Millenium National School - Pune

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This is the Best school.

We are very happy with this school for various reasons :

Program based learning, Modern teaching techniques, qualified and dedicated teachers, Technology, Academic results, Facilities provied, Most delicious and healthy food, lots of extracurricular activites, completely bagless school, variety of sports that each and every child has to play,Each and every child is equally treated, PTA meetings in every 15 days, Well managed transport system and most important : Great management team



Sorry to say but from last two years Millennium School Improvement / Quality graph is going down .. down ... down ....


One of the best schools in Maharashtra :)


School has increased fees of first standard to 62k plus15.5 k for transport. is it really necessary to pay such a huge amount for first standard only? I have 2 kids!! Is there any other good school in pune if i wish to shift from Millenium National school? Some parents told me that when Phatak sir was there he always used to conduct a meeting for increased fees with parents, but now there was no such meeting happened, previously fees used to increase by 5% and now senior Kg's Fees I paid 27.5k and for first they are asking for 62!! Fees for nursery is 55k plus 25k as admission fees plus 12-15k as transport fees and there will be rise in fees every year. is this the picture of every school in pune? I want to know is there any authority which controls the fee? or come to millennium between 8am to 8.30 am in school days to support the movement against fee rise which some parents have already started.


This is a pretty useless school. They will brag a lot about trivial things. This school is all hype. Just check their website and you will enrich your vocabulary with a lot of high-sounding words. For KG, they have increased the fees from Rs. 13,000 to Rs. 25,500 within the last 2 years. This school reminds me of the saying: "You can fool some of the people all of the time; you can fool all of the people some of the time; but you cannot all of the people all of the time."


my daughter is studying in this school from last year..One of the best schools in pune..different philosophy ...bagless homework...many sports boarding..healthy & tasty meals in good for working parents as well




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