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I am a mother of 7 years old boy, who studies in this school.In my opinion the teacher and staff of this school are really very supportive and hard working. Considering the current situation of pandemic which is new for all, still the teachers and school have responded very well and quickly without affecting the education of child. Online education was very new but the way of teaching and interacting with students had made learning so interesting for the students. As a parent we are happy for the decision we have taken for our son endeavours. Thank you.


Hello everyone, my daughter is studying in 3rd standard. The Lexicon international school Wagholi has been providing excellent education and catering to the all round development of children with different co- curricular activities in this covid situation also. I am satisfied the way teachers are taking efforts. Her class teacher Sunitha ma'am is also a good teacher, taking lots of efforts in online teaching . I appreciate all , well done, keep it up.


My daughter is studying in this school since LKG. I am really a happy parent. The school conducts various activities to keep the students busy and think positively and one such activity is RnD where the children do the research work themselves. Today RnD was a great success. The efforts made by the the students and teachers are highly appreciable. Thanks to this institution.


My Daughter is studying in Lexicon International School, Wagholi for the last 3 Years. I found that the school is one of the best schools in Pune in Terms of Education, Service, Extracurricular activities, Sports.
I found her growing confidence each Year either taking part in various events or learning new things. That's what we expect from a good School.
Last Day (30th Jan) they had Sports Day and My Daughter had taken part in one event that she enjoys a very much. Not only that they called us for the Events and it was a very good arrangement.


Last year we shifted to Lexicon School Wagholi from Vibgyor due to location constraint in Wagholi. The school looks promising but really lack teaching skills. My daughter is in 1st grade and she is under tremendous pressure of studies. No doubt they inculcate in a few extracurricular activities like C2B, assembly, festival activities but when it comes to academics then it is parents who have to spend time at home to catch up with the pace.
There had been so many cases where kids need to do a homework at home which is still to be taught and because of the syllabus pressure teachers are in a hurry to move from 1 topic to another.
They have a very good TA system which prepares a kid well before the exam but all of this has to be done needs a lot of Parents time (considering class I). Also, there are 4 exams in a year (I am not sure if that is really a CBSE pattern ) for class I which just doubles the kind of pressure on little kids.

In a summary few pros:
1. Good infrastructure
2. The principal seems to be having a good vision. (but lacking execution)
3. Not too expensive
4. Good fleet of own buses
5. C2B activity

1. 35-40 kids in class
2. Lots of homework and dependency on parents to make kids study.
3. Heavy bags.
4. Quite a bit of pressure on small kids.
5. learning methodology doesnt seems to be up to the date.


My son is studying in 1st J. We are very happy parent of Lexicon school. I always wanted my son to grow not only in academics but I wanted his overall development which I get in lexicon. They conduct good programmes like C2B and assemblies in every month which encourages children to overcome stage fright. I always appreciate PREETI Mam as she is very caring towards children n inculcate discipline in children. Before all exams teachers conducts TA on each topic which helps children to prepare automatically for exams and it reduces parent's burden as children listen to teachers than parents more. I appreciate lexicon family hard work and effort taken by teachers.


My son Aaditya is studying in class VI A. We as a parent are very happy to see our child's progress. School is motivating extra curricular activities and sports too. Assemblies, C2b, R & D are the special programs in school which encourage child's confidence. This is the best school in Pune.


Best school in pune


My daughter Saanvi is currently studying in class 2. She got the admission in the mid term of LKG as we shifted from out of India. In few days, She started liking the school very much.Teachers and all other staffs are equally good and aware of their duties and responsibilities. 

