A good Day Care near Aundh for 11 months old baby

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Rajat 2009-09-29 16:11:21


Currently, I am searching for the best day care near Aundh for my 10 months old baby. If you know the one, please let me know.

Rajat 2009-10-01 10:41:28


I was new to this site, when I had posted the question. But, thanks to the Parentree site for having lot of details which is quite helpful to me and the people like myself in day to day life. I got lot of information on DayCare at this site itself.

Thanks once again.  Keep it up!


pranam 2009-11-05 10:50:13


Did you find a good day care for your baby? Which all daycares did you look at and what are your comments on the same?


Rajat 2009-11-05 11:16:57


Personally I did not visit any day care but I got know lot of details from internet itself ...

SparkleKids is one of them ... its near parihar chowk and bhosle nagar ... I am going throgh reviews .... One of neighbour said it is quite good in respect of caring, food .. and those ppl are quite professional ... her 4 yrs daughter stays there for half day ... I will be going to visit it personally also ...

What do you say? Do you have any day care plans for your kids? Please let me know if you have more information in this regard. Because I read mised kind of reviews on SparkleKids on internet.




NJ 2009-11-05 15:14:32



I'm planning Rainbow montessori school for my kid. I visited it and liked it. Its in Bhosale nagar, near agricultural college. Its not a day care, but more of play school and the food has to be sent from home. Check it out in case you stay near Bhosale nagar.



NJ 2009-11-05 15:16:36


But the timings are 9 to 1pm. So in case you are planning full day, then I know of Blooming buds which also has very good reviews from my collegues who are sending their children there. Blooming buds is in model colony.

Both rainbow montessori and blooming buds have website. if you google you can find the links.


pranam 2009-11-17 12:16:10



I have personally visited a few day care centers and have zeroed down on pumpkin patch day care center in wakad. Found it quite good in terms of child-staff ratio, hygiene, quality of meals provided, activities planned and executed for the kids on a daily basis as compared to other day care centers that i visited. The maid staff is also quite well trained, which was very impressive. They have another branch in Hinjewadi IT park which might work well for parents working in the IT park. Have visted the other branch also and liked it even more :-)...now just need to decide which one of the two should I opt for :-). Suggest you should have a look.


NJ 2009-11-17 14:12:37


My friend visited the one at Wakad. She was very impressed too. It is very expensive though 7000 per month.She also liked another one Happy hearts in Aundh


pranam 2009-11-19 10:36:27


Their prices vary as per the age group of children and the no. of hours spent. So the max amount may come to 7000 if the child is a baby and opting for 10 hrs in a day. Else the prices are quite at par with other good day cares around.

I have finally decided on the Hinjewadi - Blue Ridge one. Its really something! :-)... I recommend this to all parents looking for a good day care center around the HJW IT park area.


anuradha2813 2011-02-19 18:53:28


I am looking for good day care for my 1 year daughter in aundh. I would prefer near parihar chowk. can somebody help? Any idea how is pumpkin patch located in Visava apartment, D.P. Road, Aundh?


srsavi 2011-02-21 12:01:34


My friends daughter has been going to Sparkles for more than an year now and she is very much happy with it.

Another friends kid goes to Pumpkin Patch and of course that is also good.


tomarpoonam1904 2011-04-12 12:58:55


I agreed with spurs.

My daughet was also in apple blossom for 1 month and i am also very happy with experience. My need was for just one month only.

Actually we stayed in aundh and our office is in agarpatta city so it is not feasible to continue with that as pickup and drop was the problem. otherwise the day car is really very good.


swara 2011-04-13 16:24:21


Hi Rajat,

"Sparkles" apposite to DAV public scool is just superb. I have my own experience. My daughter was very happy there. In Aundh you should not be looking for any other option.  . The staff is professional, caring, nurturing and cordial. Just go ahead with it.



KANAN 2012-06-19 14:10:34


Hi all,


theres a new playschool, nursery and daycare in aundh called  "kidzee" its in the subway lane, my daughter goes to nursery there and also stays in the daycare there full day, i am very happy with the way they treat kids, its  a second home for them. i strongly recommend KIdzee. the teachers,the maids are extremely cordial and warm.

in aundh i think this is the best option if you are looking for preschool along with daycare



Aadyas 2016-03-13 22:36:26


Please let me know they do have CCTV camera online

esharavani 2016-05-12 23:31:01


Hey can anyone suggest me a good preschool cum daycare in aundh Thanks!


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