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RD2310 2015-03-16 10:41:46



We are in the process of moving to Uk in the month of April. However, I am concerned about my older son who is now going to 9th grade in CBSE . He is May 2001 born. Could anyone advise on whether it would be a good idea to let my son complete his 11th IGCse in Uk, which I have been told is equivalent to 10th CbSe board in India. 

Is we return after that, will my son be allowed to pursue CBSe board 11th and 12 th here in any school in India. Please advise. Extremely concerned at this juncture.

RoshMom 2015-03-19 09:42:05


Hi RD,

In UK the state schools follow national curriculum and the exam is GCSE which is conducted for year 10 and year 11. IGCSE is the international certificate exam which  (as per my knowledge)  is not provided by state schools. Only the private schools provide IGCSE. I have heard GCSE and IGCSE are very different in the approach And the focus. It is possible to move from CBSE to IGCSE and vice versa. But Moving from one board to another will need some time to adjust. Because the approach is very different, more importance is given to language when compared to CBSE, the testing pattern is also different. See if it's worth the risk moving him across different boards esp. in high school after you return. 

punefather 2021-11-11 12:44:04


How was your experience RD2310? I might in similar boat soon when my elder son will be around 15 years old and will be in 9th grade.

How did you kids cope with the change in education system? Was it smoother than you earlier thought or was it challenging?


sheshu12 2022-05-26 19:52:53



I am in the reverse category..My daughter being in 8th grade here in Bangalore (CBSE) board, we are moving to UK. Could you please throw some light on selection of schools and preparation if any before moving ?

From google, I get lots of information but are confusing and worrying me.

Any advice is appreciated.



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