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Anybody no the fees structure of Bishops ?
Wht is your Application no ? , mine is 190
Have applied for Bishops Camp, i have received date as 14 Feb  9 AM.
Nope..i believe they start from 5th..we got 8th
Hello Everyone,

Is there anyone who has applied for Bishops Camp or any of their other branches for admission( 2017-2018)??

I have got the interactive session date for 5th of FEB 2018. I was wondering if anyone has received a date before that..

Hi! Everyone, Please let me know whether Bishop's co ed school consider ( take admission) student of St. Mary's School? 
Pls let me know your views..

Did anyone heard about Bishop admission list of LKG Admission of 2017-2018? Please do let me know. Delete Reply Report Abuse
what is the fee structure for bishops undri ?
Last year they had opened admission for Nursery class in January. Keeps visiting their website for details  :  
Its online process is quite cumbersome, you have to fill online form with specific photo sizes & all documents needs to be in order.
They had asked for :
Birth certificate
Address Proof
Bonafide certificate from previous school (if any)
Family pic (father,mother, kid)
Individual pics of father, mother n kid
Id proff of father & mother.
Dnt even give it a try if you stay any farther than 5-7 kms from school. They don't give preferences to children (specially for lower classes like pre-primary) staying far from school.(this is my personal opinion & observation)

Can anyone provide information on when do admissions open for 2017 in Nursery class?
Anyone kids going from Baner to Bishops School Kalyaninagar
I am having an interview at Bishops for my kids nursery admission. 
What questions do they ask and on what basis the admission is given? 
does anyone have an idea?

I rahul mane father of shravak mane request you to give admission to my pupil in your 
esteem organisation i hope you will do the needful . 
 My son's  brirthdate is  [ 04/04/2012 ]
Thank you Maverick.. I will look surely look into it,. 
Nursery Admission Forms for Bishops co-ed Kalyani nagar would be issued from 14 to 16 jan 9:30 am onwards...
Hello sneha, Wisdom world is Icse board where as sanskriti and lexicon are cbsc board. As far as reviews on sanskriti and wisdom world is concerned its difficult to get feedback as they have both started branches in hadapsar and wagoli last year only. But they have good reputation with there first school in bavdhan and wakad areas. As far as lecxicon is concerned I have heard average review about the school.
Can anyone share me the reviews of Wisdom world school, sanskriti school and lexicon school?

No Bishop only opens admission for Nursery
Hi, When would the admission forms be available for 2016-2017 Nursery section for Bishops School Kalyani nagar pune
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