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Almost 5 years now my Kid in LBW, I had seen how she grown in LBW. the best part of the LBW is staff, all maushi's are so caring that my kid never felt she is in day care.

the best part of LBW

  1. Quality management.

  2. close connection of staff with kids.

  3. caring nature of staff.

  4. timely updates on all aspects of child behaviour and development.

  5. Events arranged time to time in LBW such as fathers day, mothers day and so many.

  6. and off course teachers.

specially in Hinjewadi Gita, your are  simply superb.!


First time in my life I have seen such a wonderful campus for daycare, courteous, highly professional, passionate and dedicated teachers, staff, and moushies. I feel that LBW is a place where one can rely for the best foundation for their kid and over all development.

Best wishes personally and professionally to you and your staff! Special thanks to


It's almost been more than 2 months being associated with Little Big World. I was finding it difficult to join back office when my son was 6 months. Me and my husband visited LBW. I found it really good and comfortable then I decided to join the office. My son was the youngest member in LBW family when he joined. He got settled in less than a week


Pathetic experience with Little Big World. Unhygienic environment for kids, poor food quality. Food given to child by the parent will be eaten by the staff and they will leave kids crying. On top of that they are the most expensive in their area and that too they ask for quarterly fees which is non-refundable even if your kid leaves after 15 days. To keep the kids occupied they will play Rhymes on the laptop and will not involve them much in other activities. Learning activities are very less as compared to other day cares. I would recommend parents not to go for it and explore other options


Amazing experience so far... staff is highly skilled, get personally involved with the kids. … they have activities designed by experts (yes, even for few months old infants) , and give you a daily activity chart of your baby’s eating, sleep, medication, poo/ pee, language/gross motor skills, fine motor skills etc. … team dedication and efforts is amazing, My baby is lot more sociable, has a disciplined routine, eats well, I learnt from LBW on how to feed my kiddo!




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