revision time

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Revision time

Tension is rising slightly in our household as exam season is fast approaching and kids are busy in revision.

For a long time I was wondering why Indian kids and now day’s parents should suffer this much with the learning process. Kids in the age of 11 to 18 are in a very crucial period of laying the foundation for their life. But only a few kids are coming out of the school with ease and success. Most of the kids are suffering and feel very boring to the system.

Children need to work more independently at  higher secondary school level (9th to 12th) than at secondary  school (6th to 8th) but interest and input  of a parent will still be important and will help the child to do well. As a parent, by the time your children are 15 or so, you will probably be moving into the role of consultant rather than manager and your new skills will come into their own during revision time. So it is more a question of being around, making sure they are eating balanced meals and getting enough sleep, rather than endlessly nagging them about revision.

Your child will need to be far more organized at secondary school than he or she was at primary school. Establishing a routine in the morning and evening will help to start the day smoothly and with minimum stress.

The best way to really revise their lessons  is to put the book away and ask them to test themselves or better yet, explain what they  have just learnt to somebody else may be  younger brother, sister, or their friends.

Identifying what type of learner your son or daughter is, can be really helpful when it comes to revision. This can be the key to effective revision time.

There are a number of useful resources online. It  is always a good choice   to go for some online revision. We as a parent should always be there to support our children and to show them how to handle study related stress.


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