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You’d regret by paying so much fees & let your child wait for the school to conduct regular activities in school time which Never happens. Parents need to pay extra for availing activities & kid have to do those after school hours. Playground is small, stair case is narrow & you can’t compare infra & Impactful PTMs with Vibgyor or Sanskriti ( which I realised late as a father). My 10 yr kid always rates Vibgyor teachers better & caring . Go for this if you don’t have any other better ICSE option in that area. …note: Above are my personal experiences based on kids journey here & other schools, individual experience may vary.

Julkar Bagwan ( parent for kid studying in academic year 2017-2018, grade 1 C ) 


My sons are studying in EuroSchool from the past 6 years since the branch at Undri began. Every year has added a milestone to their learning. The curriculum is highly child centric and revolves around the 21st century skills.. The balanced schooling approach has helped them in a million ways! They cater to an all round student development and teaching is mostly experiential and activity based more til the primary years.. Alot of ficus on academics in the Middle school years and the diligence of teachers is worth a mention. My Children love the school environment. The open door policy allows parents to approach the seniors especially the Principal with great ease who takes an account of parent concerns if any with great positivity and solves them amicably in no time. All in all i am a happy parent and would recommend this school to any one who believes in learning to prepare their children to face the world of tomorrow!!


My daughter is in Euroschool, Undri since 6 years. You know the school is good when your child doesn't want to miss a single day of school and looks forward to going to school everyday. I think this is the best thing that any parent can ask for. The school is very well organized in all terms, all the staff are very helpful and your concerns are addressed to in time. The parents suggestions are also valued. There is a balance in education and other extra co-curricular activities. So the kids are exposed to many things. As parents we are happy.


Poor quality of staff who doesn't even understand early years child development aspects! The principals note on the website shows she believes in understanding the child and not behaving harsh and force children. However she does exactly the opposite of what she mentioned. It clearly shows how these guys are just making education as business. One of my experience I am sharing below. 

My child which is less than 6 year old was pushed from the gate because she reached few minutes late! When I questioned them the Principal on RECORD said she has asked her staff to behave like that!

When I wrote an email to the senior management there was no response. After sending repeated reminders there is a guy called Bhargav T met me. As expected he doesn't even have a qualification from child development background. He is from some ops background and doesn't even know how to handle a critical problem ( How do we expect such kind of people can show the way for a new generation?) Was only trying to cover up the case instead of taking any action against the principal or other staff involved in this case.

Attached the email I sent to the management. But none of the people are ready to understand the importance of such critical issue! What kind of example these guys set an educationists!

Dear Sir,

With great disappointment I am writing this email to you! I have my daughter, who is just 5.5+ years young studying in Euro School Undri, Pune - 411060. I admitted my little one at Euro School because I was also fascinated by the brand name. However, for my surprise it is a horrible experience at the euro school Undri Center.

The local center management team changes every year or 2 including the Principal at this center in Undri Pune. Surprisingly the quality of skilled staff deteriorates after every change that includes the front-end staff receptionists to Principal. When we took the admission in this school, we were told the school timing is 8.30 am to 12.30pm for preprimary and 8.30am to 2.30pm for primary school. Which is apt for a preprimary and primary class student considering their age group and the kind of special need and care they required at that age. Also, the distance the kids to travel from to reach the school.

However, my 5.5+ year young are getting harassed by the directions given by the new principal who joined last year. When I checked with other parents in the school group, I got the same feedback. They also come to the gate every day and the security and admin staff are advised to misbehave with parents INFRONT OF THE CHILD. To my surprise, I came to know that the Principal doesn




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