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Hi, This is my todays experience, My daughter is in 2nd standard and being a working mom drop location is my office. Even multiple repeated  instructions, the lady in the school bus does not understand where is the security persons are and to whom to handover the child. The bus mausi including all the transport stuff either blunt but equally arrogant and adamant. Even multiple emails, written letter and telephonic request in vain them to make them follow a simple instruction. Regarding education my experience says it is really sub-standard, small school premises( TOS2), employees are really underpaid and 3 out of them approached to me for job change. As a whole misbehave uncultured surrounding, no way its top. its one of the sub-standard school in Pune. Do not take admission and spoil your child's education. There are multiple good schools are nearby, please check.


Wonderful school. Im quite impressed by the new school premises. Mrs. Mala the Principal is quite thorough and efficient. My child has been in ORbis for 4 years and I am very pleased with the holistic approach that they have towards education.


High irrresponsible kid has been reaching school daily half an hour late because of unmanaged transport department and no one is bothered about, the principal's and school's so called ethics/polices/discipline are just a show off.....i regret the day I chose this school for my kid


Its a good school. Mrs. Mala the principal is a exceptional lady with all the skills required. My child has been in the school since class 2 and  i must say that the school has been excellent in all aspects.

I believe they are starting another school now very close to the previous one. This new school is also CBSE board.



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