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1. Every time, teacher ready with excuses, most of the times she does not listen the parents.
2. When parents ask for a picture of his/her child, teacher does not send immediately.
3. When something wrong happens with child and asks to teacher about the same, she puts it on didi's head.
4. When parents do not want to participate to any activity of school, there is some reason behind this but teacher does not bother about it and she insists for participating in the activity and school takes payment also for the same.
5. As a Head of the school, Principle should meet with the parents once in a month for the feedback.
6. If school is sure about the good facilities, good teachers and good didis, should provide the facility of video cameras with access for parents also like 'Learning Curve', Baner. - Open Transparency
7. School should provide the teacher's, didi's details to the parents like how many teachers and didis, their qualifications etc.
8. Don't be rude with the parents if they want to meet you regarding any complaints.
9. Teachers should be focused on children's activities like missing of clothes, mosquito bites, forehead mark, dirty nose, dirty mouth and dirty clothes at the time of handing over child to parents, messy clothes, shit on bloomer etc.
10. When something wrong happens with child and asks to didi about the same, she puts it on teacher's head.
11. Suddenly, they increase fees without discussing with parents or without earlier intimation to parents.
12. At last but not the least, they are very smart guys. They know how to speak false with confidence.


The day care service in this school is worse. They charge more money for the services which they never provide.  They are very careless with the kids and give them to eat left over proudly.  During the time of enquiry they have shown me plans which got changed after admission. They simply asked me unreasonable amount of money with out any explanation, when I disagree they harassed me badly and justify their act by saying that they have the right to do it. I can't figure from where they got  the righ to harass parents.  They never conduct any single activity, did react badly if you ask about it. They simply bias or harass  the parents and ?? cross any limit for money as we leave our little ones with them. Whatever I have seen there is artificial and far from reality. 

The most funny part is that, when I asked them about their facilities for which they charged me a lot, they simply replied me  since other parents do not ask such things so I should not.

Before take any decision try to figure out the reality by asking good questions. They are extremely good in trickery.


The greatest school! Always brings a smile.


Extremely happy and satisfied... the teaching as well as non teaching staff is too good and caring and don't leave a single stone unturned when it comes for daughter goes to the preschool as well as the daycare...


not as impressive as they claim to be. More of facade than reality


Had excellent experience.



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