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My daughter goes to Blue Ridge and I am very happy with the school. At least it offers what all I am expecting from a school.


This is not a very great school. It is just that it is very convenient for people working in hinjewadi and has daycare, people are forced to have their kids get admission here. The staff is very arrogant. I went to enquire about the admission and to get some information. They refused to give any information because there were no admissions available. I feel that even if there are no admissions, parents have the right to know the school better so they can decide whether they want to try the admission next year. Their attitude was not welcoming and I dont feel like visiting them again.


rinkimuk u can try Banyantree International School In balewadi, many orchid kids have recently joined, this is an excellent school


The school has good infrastructure. The teachers are experianced. The Principal is quite approachable and open for suggestions.Proper balance of academics with extra curicullar.


Good infratstructure with equally inexperienced teaching staff who dont want to improve . Cherry on the cake is the principals attitude who is not willing to accept any suggestion for the improvement. Not worth even to try as your kid will go back by at least an year by the time you realise that it was not the place you need for your kids improvement.


The school has good potential except that principal is known to misbehave with the parents often. They have good infra but can improve on communication.


Hi, I am looking for a school for my son around Baner or PimpleSaudgar area and shortlisted two shools Wisdom World and BlueRidge? Any comparison of these school and which one is better and why? Will appreciate response. My son will go into 5th STD and right now he studies in Orchid, Baner.


My daughter studies in this school in Grade1 and i like it. Their attitude towards kids is very balanced and same is the attitude towards academics.The principal is very approchable and so are the teachers. I had admitted my daughter to Wisdon World earlier and could not take the attitue displayed by the principal though the school was overlal good.




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