I could not meet and speak on audeo-video my only son in Mumbai for last 2.5 years, kidnly help

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Sony7 2020-12-27 12:10:47


Dear Madam/Sir

I and my son are foreigner in India under the Constitution of India and Citizenship Act of India.
My son's mom carried out international parental child abduction and have confined the child in India and never let my son go overseas with me.
I bought my son 3G mobile, Apple iPad to communicate with him. But his mom stopped all audeo-video communication with me. I provide support for my son.
We are divorced. I am a scientist and engineer and teach in foreign university and live overseas most of the time. In 2018-19 I went to India for 149 days stayed in hotel to meet my son but her mom denied and refused me access to my only son.
I request your help and support to study with my son daily who is in CBSE Yr VIII on wifi through 200 cm LED screen at his and my end to be installed at my cost.
Kindly respond.


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