enigma. any clue about Billabong.Do they encourage extracurricular activities or is it just study.


Anyamom 2009-11-17 23:33:05


Hi Muskan,

Thank U..i have heard that Singhania is good..firstly we have to select icse/cbse..cbse will now allot grades to students..really confused.

Muskan as u hve sent u r child to nursery..u may b daughter vil turn 3 years in the month of july hows it she vil have to go to nursery..or can she take admissions in schools which i think start from Jr.Kg like singhania.

Hi all,

can any1 my friends tell that in mumbai icse schools r good n books r easily available but not of cbse  and schools r also not this the case..

bcause cbse advantage is like u can get admissions anywhere if u nshift out of mumbai...



suja 2009-11-18 09:08:44


hi..regarding whethere cbse or icse is best for the children,i would say in the long run icse students perform well..but some children find it very hard to cope with the icse daughter has studied in both and feels cbse is easier..icse students are given a lot of projects even in small classes which they find it too difficult..


SI 2009-11-18 09:47:40


Hi All...

Any feedback on Lodha School?





enigma 2009-11-18 11:56:49


Goody, B'Bong has good number of activties.. their approach is very good towards academic curriculum (atleast till fourth i know)..No pressure at all but at the end of the day one would find the child well informed about each subject. The english is very high (say my son in fourth has 3 novels to read and going through the Harry Porter), their science too is high.. hindi, marathi, maths standards are good). they regulary have culiminating activities where each student participates, the school conducts all types of competitions with good spirits.they have two sports activities(but extra fee for those, Rs 9000/- per annum), music classes. Library is upto the mark. the only thing to think is their FEES, which is exhorbitant.. Their school trips are expensive too.. Kids have a gala time in this school..


muskaan 2009-11-18 14:42:10


hi SI

 i called up lodha school yesterday,they r issuing  forms from 28 nov,but....................they have  upto 5th std currently, they need 5 years more to be afillated to icse,regarding fees they r asking for 40000+20000 for junior kg.

this is all i can provide u, if u get to know more please do let me know,

lodha school phone no.5440066


muskaan 2009-11-18 14:47:51


hi anyamom,

cbse/icse....................................................a big query.

since ur daughter will be turning 3 in july 2010,my personal advice would be to admit the child as near to u, whether it is any preschool or a proper school.

i think she is too small for a big giant like school, r u sending her to any playgroup now?


goody 2009-11-18 15:37:43


thanks enigma




gauris 2009-11-18 15:45:13


hi enigma

u ave created very good impression abt the B'bong.. What are the fees ? do they take donations as well?

this one is for all the parents :

how r u deciding the board ..cbse/ icse/ ssc. Because all the well known schools are of different boards - like for cbse we have DAV, Nalanda For ICSE Singhania SSC Vasant Vihar A K Joshi... And getting admission in any of these schools is equally tough , thus i am not able to decide whether i should prefer the board or the school cause either ways choices are limited and ensuring 100% admission is impossible.






sheelurao 2009-11-18 16:01:04


 I was located   at mulund before haeding to Ahmedabad where, I headed  aschool practising alternate  approaches to education. As   aprincipal, I visited many innovative schools  in the country,. the two good schools that comes to my mind is J-K singhania and   udyachal school in vikhroli. Both were doing excellent work esp at the lower levels.

its high time we start evaluating schools on the basis of the work done   and not on the basis of the board.  i have  a daughter, going to an advanced Montessori school and till last year the school had not decided on any board!

Also none of the boards are static. Today, it is grading in CBSE,after 2 years , it may be something else..

I would really suggest that parents should not get desperate and put children in  a school  where the child hood gets lost.

Also  why not look for  good preschools?



gauris 2009-11-18 16:11:57


i do agree to u sheelu to a certain extent. but what i have gathered from parents who have been into this "mission admission" last year or so , is that we dont have much choice. I would love to go for Singhania but thats a lottery system there .. so i have to keep open other options .. what a parent can do is apply in all the schools available and wait for the list!!

BTW i would like to know your observations on Singhania please.  


Anyamom 2009-11-18 16:22:29


Hi Muskan ,

Thanks for u r reply.

No curently as mentioned earlier i am out of India and here child can go to preschool only when he/she turns 3 years which is now become 4 years here.

I am coming back to India mid December..and hence want to have hand about admissions.



SI 2009-11-18 21:03:36


Visited Vasant Vihar school today evening... no seats available for Jr. KG for the year 2010-11. Then went to DAV and we were told to contact them in Jan '10.

Please advise... currently my son is in morning batch at nursery. If he gets afternoon batch for Jr. KG, will he get adjusted easily or he has to face lots of issues? And,  travel time of 45 minutes to school is too much for a kid of 3.5 years?





navind 2009-11-19 00:02:42


i  had visited billabong....

request to refer to my post

i tried a basic comparison with euroschool n universal high too


amit17 2009-11-19 17:22:00


Hi everyone!

        Before selecting the schools , I think we should decide for the boards- cbse,icse or state boards.What I have heard from friends is that icse is more project oriented , cbse is more toward studies,exams. Also we have to think , whether our child needs a school or a resort.All the new schools started in thane are mostly icse board, most of them are only till 4 th class, construction is in progress..........

