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99baba 2013-10-08 15:11:32


Can a child doing normal CBSE curriculum in 10th std, be able to do IB curricullum in 11th and 12 th. pls advise.

RoshMom 2013-10-09 13:12:26



After CBSE 10th, your child can do IBDP. But it requires high level of language proficiency and the subjects like math and biology will be very rigorous and extensive. The examination is very different from that of CBSE. Apart from that the mandatory internal assessment requirements for completing IBDP such as EE and TOK will need lot of effort and hard work. It's not impossible. Few students do go for IBDP after CBSE 10th. In the end, it depends on where your child wants to do undergrad. If in india, it's better to continue in CBSE. 


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