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After they moved away from Pearson to Ryan International and coupled with pandemic, the school has become worst.

Ryan international does not have a good reputation for its school management and administration. 


Could not find my son in class on day one.Horrified by careless teachers behaviour. My husband and me went to pick y 4 yr old son. It is his first day in the school. We were allowed without I'd cards as we were new to school. We were lead to class rooms to get my son. When we went in I could not see my son. When I teacher asked about my son, she was clueless and started searching for him. There were 3 helpers in the class,nobody had any idea about him. Teacher carelessly told he might have went after balloons..... how could any be so careless. Being teacher holds very important and high in my view. But lost most of it today. Thank God My husband found him sitting behind a pillar with a balloon. No idea how long he was left unattended. Pathetic and careless teacher and attendants. Deeply regret our decision to join my son in amanora Pearson school. Hope such horrors does not happen again. Do not go by false security promises made by admin and staff.


My review regaridng School campus is diappointing . School campus is located amidst the construction sites. Entire amanora campus is full of dust/construction noise and machinery,equipement . I am concerned about the childrens who are going to travel to this school through the amanora roads those are full of dust,Heavy trucks, JCBs and tractors. Amanora Managenemt should temparary arrange the school somewhere outside the construction sites as the present facility is very unsafe & unhygenic.




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