The Bishops School Undri - Pune

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The school has a name but now-a-days it seems to be more commercial.The admission has to be taken from nursery, we are finding no chance for admission to LKG.Anyone who wishes should plan from begining. At DPS the school wants good students who can answer questions before admitting to the school,instead they should keep the capacity to develop each indivisual student.


good infrastructure bad maintainance. my nephew goes there. school bus system is horrible. traditional education system nothing different. some cranky voices and that's it. they are too busy to meet the parents but they want parents to attend ptm twice in month. if your kid is naughty. they feel that's parents fault. ptm is like tm as teacher talks parents ...... quiet. 11th our they declared the exam. which was cancelled due to swine flue.


Hello there ! Just thought of adding this--School has name and thts it..! No fun activities for kids, no assembly, no recess, no sports, white boards (the glare do nt let the students read), no second in command to Mr Frank Freese (who neither likes to interact nor has proper systems whereby the parents could reach him or share their woes..). God help us parents...Beware!!!




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