Jumbo Kids Aundh - Pune

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Class size is too big for the class rooms.


Podar jumbo being a franchise should not have more than 10 kids in a class.They stress on 1:10 ratio.If they go by this rule , there should not be more than 100kids in the school even if they do a double shift. But to my surprise i went to one of their branches in pimple saudagar and found 30to 35 kids in a class room . The rooms in the row houses are of the dimension of 10x10. Imagine a room with 35 kids 2 teachers and 2-3 helper. The explanation given is that they keep 2 teachers in a class. The teachers are made to do a double shift . So u can easily imagine the quality of education given by a teacher handling 70 kids a day. The school has a strength of more than 200 kids.The area aundh annexe is highly populated but it does not mean the franchisees forget their main admission criteria of 1:10 ratio




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