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money making school 


Vibgyor has been doing really well in spite of all the covid challenges. It’s very professional in its approach and is very comprehensive. The teachers have been very supportive and competent. They have a good feedback mechanism where parents can contribute. My daughter has been studying for 11 and son for 5 years in the school. The school has helped them grow in so many ways and they both love their school very much. The staff is great and ensure that all concepts are taught well and understood thoroughly. The VIVA events that take place once every alternate year also have hleped my children to learn and experience so many new things. 


All about money making business. If u can afford fees then anyone can take admission. No filtration. Not sure if it's good school for my children. Does not look n feel like a school at all. Zero discipline.


In my opinion, if you want your child to have a good education, do NOT send your child here. I agree with the other one star reviewer over here. This school needs to seriously rethink it's objective. They need to understand that precious lives are in their care and that it's not a business. My daughter is in Sr. Kg A and she has had traumatic experiences in class and in the daycare.


Last year, I had been to Vibgyor High school’s Viva Annual event function where my friend’s daughter is studying in 5th STD and had participated in one of the events. I was very pleased to see the entire event so charged up and lot of enthusiastic performances from all the little ones. I believe such programs give a great opportunity to the students to perform confidently and with great motivation. Looking at the wonderful learning atmosphere of Vibgyor High school, I am also planning to put my son in this school which would definitely help him to lead in this competitive world.


Here's an honest review from a parent whose child is in Vibgyor My kid has been in this school for three years now. While I was very happy with the teacher in Nursery, the teachers in Jr. KG and Sr. KG. have steadily deteriorated in quality. Here are some points you can consider. 1. The school boasts a teacher to student ratio of 1:12. There are about 26 children in each class, and there are 2 teachers. But the co-teachers are normally young, underqualified women who are not equipped to teach, nurture or develop young children. The co-teacher doesn't teach but simply assists the main teacher. So, the only benefit of the co-teacher is to the main teacher. I run an office and 2 women approached me for jobs. One was a B.Com graduate and one was still pursuing her B.A. but both were working at Vibgyor as teachers. They had no teachers training, or psychology experience, but yet, there they were... ruining our kids. For a school that charges such high fees, the least they can do is provide well qualified teachers. This is my biggest quip. If the person who imparts learning to your child is not competent, what benefit is there in that school ? Everything else is secondary. 2. There is no concept of assembly or regular interaction between the principal and the students. The principal preens around on occasions, and gives welcome speeches to new parents, but that's it. Half the younger lot of students have NO IDEA who is the leader of their school. And that is really sad. A principal is the leader of a particular school and should be visible and accessible to students, and should interact with them regularly. 3. If parents want to meet the co-ordinators or principal, we are first interrogated thoroughly by the receptionists, and then once they have all the details, we are thoroughly discouraged from meeting the principal. I had to call repeatedly and make numerous trips to try and fix an appointment and finally they told me she was out of town. And I saw her in the building. It's as if she is not competent to face parents, or handle any issues that parents have. She's just a trophy principal. The co-ordinators try very hard to dilute any concerns that parents have, and make it seem as if it is all imaginary. They do not empathize or try to solve the issues at hand. 4. The assessment for pre-primary is ridiculous. They have a standard... the teachers purposely rank all kids low in the first assessment, and then progressively improve the scores as the year progresses. Maybe its Vibgyor's deceitful method of proving to parents that the 'child is improving'. However, they ranked my kid low in computers. I didn't want to tell my young son that. So, I casually asked him what he has learned in computers, he clearly told me that they had never been to a computer room. In one year.... the ranking went progressively up for each parameter (take hopping for example)... so at the end of the year, my son ranked the highest in hopping. And in the subsequent grade, the ranking for hopping is again a dismal one... So, my question is... does my son and all other kids unlearn whatever they learned in the previous year ? Or did they deteriorate under the new teacher ? It's a myopic, distorted illusion of education. I am thoroughly disappointed and aghast at Vibgyor. I would not recommend it to anyone.


yes good school indeed. my daughter is there. she is very happy. though school hasn't got that much big playground or building. still they care about your child . teaching is application oriented. stress free education. no typical boring homework which needs time not brain. they have started cipp (cambridge international primary programme) which is gr8.


This is the best school at pune , U have open option for IGCSE or ICSC . According to there hassle free admission rules for Nur to Sr-KG ,the admission procedure is very fast and easy and it is very true . They will charge very genuine amount for admission form also . The High level staff (means officers and principal)are equally kind and well spoken as compare the reception staff. They will treat you as a parent not as a customer . They are very much friendly with kids and the parents to.




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