Have any one has any idea of rainbow school which they have started till 2nd class near vasant vihar ( consruction of big school has started at GB road)- its cbse board.

As the reviews of rainbow playschool is very good--------------


goody 2009-11-20 14:29:09


Hi my daughter was in rainbow PG. I did not find it very good. The student teacher ratio is very poor. They dont pay much attention. Also I felt that we were not updated regularly about the happenings in school. This is my personal view.


amit17 2009-11-20 16:42:41


Hi friends---------

             There is 1 more CBSE school by the name of Sanskar Niketan---devdaya park, pokhran rd no.-1,---Any idea how's the performane of school.



sheelurao 2009-11-23 12:13:24


 Gauri, this is  in reply to your question on what was good  at Singhania school.   I had seen the school   a few   years ago and hence  may not be able to  commrnt on its present status . The school provided   scope for children   to grow wholistically. Their  worksheets were very well planned encouraging different forms of thinking, the school's display boards had high quality work of children and overall environemnt looked relaxed and pleasing. 

 As far as the discussion on good schools is concerned, one needs to realise that   criteria for labelling a school as  good is  not   objective. What may be good to one may not be good to others.  What is very important is to examine what  are our expectations from aschool and then  search a school which is close enough to our expectations.

In the absence of a decent choice, I think the onus falls  on the parents to  supplement all that the child is missing out.   

For example most  of schools use only the text for language development.   The question now is does memorising and reproducing answers is any way measure the langauge proficiency of the child.

What the parents  can do is   provide the child with good books like the ones by Pratham. or NBT or CBt  and  use those books for   developing language.

More and more parents are Evaluating schools  on a  wide range of programs which make good   human beings   than on the basis of boards.

Finally, a good school  is one which is run by the collective efforts of    highly passionate teachers .  



Gaurav1980 2009-11-23 13:50:37


Hi Guys,

Can any one have idea/feedback about "Holy Trinity English Highschool in Manpada West Thane"?


Thanks by advance.




sonapar 2009-11-24 16:04:13


Hi All,

What I feel is Arunodaya Public school is good one. Good Fee structure small school. 30-35 students in a class. Universal high is also ok option but i am not aware about the teachers feed back they have branch at Goregon st john's universal high mumbai. If anyone knows about how branch is? Also about CBSE and ICSE i am also confused state. Vasant Vihar admissions list is on notice board. No admission for my daughter because we stay near hiranandani estate. how is Arya Cambrige any idea about that school? bil bong needs to travel 45-60 min from our place so we don't have that option.


monaligd 2009-11-24 16:19:10


Hi All,

Can anyone have an idea abt Hiranandani Foundation school do they take only those staying in Hiranandani Estate or Meadows? Billabong is  as ICSE or IGCSE?


atimble 2009-11-24 16:27:30


My son 3.5 yrs is studying in Universal high , Thane and he simply loves the school. The school is pretty new and the contruction is in progress . However, they have other braches in Goregaon , malad and Dahisar  are very good . So what matters is that all the processes are set for the school . So whats new is just the building contruction part . They have gota unique teaching technique which they boasts off.

Other benefits are ICSE and IGCSE board, day boarding from 1st std ,fully A/C. Fees are little on the higher end ~40K (excluding the bus service ) - but that covers healthy breakfast/mid lunch/snacks for the students .

Overall a good pkg for your child ....its going to be very good once the building is fully done. The dissapointing thing is that it is taking quite some time.


abapat 2009-11-24 19:35:37


i want to know more about universal high . i am getting mixed responses.from few parents.also about aryacambridge international school which follows an igcsc syllabus


abapat 2009-11-24 19:35:40


i want to know more about universal high . i am getting mixed responses.from few parents.also about aryacambridge international school which follows an igcsc syllabus


sj 2009-11-26 02:10:47


Not an ICSE affiliated school,(check the ICSE website) Under construction building,current classes are conducted under temprory classrooms Tin/Plastic sort of roof under the shades of Underconstruction Building. High fee, Day boarding (forced snacks). Poor managment and behavior issues can be seen once you get your child admitted. however some teachers are well mannered. Overall Not a value for Money.



sj 2009-11-26 02:22:47


The above comments are for Universal High Thane


abapat 2009-11-26 09:17:25


dear sj, what about arya ...also  u know anybody studying in universal high...



SI 2009-11-26 09:41:50


one of my friend's daugther is in universal high and they are happy about the school.

arya cambridge is very strict about age criteria... for jr. kg, kid has to be 4 years old. our kid was younger by 3 months and they said no for jr. kg admission and asked us to repeat nursery. we had met the head of pre-primary section and she was very knowledgeable and informative.




Rishita 2009-11-26 17:48:50


Hi All,

Even I need to get admission for my son for Jr. kg , Vasant Vihar school says there are no seats for 2010- 11 and Singhania has not started distribution of forms yet.

I heard that Arunodaya / universal/ Arya are not that good schools.

Can anybody help me with other schools , so that I can apply for his admission. Rainbow is good for PLay group, but for nursery they give too much of Home work. Not expected for a 3 yr old child to do home work. Are there any good schools left out.




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