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If I could give negative rating, then defiantly I would like to give to them.

I am parent of class 1 student. Today I will give a genuine review of “Online Sessions” going on in Lexicon school, Hadapsar.

Starting few months were really good, as they were having good quality of teachers. But from last one month the quality is degraded…to extreme low. Now-a-days the teachers are of really lowest quality… they don’t know how to teach…even they don’t know how to manage the class.

And management don’t want to do nothing. Parents are complaining daily…they are sending mails to admin frequently…but no use. They don’t want to listen at all. Actually, this is responsibility of Supervisor Neeta Joshi Ma’am and Principal Lilly Ma’am to maintain the quality of teaching. But… unfortunately…they both are not interested in parent’s complaints.

One more thing I would like to add here, now a day they are clubbed two divisions together… so, 80 students in class. It’s really look like a fish market. Teachers are not teaching… and students are not getting anything… It’s waste of time of students and parents also. As, parents must sit with them.

Here, I would like to mention the names of such teachers…

1. Usha Barate (Maths Teacher – She can’t handle the class. In 40 mins class, half of the time, she takes to mute and unmute the students. And no teaching at all…)

2. Sonali Deshmukh (ICT Teacher – She don’t know anything…confused…even she can’t speak English well…as Lexicon is CBSE school)

3. Harsha Patil (Marathi Teacher – Full of time-pass. Most of the time she was on mobile in checking messages)

4. Pooja Kamathe (Hindi Teacher – Very much rude with small kids)

5. Zarana Upadhyay – (English Teacher – She can’t pronounce the student’s name correct…She has lots of communication problem and she is teaching English…It’s so funny… No teaching at all…only time-pass)

If there will be an assessment for teachers… these teachers will definitely fail… (A Big ZERO to all of them)


Best school in Hadapsar.Nice to see my child growing with good educational knowledge.Personal attention is given to each child.Very good teachers.Individual attention is given to each child to help them grow.


I would like to avail transport facility for my kid who is in LKG. Today when we meet the transport facility POC, he is asking to pay the whole 12 months fees and gave some odd reasons which does not make much sense.

 3 months are almost passed and we would like to start the transport facility from July month. So ethically & professionally only for the remaining months fees should be charged to Parents. I am ready to pay rest complete 9 months fee together. However Transport facility is not hearing anything.

 This is really annoying & school management should make intervention here!


This is the Best School in Hadapsar.



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