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My son is in class 3 now and has been there since mid session of He was in a local preschool in nibm area and was not able to cope with the pressure they put on kids to write...and he was crying and losing confidence in his ability...and the last straw on the camel's back was the christmas holiday homework that included 3 essays and learning all that they had learnt from june. so we pulled him out of there and fortunately, he was welcomed in Amansetu, where his sister studied. Its an hour from home, but it has been the best decision. Now, he has grown in confidence and the teacher's support him to do his written work well.
My daughter has spent 5 years i am speaking with 8 academic years of experiencing Amansetu between both kids.
The whole teaching- learning philosophy is fun, experiential, goes at a pace that is comfortable, creative and challenging and the best is that the kids love it. With the SSC affliation under their belt, they continue to learn from ratnajaali (a brilliant syllabus created inhouse for science and social sciences) until 5th and use different boards text books for different subjects. The older kids are challenged at the right time, so that they peak.
The whole space is conscious, caring, respectful, free, green and they inculcate the values of oneness with each other and the environment, sharing, collaboration, taking initiative and responsibility of one's actions.
The children are at the centre of the education. They care about what each child feels, wants and they engage with them and support them.
Children are free to make their own rules after understanding why it makes sense, rather than randon rules imposed on them.
Their events are brilliant..the annual concert especially. Multi lingual, creative pieces of work...entirely scripted, directed, produced, propped, dressed, the teachers and the kids themselves. All kids take part in the event.
They can do with more space and infrastructure...which i am sure will happen with Ruchi at the lead.
But i feel that the software is more important. I find the hardware adequate.
The school is charming...every aspect of it is refreshing. To give you an example...
GPS is a good technology to have to know when the bus is coming...but here, there is a whatsap group of parents on the route, who post when their kids get picked up...the charming part is that, it builds a community. If one kid is absent, it is noticed by other kids. Many enquire about the child...whether he/she is sick and send wishes to get better. Can a GPS system do it?? This relationship grows then into knowing other children and parents across the school, carpooling during events...where each one supports the other.
It is a warm, sensible, human school, that does a good job of growing each child.


It is my son's fourth year at Aman Setu now. He is in the fourth grade right now. When we moved from Mumbai to Pune four years ago, it was a reasonably risky call to take admission at Aman Setu - we did not know any one in Pune, let alone someone whose child was going to Aman Setu. My wife and I are so glad that we took that call.

I believe that the School understands that each child has a different potential and it brings about realization of each child's potential. It puts a lot focus on development of each child. I have seen all round development of my son and am very happy with his progress on various parameters: academics, confidence, communication. 

Additionally, Aman Setu is an eco friendly school - it emphasizes on recylcing materials, it has a Shantiniketan-style set-up. Every PTM is a delightful experience.


Would request parents/experts to add more reviews for this school. 


A wonderful school which is everything it promises to be - child centric, environmentally friendly (almost to fault!!! no plastic bags/plates, anywhere ever!), inclusive. Even at playgroup-nursery level, I know my friends children come home with homework to 'practise' writing etc. Without any such stress on the child, in one year of playgroup my son has learnt to read and write his own name (full name) and also to spell many simple words. If you're looking for a value based, grounded education giving school for your child, Aman Setu is the place for you.


Hi, my daughter attends this school and I am so happy with the choice I had made. Many of my friend have kids in the prominent Pune schools (Bishops, Mary's etc) and I've heard them complain about their childrens schools (lack of good teachers, large student size, kids don't understand concepts) and I was so sure I don't want to send my daughter to such a school. So here we are at Aman Setu - my daughter has just started phonics in school and is enjoying it thoroughly. There is no pressure to learn and at the same time no compromise on what has to be learnt. I am glad to have made this choice.




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