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hari7 2015-02-02 13:01:11


my daughter is in 10th class and goes to narayana e-techno

she is studing there from 8th class and I found lots of behaviour changes like not respecting parents talking rudely with the parents especially with mother and younger sister.she even tells them to die .

I am not understanding her attitude towards parents I get hurt very badly when she talks like that .she is good in studies but attitude is also important .

please help me regarding this matter and any one know about good counsellors for the teenagers please give the details.

s0703 2015-03-04 17:35:22


Hi Hari7,
It is seen that children who have studied in one school from LKG to upper grade like ur daughter has been given admission in another school in grade 8,in the new school she must be feeling out of place or alien world too.Secondly she must be missing her friends,thirdly she must be facing difficulty in teachings of the new teachers,last but not the least some bulling of the new joiner also plays a vital role,if it is co-edu school see that part too.Some time even the harmonal changes and teenage issues also bothers them along with surrounding atmosphere(at this most of them get concer'd about their physical appearance  ). Kindly first u sit with her and have a word on all angles than go for a counsellor.
Being a children & Adult counsellor,I replayed 
God bless And take care 

archo 2015-03-06 12:02:07


it is very common for teens to have this kind of behaviour. just be patient, listen to her and when she is in good mood, then try to talk to her. she is growing, they have so many things in their mind but dont know how to express. 
i feel that we should observe them, be patient with them, and try to talk WHEN APPROPRIATE. 


archo 2015-03-06 12:05:39


Also teens are constantly under peer pressure specially in new school, try to meet her teachers, try to find about her friends and their family background, then try to anayse if she is undergoing any kind of inferiority complex?   everything with teens take time but i feel we have to be patient. TALKING with them on their personal matters might help.

priya101 2015-06-10 11:31:16


Your daughter might simply be going through a rebellious phase. Also, like the others have suggested, she may not have adjusted well to the new school / her new grp of friends may be influencing her. Sit down and talk to her. Go out for a day with your daughter, have wholesome fun and then talk about it. Good Luck!

SuperMomOfSuperKids 2018-02-28 15:58:34


hi Friends
  Try to seek the positive side of ur child, and talk only about it to them, they will automatically get withdrawn from their negative/ rude thoughts, as parent we try to correct them very often, seeing only their negatives, but, we must  ignore their negatives, and praise them for the good side of their character, This may work...


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