School organised lots of extracurricular activities. Be it a well arranged field trips to post office,fire station, Agah khan palace or many more till date OR it could be well organised C2B. There is a concept of C2B (caterpillar to butterfly), in which each and every student is supposed to perform on the stage.Teachers work very hard in organizing these kind of events and till now I have found it as a best part of the extra curricular activity.
School has good infrastrucure and the recent addition to it is a the big auditorium, where the Annual day was held this year and was liked by everybody.
School also make sure that the PTM is arranged in a smooth way and scheduled at proper time slot to avoid chaos. Enough time is given to the parents for the constructive feedback of their child. Principal and coordinators make sure that students adhere to all the rules and regulations imposed by the school and the discipline is maintained.
Teacher is very caring and takes good care of my child, Beside providing good knowledge in each subjects, my daughter is given good number of chances to showcase her talent in sports,dance and stage performance.        Sometimes, In Assembly, students have to perform some kind of play/skit related to ongoing weekly theme for e.g Save Environment, any recent celebrated festival  etc. My daugther get to learn about freedom fighters, helpers of society, and various festivals of different religions through this assembly.
At last I would say, I am happy with the school and it's contribution towards my daughter's progress in all directions.


My daughter is in 2nd standard. She started her journey with LKG and this is her fourth year. Let me tell you, i am very happy seeing the overall growth of my child.
I would definitely give credit to Lexicon family members who have worked really hard to get the best out of my child. To cite few examples, i like the C2B concept which is Caterpillar to Butterfly program where every child gets an opportunity to perform on stage. Class Assembly, extra curricular activities, field trips and many more.
Overall, I find it the best school in my locality and happy to be associated with.


My daughter is in Class 4 in The Lexicon International School Wagholi, This is her 4th year in Lexicon school. I am really happy with the school not only because of activity based & practical teaching methodologies of school but also for concern of school for child's safety & security. Lexicon school work on overall development of student. I never wanted my daughter to score highest in class or score in 90s but understanding of concepts & interest in learning procedure is always important for me. Believe me I never teach to my daughter at home. Before all main exams teachers used to conduct Topic assessments & your child always get prepare automatically. I really appreciate hard working Lexicon team for each n every effort that they take for my daughter. :) 


I recently shifted to Pune and my child attends Lexicon school. My daughter loves going to school and is happy. Excellent annual day put up by them and we thoroughly enjoyed. Very good school.


The worst school I have ever seen before. Management is very poor. They are looting parents. For all activities they need money, very inexperienced teachers & staff. Is there any school which doesn't allow parents to enter Annual Function without Fees... Yess.... this is the school which sales tickets for Annual Function to Parents. 
They are charging heavy fees for Uniform & shoes, but quality of them is the worst. By paying 1000 Rs, you get a polyster shirt and pant which is of very poor quality.
I do not understand why Times Of India is choosing this school among top 5 schools. Rather this is the worst school in Pune. 


One of the worst school in Pune..To much arrogant people running the school..every now and then they find excuses to ask for extra money..No activities performed in school..Students are allowed to participate in activities only by paying which is of sub standard quality..PTM is pathetic..always 20 parents are called within 15 min time slot..only to create chaos..Not even find a min to talk about bus has numerous issues ranging from overcharging to not available in many societies..Suggest all parents who are interested in this school to think 100 time b4 enrolling.


Average school which is neither bad nor great.
Standards have fallen since the old days when Sharma sir was active in the school

Pros: Old school in market for some time
Negatives:  Overall standards seems to have fallen in recent times.Teachers not up to the standard, seems entire attention of management is now on other branches. 


I have taken admission to my Daughter in 4th standard this year.
Over all I find school is not professionally managed. The admission staff was willing to help but lot of followups are needed.
*School fees are reasonable but they can charge on activity classes and they are very expensive.
School admission process is chaotic and needs some improvements.

If any one is reading this from lexicon can contact me to hear from me on how to improve over all admission process to give some respite to parents and students,


Pathetic is the only word, which i can use for this school. Unqualified and unprofessional teachers. I have tried several times to talk to the coordinator but wonder in which word he resides. Too busy to talk with parents. Most of the times i find mistake in the Copy that teachers have corrected. The way they handle children in absence of teachers is that they lock the room from outside and leave the children inside. And remember this is often that either teacher is not present or has left the school, They dot even have enough teachers to cover all classes. the onus of teaching lies only with parents unless you are fine with your child learning the wrong stuff. The list is endless.


The school is pathetic. I have heard that the school's cbse affliation was recently canceled for some reasons. Secondly, they have demanded next year's academic year's fees even before this year's final exams. They suck :(





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