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WWS is a good school with good teachers located in Wakad but this is my opinion as what I have experienced.My ward was in Grade 5-6 where the teachers are good,caring and understanding.Esp. applause to Ms Tripti( Marathi),Ms Patil (Hindi),Ms Burman(English) and Ms Revati(Maths).I had a good and positive vibe from them-cause more than being good teachers -they are good humans and I guess thats important for someone to teach your kids. But on the other note the Principal is harsh on parents.I admire her ability to run the school with discipline and good standards but she in turn treats parents rudely and is acrid.I am quite sure many current parents might had a brush with her and agree. Nevertheless-if you wanna choose a good school near wakad,Pimple saudagar,aundh -then its a good bet.The fees is 65k onwards for higher class tution only.Transport,uniform,etc is additional.


My daughter has been going to WWS. The teaching methodologies are excellent. The teachers are very smart and caring. Its a unique blend of academics, sports and arts.I am extremely happy with the school


Wisdom World School has lived up to my expectations and is doing a phenomenal job. They do concentrate on academics but also have a lot of extra curricular activities and stress on discipline and grooming. All in all, I am very happy with the school and the difference it has made in my child in a short span of 6 months.


Wisdom world school is really an excellent school.With in this short time they proved themselves and left behind all the crowd pulling schools in pune. My son is studying there in nursery and very much satisfied with the teaching methodologies.They give equal importance to studies as well as extracurricular and certain facilities which they have inhouse i dont think so any school in Pune has. Teachers are very much supportive.They give equal importance to hygiene and discipline as well.Hats off to Ms Simones!!!!


Hi all! Can someone here please tell me which one is better: Wisdom world or Blueridge school in hinjewadi Pune..? Thanks a lot.


I have heard awesome reviews of Wisdom World School. It is a unique merger of academics and extra curricular with very good faculty under the expert guidance of their principal and vice principal.


Its a new school, started in the year 2010. Both my kids go there and I am very happy with the progress. They have a lot of extra curricular activities and at the same time are focusing on discipline and academics. I believe that Wisdom World School will shape up well and in a few years time be amongst the best schools in the city.



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