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I have two daughters studying in this school. My elder daughter has been here since 7 years. She is in MYP 1 and my younger one is in Nursery. My elder daughter relies greatly on practical knowledge which she has gained from this school. She knows how to tackle people at such a young age without any hesitation. She has learnt a great deal of kindness from her teachers. 
Although my younger one is just in Nursery, still she can speak in english and has no hesitation to socialise with other kids and adults around her.


VKE provides such a lovely environment to my child. My daughter currently in PYP1 is with VKE from PG1. She loves her school a lot. Though every year we have seen positive growth in her but this year has been something special. 

The teachers take care of kids very well and always wear a beautiful smile. They are very patient and have a big heart. They do all the sweet things that we do for our children. 

This year my daughter went through so much emotional ups and downs and we thought we might have to change her section or the school as she is unable to cope up, but with love and close attention from teachers, she could overcome that pressure. 

She was very shy and introvert, but now she has come out of her shell. She loves her school so dearly. A teacher and a school can really make a difference in a child


My both daughters go in different schools. My younger one, who joined VKE in this session only has learnt a lot more than expected. This school does not follow the regular pattern, home works, tests and all, but the difference can be seen very clearly in the child. Although I am used to seeing those daily notes in diary, which are not there in VKE. But still, my daughter is learning new words, taking in English, singing rhymes, learnt yoga, taking initiatives, she is more confident than ever before, and I am very happy about it.
The school pampers your child but that doesn't mean that your child will not follow a discipline. These days, she takes permission from me before doing anything.
I am glad, I selected VKE.


Dear Parents,

I agree that this school is just all about smiles and avoidance. The moment you sternly and firmly question back their education levels, they just become defensive and will convey that they are still authorised IB school.
According to me the parents are customer and if you as a school do not want your sales to drop, then please be acceptive and work on it, not defensive and flashing your authorisation.
Unfortunately from the teachers to the coordinators to the current principal all are having the same defensive approach.
As a parent my ward has studied in IB school abroad as well as in different parts of India, however this is my first pathetic experience. 
This review is not after few months or weeks, it is after 3 years of patience. Anyhow we had decided to move out the child from this school.
NOTE : If you want a transit IB school, i.e. for a year in Pune city, this is ok and bearable, otherwise it will strip you of your mental sanity and the downfall of child's knowledge level.
2 stars for cleanliness
Thanks and Regards


Dear Parents , I would like to share my experience with VKE. My son studied in the school for almost 5 years beginning Senior Kg till grade 2 . It took me so much time to conclude that school is minting money and provides no such education to children. Reasons are as follows : 1. Being an IB based education there is no governance of the education practices in India which allows this school to pass students and teachers gives you a good impression of your child to parents all the time. 2. It was when I actually saw tbebooms of my child I realized there is hardly any studies ? Majority of note books are blank. 3. Marketing of the school is superb which give you a great feeling initially but please do not get motivated by this as the actual stuff is very poor. There is not a single teacher from IB pass out and existing ones also keeps changes . For more then 1 month teachers are not there and no one cares and they just smile back and talk to you nicely and divert the topic easily. Bottom line : Please do not go for this school and they charge like hell and no transparency for education and also IB education is still a question mark in India ??? Please do not get offended as this is purely my personal opinion and you make choose to ignore my review .




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