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A wonderful school which is everything it promises to be - child centric, environmentally friendly (almost to fault!!! no plastic bags/plates, anywhere ever!), inclusive. Even at playgroup-nursery level, I know my friends children come home with homework to 'practise' writing etc. Without any such stress on the child, in one year of playgroup my son has learnt to read and write his own name (full name) and also to spell many simple words. If you're looking for a value based, grounded education giving school for your child, Aman Setu is the place for you.


Hi, my daughter attends this school and I am so happy with the choice I had made. Many of my friend have kids in the prominent Pune schools (Bishops, Mary's etc) and I've heard them complain about their childrens schools (lack of good teachers, large student size, kids don't understand concepts) and I was so sure I don't want to send my daughter to such a school. So here we are at Aman Setu - my daughter has just started phonics in school and is enjoying it thoroughly. There is no pressure to learn and at the same time no compromise on what has to be learnt. I am glad to have made this choice.



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