The Tree House Playgroup and Nursery Karve Nagar - Pune

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Typically Business minded approach with less emphasis on real education.
Except a few senior teachers most of them are inexperienced.
Vendors for school uniforms are very rude & its a center for extraction of money for example if you have to buy only trousers you have to buy the complete uniform.

In a place like Pune where for almost 10 months the temperatures are above 35degree C the school made it mandatory to wear Blazer. During a hot day when kids return from school they are sweating & their clothes are wed due to sweating. Blazer purchase was mandatory form the arrogant Vendor identified by school. Prize of Blazer Rs 1400.00 The classrooms are non-AC & making blazer compulsory is risking the students health & comfort. But no cares about the kids as the only focus is on generating money.




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