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kau 2012-02-29 13:28:36


 Hi I am planning to take an admission for my son in Universal high school in thane,Brahmand.Pls let me know how this school is ? 

itsmeketi 2012-03-05 18:31:22


Hi there...I had been to this school few months back for my kids admission for nursery...Infrastructure-wise, i feel they are not upto the mark, building is getting ready, they dont have a playground of their own...and what i really got concerned was the insistence on kids using & 'learning' thru i-pads...But, that was my personal view & opinion...I suggest you should go and see the school, meet the authorities, talk to other parents & decide...

Its an important decision! All the best and take care....


kau 2012-03-06 13:00:11


 Hi, Thanks for the reply, it will help me to take a decision,i will be also visiting the school today  to get the further info.


pbhandari 2012-04-18 16:34:27


 Hi All,

Am new on this site...and glad i came across something like this.

Reading about so many parents who are in same dilemma as i m in, actually made me feel less irritated by this admission n school phobia :)

My daughter will turn 2 this month end... n i just wanna know is it ok if i enroll her directly in nursery next year instead of play group this year (which i dunn feel like).

Also, in ur opinion how important is play school really??




auradsouza 2013-03-23 12:46:53


Hi Kau

How has your experience been with universal?


Ssfurti 2013-04-15 13:54:32



My 4.5 yr old son has just completed his Jr. KG from Universal high. I am pretty happy with the school. Though the fees for Sr. Kg is on the higher side, i would still prefer Universal than any other school for my kid, reasons ...good balance of academic and extra curriculum activities. Good use of latest technologies involved in education, personal attention provided by teachers, child to teacher ratio is about 30-35.

Though i was also uncomfortable with the constant sell of i-pod concept when i took admission last year, i have opened up to the idea a lot. The use of i-pod has not only made my son tech friendly but he knows the limits of the gadgets. He knows its not something that is available freely and whenever he wants.Also It was mostly used to introduce the kids to new concepts like colors, shapes etc etc and some fun games.

Shamak davar class is optional (not compulsory). And i think it is a great initiative by the school. It is a certified course where instructors from Shamak D school teach dance regularly through out the year. But still u have a option of not opting for it.

finally as compared to other options available Euro school (too far and not ICSE affiliated right now, Rainbow- Pre primary (too much pressure of academics on kids, my son finished nursery from it)

Vasant Vihar (I am not comforatble with their old school methods of teaching)

Singhania- Rude staff and really far from where I am located. Very difficult to get addmission if you dont know anyone.


bhairavi 2013-04-15 14:30:47


Hi ,

I also agree with Sphurti. My daughter has also completed Jr .Kg with Universal High  & I am really happy with the way they handle kids . Kids r getting good knowledge but not pressurised.

I am really happy with the activities & academics both.


Best Regards




Ssfurti 2013-04-18 15:03:14


 Hi bhairavi, Ur daughter is in morning/afternoon batch?? which division?


My son is in afternoon batch.


bhairavi 2013-05-03 13:56:55


Hi Ssfurti,

My daughter is in morning batch.

She is in D division.

What abt u ? ur son is in which division ?




 Former member 2013-05-09 14:27:34


  Hi Kau,

My Son is studying in Universal High Thane. Study is good , ambience is ok but extra activities are not at all good. despite of informing the management about keeping the Sports day , Annual day etc on Sat or sunday no +ve response from them on this every time this is informed to them they alwaly play with parents emotions and tell " you should be able to take atleast a day off for your child. Annual Day was wrapped up in an hour. while taking admission to 1st std they took signature from us on the No Objection doc saying school can follow any stds like SSC/CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE/IB. On raising a objection on this clause the coordinatior laughed and informed me that i am the first person asking this question and later said it was just a legal formality. Also very surprising is that they tell us verbally that their school is ICSE affilliated but nothing is mentioned on the website.The school forcefully take money for Shamak davar Dance academy and teaches nothing to the kids. When i enquired i got a response from them stating the Shamak davar teachers teach our school teachers and our schoolteachers  teach the kids , very surprising this was as why is the school taking teachers training money from parents This is my sincere review about universal High. rest is up to you to decide


nikus 2014-04-03 13:12:41


Anybody having kids in std 10 this year @ Universal High, Thane?
Would appreciate if you could share your experience.

1ayeshu 2015-01-05 16:25:00


 Hi I am planning to take an admission for my son in Universal high school in thane,Brahmand in grade 2 & for daughter in nursery....
Pls let me know abt the fee structure and how is the child evaluated?
Are there any formative assessments been held in school for higher grades? 

Is there any1 whose kids r in grade 2 & nursery??????

Pls reply asap..

amarworld 2015-01-29 15:59:06



The coordinators at this school are really worse.. they are not gud at talking.. don't pay respect those who want to enquire... totally irresponsible


Papa2pareshaan 2015-02-15 10:58:40


I am very much interested in getting my son addmitted to Rustomjee Thane school Considering their positive feedback about dahisar branch and management, wondering if anyone been there . I am luking for 6th standard admission...since i am out of station ,will be able to visit next weekend...till then if someone can please share their views Universal is very good in activities they are active updating themselves if u c FB page if theirs they r doing really good..since i will be staying at Majiwada looking for Rustomjee

Ppthane 2018-12-28 12:01:21


Hi All,

Can anyone provide feedback of Universal school Thane. I am trying to get my daughter enrolled to jr kg. Thanks.



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