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I am very happy with EuroSchool, Wakad. Its curriculum is designed in accordance with the ICSE board, which is intellectually stimulating covering all areas of the 21st century skills required for every student. The school provides a gamut of opportunities, where the students are encouraged to be independent and lifelong learners, engaging in critical thinking, problem solving and creative approaches.

My child is enjoying learning in a very happy and positive environment, where the teachers are extremely loving and caring.

I would highly recommend EuroSchool Wakad to all aspiring parents.


My child is part of school since its very inception. Since last 6+ years we have seen the school evolve every single day. The school has given great exposure to kids in various fields which has developed their overall personalities shaping them into more assertive and confident individuals. We do understand that there is further scope as school evolves and would continue to enfold more avenues into the overall scheme of things for the child to discover themselves further. The curriculum is designed keeping in mind multi-skill approach and competencies required in the 21st century creating opportunities for critical thinking, collaboration, curiosity and imagination. 
At its core, the school is very keen on improving the academic performance of children and this reflects in the recent 2019 ICSE results. I believe Euroschool is perfect platform for shaping the future of your child and I am proud to have my child being part of this great journey. 


Euro is money minded, principal is just a puppet to management though he is from military background. Level of education is deteriorated a lot, regularly teachers are being absent, when they are back or replacement joins they teach multiple chapters at once whether child is understanding or not, they sign on incorrect answer and now class teacher is going to change 4th time for my son. I am taking out my ward from school.


The school has stooped very low in professional ethics by harassing kids by not giving books and not sharing results of exams. The school has increased fees without approval of ECPTA and is having strong political backing which is making them confidently provide fake documents to govt authorities. In all the matter, kids are facing mental harassment and teachers and school mgmt is forcing parents to pay fees thru hartayof kids.


euroschool wakad has got some of the most dedicated staff. my child studied in class 1 for a year (16-17) before we moved to Bangalore. Even though it was just a year, we were very happy with the school. The curriculum is designed neatly keeping in mind the goals and process. Thank you cerebrum. I have to also thank the principal Mr Prasad for his concern to raise up the standards of the school. The school underwent a transformation under his care. Teachers and non- teaching staff are courteous which  puts us parents immediately into comfort. The premises is kept spic and span at all times. Overall a happy experience. 


 My child Studies in Grade 2 .He was enrolled in Euro School Wakad from past 2 years.The school is really excellent .The school is famous for its balance schooling and m really happy with the concept of  is a combination of Academics and Co-curricular activities and clubs.So the child is able to focus on Academics along with that  he is able to enjoy Sports. 
The Major Plus point of the school is the new Principal Lt Col YHVS Prasad who joined Euro School last year, he did served many Army schools in his past years.We can really see a really good change in school after his joining.


Euro school is good school by any standards. My kid love Euro School.When we take admission we see schools in nearby vicinity. Compare fees, curriculum and various other aspects. its one of the best school in wakad especially curriculum as I know the efforts taken to design the curriculum by cerebrum.Their approach on any initiative, functions and events clearly showcases a world class standard and high professionalism


Dear All,
This is one of the best school I have experienced. It care really for kids education & welbeing.They put in various innovative ideas so that kids are fond of school. 
All kids love to go to school. They have following
1) Good academics / syllubus.
2) Very good library. My kids love to get new book every month for extra reading.
3) Swimming / Skating option
4) Clubs such as Art, Speach and drama, cooking, dancing, computers, skating, karate, etc etc free of cost. Child to choose one from academic and one from non academic. 
5) Tennis classes only for - who pay fee. Need to come beyond school time / weekend.
6) Special abled kids are also treated with great dignity.
7) All school functions executed with pricision. Nicely. 
8) They do not entertain and work to satisfy parents ego. Parents need to show good habits by abiding school rules and set proper bench mark for kids. 
I like it very much.
Note: There are some people, who does propaganda against Euro School and try to tarnish the image of school. 
However, you can visit Euro School after visiting 8-10 schools in and around this place. You like it. 
Please visit and decide. 
Have great day....


I am very happy with Euro School. My Daughter joined Euro school last year in Junior KG. I can see a tremendous improvement in her. The teachers especially pay attention to each and every child. Because of this my daughter has progressed a lot in not only studies but other areas as well.
Apart from studies school had planned wonderful programs for kids such as hooked on books, infinite your minds, weight loss (of bags) and many more. Last year they conducted so many sessions/programs such as a seminar by Dr Bhooshan Shukla, phonics classes for preprimary parents, behavioral sessions just for benefit of parents.
They held wonderful annual and sports day programs for our kids with so much efficiency and professionalism and at such a grand level.


