S.N.B.P International SNBP Rahatani - Pune

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I am rating this purely for th first hand experience to know the school I called up on the reception number, who asked me to dial another number on which a day picked up the phone.I asked her information regarding Jr Kg admissions for which she asked me to call post diwali.I was fine with that. next I asked her about the fee structure, she said they wont disclose it on phone. I was okay with that a swell.Next I asked her regarding the transfer of students is possible to regular SNBP schoo lafter their Sr. Kg, she started to talk in a stern voice saying they dont revel such information on phone. I was surprised and asked her that why they are not telling such basic information? I would vosiot the school if I know that admission to main SNBP school is ascertained of I let my child in preschool of the same school. I asked her name and she dropped the call. Horrible way of talking to inquiring parents. How can the school let non trained personal attend phone calls at reception level!




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