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This is a review of the admission process and the problems about it.

DAV is a CBSE school and the only one whose fees are the most reasonable. I have heard mixed reviews about the quality of education - when you have 60-70 students in one class, you cannot expect quality. It is like the old schools which we all attended.

Unfortunately since the last two years in a row the admission process has become very tough ( primary reason being less fees ) because of high demand and limited seats that the school offers. This strategy of offering less seats has led to corruption in the admission process wherein the desperate parents are even ready to shell out 50-60 K rupees to get the admission done through "agents".

The school has almost 8-9 divisions for each class. Yet the school chooses to open only 100 seats for nursery admissions. Out of these 100 first preference is given to siblings and DAVians who have transferred from other states/schools. Getting a application form equals guranteed admission. Hence 100 forms only - not a form more are given. Forms are given to siblings/DAVians on the first day and if some forms are available, then other peopel get it on the second day. Last year there were 117 people for siblings/DAVians category and none of the outsiders got a form. But I still know of people who have managed to get admissions through influence/money or a combination of both.

I fail to understand how a school which has 7-8 divisions for each class from 1st to 10th standard can give out only 100 forms. I asked the admission office people how is this possible. Considering you have around 60 students in one class, there should be at least 360-450 seats - even if I consider less divisions.

 and the answer I got was this:

We have only 150 seats for nursery. Out of that we have to keep aside 25% for the RTE category. So you are left with 113 seats for others. Out of those 113 we prefer siblings/DAVians and then if there are any we offer it to others. What about the other 300 odd seats - we have to keep seats for teachers's kids and then management seats, political influences, etc etc. Also I got the friendly advice that if you do not fall into sibling/DAVian category, then there is absolutely no chance and trying here is useless. Try for Junior KG as we have more seats on offer.

On top of that, an unofficial process is being followed by so called "parents" since the last two years. I suspect it is the school which has started this outside the school gates. The day the admission dates are declared three or four sets of registers surface - started by three parents belonging to the particular class

1) Fresh Admisisons - Nursery
2) Fresh Admisisons - Junior KG
3) Siblings/Davians - Nursery
4) Siblings/Davians - Junior JG

You have to register your name and you get a number on first come first register basis.Then comes the best part. 4 or 5 times of a day are decided and you have to go there at that time and sign on the register as a form of attendance.If you miss even one time then your number goes down. This continues till the time the day the forms are given. If you are within 100 you have a chance. If you are in the sibling category then you have the best chance as the forms are given the first day. Your luck if you are an outsider and there are some forms left out of those coveted 100.

Now who are these people who start the registers ? / Why cant the school stop this practice ? / What authority these so called groups have to deny others admissions ? / Why only 100 forms? What about the remaining seats ?

These are some questions which nobody is willing to answer. Everyone knows at the back of their minds what is going on and some even know how to get around this by contacting the right people and not playing this register game everyday.

I wonder where is the school heading and will the school be able to maintain any quality at all ?

A school where corruption starts just at the onset of a child's career - who still has a long way to go and learn the lessons of life to be a better human being - is not I would aspire for.

So for all those who still want to attempt - there was a notice put up recently that the admission notice will be put up on 20 Nov 2013 - and the registers started...  ;)

Immediately the next day the notice was removed and when asked they said that perhaps the notice will be put up in the first week of Dec as the Principal is on leave.  I bet the Principal has resigned due to the malpractices that are happening as no Pricipal would go on leave during admission time...  :)


My Daughter is studying at Class III. I am not really very concerned about her progress in terms of education at this age. In my days I use to travel in Primary school in my village and compared to that I am not very careful about the quality of education at DAV for class III. My wife is taking care of this. She speaks that things are okay. But what most concerns me is that how the face of my daughter remains when she returns from school. Is she feeling any tiredness? Is she not prepared herself for next morning bus journey? Does she read and write something at home? And to be frank I find that she is not unhappy for past three four years since her nursery in her daily life. That is really makes me happy. She is not feeling tiredness. She studies with the help of her mother. Also I find her to discuss what her teachers speak about the next day preparation and so on. I am sorry; I probably can not give a strong argument this time in terms of Teachers attitude / course / schedule/ discipline/ communications with parents/ fees and charges etc. May be next review- let me enquire with my wife- if I can give a few more news about it. Best regards Pranab




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