My child goes to this school in Jr. Kg. We were not particularly big fans of the syllabus at this level as my kid and most kids his age are aware and much more capable of learning what is being taught here. He has already learnt most of the concepts in nursery (at a different school) and home schooling and related activities. We liked the infrastructure however a larger open playground would have been better. Tennis academy and swimming pool are just selling points not sure how many kids are really using these facilities and benefitting from them. Tennis coaching is payable anyways.

Transport is way overpriced. There is no flexibility as pick up only or drop only options. It costs the entire amount. In the initial month bus schedule was too erratic and transport authorities don't show any accountability and responsibility. They even charged 600 Rs per term extra for useless so called GPS system that only informs via SMS that bus has reached/left school premises that too on numerous occasions wrong timing information sent. No real time tracking.   

Coming to faculty and staff - we had heard lot of horror stories about them being rude and not approachable - unfortunately only after we took admission. We don't have specific concerns with my kid's class teachers as such. However had a horrific incident today morning involving principal, admin manager and security staff.

Like a lot of you ,we are working parents hoping to go through our day as best we can. One can imagine the challenges with two school going children (ages 5 and 2) and both of need to go to office in the morning. So in the morning hustle bustle we forgot to put an arm sling on our 5 year old who had an accident and as a result fractured his elbow two weeks back. Realizing that, we promptly went to his school


School is good as they clear the basic using audio-visual presentation. But the biggest problem with this school is they give lots of holiday without any reason.
They gave 2 days holiday (9th and 10th July 2015) during Palkhi when all other school gave just 1 day holiday. They gave holiday on 28th Septmeber by mentioning that 27th is ganpati visarjan so buses will run late by 3 hours on 28th. All other schools were operating. All buses are running in time. They have mentioned 10 days (24th Dec to 4th Jan) holiday during Christmas, (8th to 25th October )holiday during Diwali. School authority has more holiday planning. Kids are fadeup sitting at home.
Summer vacation is too big. It starts from 11th April to 17th June.
If you don't have problems with so much of holidays then this school is fine.


during last one yr my son is in sr kg section ...I found initially everything in order that we expect. but to my great disappointment is few points like 
principal of school , she cant communicate properly and had too much expectations from staff and in event ruins the fun n joy of working in team .
..staff do not have any choice of denying the orders passed on to the event student suffer and parent has no choice but to bear with them for least a yr..
overall son has good education but I do not advice for longer time with this overall development is not possible if you had better choice ..go for it..


I was very much excited about this school. Soon i realized
- Principal is very Rude and unprofessional. 
- Staff is not experienced and immature. 
- My kid is in pre-school, they initially said that there will be 2 teachers for 30 pupils. However almost for 3 days in a week, my kid says that only 1 teacher is available
- For this year (2015-2016) they have raised fees from 55 K to 73K for first standard. 
- There is no PTA formed yet. 
- Other charges are very high. They actually compete auto-rickshaw in their bus fairs. 


Beware! of Euroschool Wakad.
Staff- More than Principal, staff is very rude and unprofessional.
Inexperienced teachers- don't know how to tackle kids in class.I attended the induction and teachers couldn't even introduce themselves. Their English is horrible including head teacher. So you know the fate of your kids.
Principal appointment: You have less formalities to get a CMs( Chief Minister of Maharashtra) appointment than Euro School Principal. Guess why Principal is scared of meeting parents. I sent an email to Principal in April 2014 still waiting for response.
Infrastructure : Its good but management doesn't know how to make use of it.
Bus transport: Coordinators never picks the call, not sure what they coordinates. Kids are at their own risk. Lucky if you get your are back.
Parents feedback: Many parents too have same experience with Euro school and they are thinking to pull out their kids next year.
So to save future of your little ones think multiple times before you get trapped.


In my opinion, this is a very good school.  Their approach to learning is excellent.  

At the admission stage they show parents this very fancy video of how things will be in Euroschool and I am happy to say, they have lived up to the expectations.  They focus on concepts, are against rote learning and help kids to find practical application to all the knowledge they gained at school.  Assessments are conducted to gauge the understanding of the child and are not limited to written answer sheets.  It could be a group activity, a presentation, class participation etc. Learning is made fun and my child enjoys going to school and has become more confident in asking or answering questions.  

There are many extra-curricular activities like - swimming, taekwondo, yoga, dancing, singing, tennis, basketball, robotics, arts etc 

They truly provide balanced education.  The principal and teachers are very enthusiastic and involved in all activities of the children.  

The fees are on the higher side, but considering they use audio visual aids to teach and the kind of infrastructure that they have, I feel it is okay. The school has started in June 2013 and I feel confident, that if this level of commitment continues from the side of the management and teachers, this school will soon be one of the best schools in Pune.   




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