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ClearTune 2016-05-03 10:08:31


Non Educationist business persons and groups have entered the field of education.

Business venture involves profit making and aggressive marketing. New trend observed in business field these days is that profit making is pivotal and ethics, commitment, morals are remote.

Flashy infrastructure and huge hoardings, large to full page ads in newspapers are some of the easy tools of hard selling in business.

Good Schools/Colleges are not popular by corporate style of ads. or infrastructure, they are known by their students, the morals, values, culture that they have learnt from their School/College. The distinction of good School/College is highlighted by the way its students carry themselves in the society, the manner in which they handle situations and the respect that they earn during and after their education.

Basic facilities are required for a school/college. School/College need to appear like a school/College and need not look like a palace or a multi star hotel. Students learn life skills by living with their class and schoolmates during their working hours in addition to the general subjects like science, maths, history etc.

Some Schools/Colleges pretend to be offering various courses and programs to enhance learning but in reality it may not be true or maybe fictitious. Parents to be watchful about such institutions and not to get duped. Some Schools/College initiate good programs but get exhausted for their own reasons or get greedy and dilute the effectiveness of the courses or programs.

Some Schools/Colleges put up feedback pretending to be parents, such posts appear artificial and are filled with praises. One of the method to know about a institution maybe to check with few ex students or students who are already part of the institution.

Some institutions have some hidden agenda which becomes prominent when one gets into a situation. Some institutions do not refund the amount paid if one decides to withdraw admission no matter how big or small the amount maybe. Some don't care even if the child has not attended even a single day.

This situation of not refunding is a simple case but there are some rogue Schools/Colleges that refuse not only to refund the amount paid but also demand  you to pay additional amount. If a College course is of two years duration and your child decides to withdraw admission during the initial stage of admission, the rogue College will refuse to refund the amount paid and will also demand you to pay the full fees of the second year of the course to return the original certificates that your child may have deposited with the College during admission. One can imagine the plight of a student who impulsively gets admitted to a three or four years course and deposits original certificates with such Colleges.

These conditions may not be mentioned in any of their brochures or admission material may not be even in fine print. some of these rogue institutions don't bother about any authorities as they may have the authorities in their good books. These institutions know that hardly any parent would approach court for its complexity and if any parents approaches the court and get verdict in the parent favor, the institution would pay up the amount which is not big as they would have made up huge amount from the parents who had not approached court.

Parents and students seeking admissions should avoid falling prey to the marketing/publicity stunts or get carried away by the sweet talks of the trained admission staff. Not to get impulsive and its always better to take time to decide and watch on some of the institution that are shortlisted.

Some institutions insist on cash payment of fees and some refuse to issue receipt for payment of fees/donation or they may not refuse but make excuses to issue receipts or may say that will issue receipts later maybe after classes commence. The attitude/intention of such institutions are suspicious, think if you want to admit your child paying huge amounts into such institutions who are into acts that are not clear or suspicious or the institutions that are trying to evade tax or violate government rules. A parent irrespective of their background economic/caste/criminal looks for a good institution and will normally like their child to be honest law biding citizen and no parent may like their child to learn illegal or unethical practices.

There are many institutions who are dedicated educationists doing great service to the society but a lot of rogue institutions are too mushrooming. A smart parent knows or learns to identify the best for their child.

Will appreciate comments and expect parents all people at large to take forward this discussion. I believe this maybe food for thought for the parents who are looking out for good education for their children. A wrong decision can change course of a child, the choice can make a OBAMA or a OSAMA.

Readers are encouraged to mention topics that they may exprect me to  share/express my thoughts. Feel free to write to me at

sushma321 2016-05-12 11:30:45


I totally agree with the fact that nowadays, there are so many fake schools and colleges that its very difficult to identify which is the real one and which one is fake.  When i was looking for schools for my kids i was really confused with the advertisements all schools give in newspaper and television. This was the time when one of my colleagues taught me how to choose the best school. According to him, advertisements are not the thing to rely on while making the search for a college. The reputation of a school depends on the performance of students studying there, the values and culture of that particular school. When i started the search for best schools i thought of reading the feedback given by parents and students of that particular school, but gradually i came to know that all those are fake. I would want to share an experience of mine in this regard. By going through the feedback of a specific college, i took admission for my child and made the payment. Later when i came to know the reality of that college, i went back and asked the money. I was shocked to hear the reply that it is non- refundable. On the contrary, you will also come across institutions that are genuinely providing the service. 

So, i would like to request all the parents and students to make a wise decision while choosing the right school/college. Do as much research as possible so that you end up finding a reputed and genuine college. 


sushma321 2016-05-16 11:47:57


Nowadays, with the increase in number of schools and colleges, it is a daunting task for the parents to find the best one among them. There are colleges that take money during the admission time saying it is refundable, but when a parent asks the money back, they make certain excuses for not giving the money. So, it is very important to choose the right school/college. The first important thing that one should keep in mind while choosing a school is never believe the advertisements. They are meant to say all positive things about the particular school Always remember reputation of good schools and colleges totally depend on its morals, values and students. The distinction of an institution is highlighted by the way its students carry themselves in the society. Make sure the school you are choosing has all the basic facilities.  Many believe that feedbacks from students who are already studying in that college or who are pass outs of that particular college will be beneficial. However, this is not true in every case. There are colleges that put feedback of their own on websites on behalf of the parents. It is suggested not to believe in those feedbacks and make a research of your own.  Remembering these points will really prove beneficial for you to choose the right school/ college for your kid.




ClearTune 2016-05-17 11:57:22


I totally agree with sushma321. I wish this discussion is spread widely and more parents and the true educationist contribute to the discussion, Please share this discussion among your contacts and encourage people to share their experience and point of view.

Like sushma321 mentioned, a good School/College doesn't need to be advertised, people get to know the institution by it students conduct in the society. Its sad to see parents meeting the demands of these greedy schools. Parents don't boycott such institutions that are into activities against law and mostly into evading taxes and stacking black money, Any act by any individual or group against the law of the land is unpatriotic and they are as bad as the terrorists or the enemy nations attacking the nation. It is shameful for a patriotic citizen of any nation to support or glorify anyone who attacks their nation in any form. Aren't these greedy institutions stacking black money, manipulating government law and order not enemies of the nation, why are we supporting them, its not just a passive support but parents are sending their children to such institutions. What can one expect their children to learn from such Institutions? Patriotic parents should not support such enemies of the nation, they r harmful to the nation, our children and the society. Boycott such Institutions else the Institutions with the right attitude and principles may also follow the evil practices. Speak out against the evil acts if you want your children to be good citizen leading righteous life in future,

Fight for a clean life for your child, don't let your hard earned money and your dreams for your kids good life be shattered, Governments or politicians can't be expected to do much, they will always follow the trend of the majority. Form the majority for clean life for your child.

These greedy and evil institution take money just because the parents give them, how will they manage or master their evil practices if parents unite and refuse to pay them to stack black money. Unaccounted money is usually used for activities that are not accounted, not accountable activities are normally criminal and against the society.


anjli 2016-11-07 16:29:09


initiate a drive so as the new generation parents knows the ground reality....



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