Indus International School - Pune

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Excellent school with state-of-the-art infrastructure for the students to grow. They make learning enjoyable and rewarding. And I would recommend this school to another parent.       


I am pleased with how my child has progressed in this school. She is doing well both in academics and extra-curricular activities. I find teachers are very approachable and extremely helpful. Thank you! 


Grateful for the school’s rich learning environment. The school has instilled a love of learning in children. 


Indus school is the best! They provide a holistic education where they teach subjects through experiments, discussions, and student-centered tasks. This holistic learning has developed strong values in my child


The genuine caring and kindness of teachers at Indus are what draws me to write this review today. I firmly believe a teacher’s attitude is extremely important as it affects students in many ways. Her teacher is the one who shapes my child’s learning experience


Leadership program is nice. Discipline and Personal attention on Students in Day scholar and Boarders is best


Perfect school for students who don't want to do anything in life and perfect school for teachers those who wants to just sit and enjoy (No subject knowledge required just show off you will get the job very easily).


Indus International School in Hyderabad is an useless school. My son did not receive the education he was promised, as he did not get textbooks. My son joined school on January 3rd, 2012. And, the last email I sent requesting textbooks is on March 9th, 2012. He is a brilliant student, and always scored above average; but, in this school he was doing so poor, due to the lack of proper books and guidance. And, on top of this, he was being harassed by his classmates. Even after numerous complaints nothing was done about it. My son was pushed down the stairs, and now he is too afraid to go back to that school. I feel that the school should refund all fees, because they should have made sure he was safe, and because he did not receive the education he was promised. What education can a child get without textbooks? I did not get what I paid for. So, the money should be refunded.


My daughter was admitted to Indus in January. Shr is a boarder and this is her first experience of an Indian school and a residential one as well. I relied a lot on online reviews while comparing shools but it was difficult to find adequate4 numbers. We were fortunate in having someone local to the school who was able to provide a report. Positives Campus - Its large, away from the bustle of the city and very well laid out. Curriculum - Offers iGCSE followed by IB Facilities - Good Staff - I have found most of the staff members to be very good - both teaching and non-teaching. They supported my daughter through the initial settling period very well and then on an ongoing basis have provided good pastoral care. The school and the senior staff members have encouraged her to share her opinions and have incorported some suggestions she has made, thus keeping the motto about creating leaders. Additional facilities - The leadership camp for the children was well organised and conducted. Attitude - The staff members all have a bvery healthy attitude towards accepting suggestions and complaints and work with the parents and teachers to resolve these. Could improve on Facilities - Air conditioning in the dormitories at the least. Administration and feedback to parents - Although the staff are very responsive when contacted directly, the level of reporting published in the hostel handbook is not being adhered to. Food - Although hostel food normally leaves much to be desired, improvements can be made here. I would like to add that the food has improved, but can be bettered. Extra curricular activities - In particular dance as this was something we had been keen to have, were promised that her formal education in this would continue, but to date there have been no signs of this. All in all, its a relatively new school and is finding its feet. The pedigree is good and the senior staff members are excellant. A small school gives everyone- staff and students - the opportunity to grow, learn and bond and that is precisely what I am seeing happening here. What is important is that the school is willing to work with parents and children to improve and are very understanding and flexible to the needs of students from varied backgrounds. I would recommend this school to anyone who wishes their child to be encouraged to think for themselves.


Indus seems to be the best school at pune.Its IB curriculum school, the campus is very huge with almost all activities. My son goes to Indus School he is really happy with the school. Teachers are very affectionate and talented.We are happy with our child's progress.Here PTA is not for eyewash, its active and the school hears the parents requests and trys its best to fulfil it.


This school belongs to Mantri who were the leading builders in PUNE.It will take time for them to understand this business & surely they will improve much higher as time passes with the experience.The location is awesome.


I am totally disappointed with the Indus International School in Pune. We came from abroad and admitted my Child in this so called Indus INTERNATIONAL School, Pune. The stationary the school provides is of the lowest quality. The food is not good. My Child is not at all happy here. We have paid for the term boarding. Every weekend the school boarder will call the local guardian to check if they want to take our child home. This way they don’t have to deal with the kids over the weekend. We are stuck with this school as it is now middle of the year. ..Indus, Pune is our biggest MISTAKE. We all Parents want best for our Children. This is the reason we pay this huge amount. But these guy have made the School as the Money Making Business to make huge profits for themselves. Please BEWARE before admitting you child here…. Do not get trapped with the outer polishing language and glossy promises.





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