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Aaryan4u 2018-04-07 10:48:38


Hi Aaryan here, I have some contacts  of similar single parents in Pune, I€™m in Navi Mumbai, we can commect.

Aaryan4u 2018-04-07 10:51:59


Hi Prakriti, I understand your situation , life is so unjustified at times... I can feel it coz I have been  through this all.

RishiHyd 2018-04-10 22:01:37


Hello all, my dear friends and colleagues. Am a single father from Hyderabad and my age is 32. after struggling for years, i came to know about this blog, well, am looking for a matured women who can take care of me and my kid. I can understand, as it in hyderabad, it is bit tough job to reveal your real identity here, am mentioning my email address, please leave me a mail or a message, we can get connected. Distance, age and race is not a concern here. Lets talk and decide. You can reach me on rishivarma 768 at gmail dot com. 

kency 2019-02-21 18:58:35


Where you from??

RishiHyd 2019-02-22 00:25:44



Mou2019 2019-03-21 10:42:38


Hi I am from Mumbai... I am 36 years old and mother to a 10 years old daughter....looking for genuine friend male or female who went through almost same as I did..with whom I can share my thoughts, opinions , about my struggles and all...I have seen the most unfair side of the life and felt like my life was destroyed completely...but we also have the right to live happily... Please reply who are genuine ... No fake dating or chatting...

devbhtt 2019-05-04 11:51:56


Hii I am Deven father of 16 year Son from Borivali. I am single parent from last 9 year's .. yes had many difficulties while growing my son alone.. You can contact me on or 9702464220.. Many single parents have like us in Mumbai . Also having group of single parent.. Thanks

09nams 2019-05-29 16:56:11


Hi, Is this group of single parents active?

mansi1234 2019-05-30 23:01:14


Hi all,
i m a single mother to a 14 month old. I m nervous on how to start earning. I m staying in Delhi and will b shifting to Ghaziabad as can€™t afford it here. I m little worried for my son that how will I manage. Any work options? I only have money to survive for next 2 months only.

param27 2019-06-14 10:32:41


How are you manssi..i am also in NCR...can you please share resume...will see where u get job

param27 2019-06-14 10:33:39


reply me on

RNK40 2019-08-08 17:03:25


Hi MOU, I am a singlr mom to a 9year old from Mumbai You can connect and share ur concerns if u feel. Take care.


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