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Parag01 2011-02-26 17:36:20


  Wisdom World School seems to have hired ppl to blog positvely about themselves.

To establish my credentials about what I am going to write and it is not anti-campaign:

I am Parag Agarwal (ph# 9689917507), educated from Penn State Univ, USA... you can look for few of my patents and technical publications on internet

After reading blogs, we seriously sought admission for our son in WWS (Nursery). A meeting was called with the principal, I expected it to be a two-way communication.

Questions from the Principal

1.       Have to paid Rs 500/- and collected the brochure?

2.       Have you met the teachers outside?... NO... a teacher was called to brief all the parents about the school

The meeting was declared over... when we asked a question, principal politely said "This meeting is for your interview not our. Still if you have questions you can read the blogs and we can not answer any other question"… The teacher who briefed us was good and responsive, though we could sense some political answers (considering her position we can not blame her for that)

When we were leaving, we were told that 300 applications are received so all parents should consider themselves lucky if their child gets admission. My wife was taken by that statement and as soon as the admission letter came, she made a DD of 42940/- as 1st installment.

Me being skeptical, especially about the claims, we tried to gather information from parents. Here are the highlights:

·          Several teachers leaving the school during the 1st yr itself. I would not like to quote the reason.

·          Principal refuses to meet parents

·          Very strict rules and discipline (can be interpreted both positively and negative)

·          Auditorium is very small. Annual day was a paid ticketed event for parents, yet because of lack of space, several parents were sent back home.

·          Infrastructure remains a gimmick atleast till Sr KG as students don’t get to use anything other than play area which is probably smaller than your backyard.

·          But one very positive point was curriculum and teaching method, for which I did not hear anything negative from any parent.

After lot of discussion about the school attitude and feedback from the parents, we finally made our mind to take admission but with a condition to check if the rules that the school says are followed blindly or they have logic and how approachable is the Principal.

I tried calling the school several times asking to have a word with the principal giving reference to my child’s admission letter. Everytime I was told that she is not available… today, tomorrow, next week… no she is not available, she has a very tight schedule.

One part of my query was answered, now was the time for the second part. I told that rather than attested copy of birth certificate, I intend to submit the duplicate of the original (duplicate copies are true copies of birth certificate received from the municipal office with a hologram). The answer from office was (after internal discussion with the principal) that no as a policy we only accept notarized photocopy of the birth certificate and the rule can not be bent.

Interpretation of this blog is upto you. I have chosen another school for my son.

kav 2011-02-28 12:19:11


Hi Parag,

Thanks a lot for sharing ur experience with WWS. I was planning to take up the admission test for both my kids (II and V std.), but after reading your feedback  I am thinking should  I waste 1000 bugs. Can you pls let us know the other school u had chosen for ur son and the reason to choose it.




swara 2011-02-28 14:06:21


Hi Parag,

I would like to know the reason why teachers are leaving the school. Please share this information. It'll help me to understand the school, as I've taken admission for my daughter.

My experience was good enough with the staff. Even I could meet the wise prinsipal  before taking the admission. She answered all my queries. I have seen the school three times and each time I was allowed to take my time to observe even in the school hours, I saw all the classes and even the students were very well managed by the teachers. I saw the preprimary students were cummunicating in front of class so confidently. I did not get this facility (watching the school in the working time) in any other school. I found them very transparent, focused and clear.



Nitsme 2011-02-28 15:03:28


Hi parag,

My daughter is studying there in LKG  and to be frank i am immensely impressed by the school and the improvement that my daughter possesss....Even my husband is a scientist( doctorate in organic chemistrty and has got several publications and patents  in his name) and i am a software engineer....( so we are not paid by wws to blog  )

We both were searching frantically for a school in this part of town for our daughter last year and  were very much impressed by its staff.... Abt teachers leaving i dont have much idea as in the last year  compltely I was interacting with her  clas teacher ( i got her mobile number) and she is still there.... Be specific when u say teachers are leaving which class had to face this.. ?

We wre looking for an academically oriented school with ICSE board for our daughter and the only other choice was vidyavalley where u dont have any stress on academics and no home work and pple say they wudnt ven bother if u dont have any books till 5th std....

let me put the facts to you....

1. i didnt have any issue that way where in principal refuses to meet parents.....As Swara says i have met and talked to the vice principal and she patiently explained everything as we wre skeptical abt it being a new school.

2. while the concert was organized they wre putting it in a temporary auditorium as they dont have space and being a new school wanted to put up a concert and their main one "amphitheatre " will be coming in a span of 2 yrs time. They have already planned  even the date of the concert in the staring of the year( mentioned in the diary of every kid) and stuick to their plans.....A school to follow so precisely what they planned in the start needs to be admired.. please see the printed dates in the duary....all events are planned and executed beforehand...Also when i attended the concert practise put up there , the principal came and talked to us ( parents who sat last ) like '  whether u liked it .? yeah it is abit difficult to see from here , but arent they performing well... trust me she took notes of each and every performance that ws done on the practse session... was so particular of perfection!!!

3. very strict rules and discipline is there ......

4. Why do u say that infratsructure is a  gimmick until sr kg ? any specific reason ? coz i hear my dughter being taken to gym and having sports day as well....but they are not to start with swimming and basket ball trainings until first standard... thats the norm everywhere as amall children will fall down and injure themselves during such sports ......instead i understand that they had plenty of video sessions and story time...( she can tell all stories in english too considering that we talk to her in pur mother tongue at home.. there are stories about god seeing all the things that we do that she tells so beautifully...she also can diffrentiate between .diffrent parts of a plant like rots , stem , etc and their functions and how plants grow.. :-))...

I used to get a response anytime that i sent a mail in the id given in their website and if other have submitted it notarized , i didnt understand why u want a different way of handling ur admission form....

Also in most  schools  it is the admin dept that handles the admissions and  not the principal ( they say the principal should never be involved directly or influenze any admissions  . that might have been the reason why she didnt talk to you when you mentioned your admission number ..You hadnt mentioned the reason ...did u ? it wud have been better had you sent an email with ur intension......)

let us not defame a good school coz of minor issues of not following rules like the concert one and the one above....i found WWS to be one of its kind.... After 5 years , i am sure if this kind of coaching prevails thay can enven  boast of  creating an ICSE topper...

i have heard many new schools promising that next year we will go upto this std and had not kept their promise.......BUt if u see WWS they have done everything that they said theu would.....this year onwards they have classes till 7th.... and everything planned as per the calender. for which we need to congratulate the school. .

Anyways all the best with your decision and i am eager to know abt  the school that u  have chosen 4 ur son....












DKhanna 2011-02-28 15:10:59


Hi Parag,

Would appreciate if you know and can share why the teachers are leaving school.

My son is also in wisdom, he seems to be enjoying himself so far......

Yes, discipline and rules are strict, but I dont see a problem with that.....

As far as I understand, the present auditorium is only temporary, bigger one likely to get ready in 1-2 years. I was also present at the Annual Day. Parents were not sent back because of lack of space but because some came late and some came with babies in arms which was not allowed (there was a circular to that effect). Infact ticket charges were only Rs 40.- and that too to enable the school get an idea as to how many would be attending in order to make arrangements accordingly.







Nitsme 2011-02-28 15:34:59


yes Dinesh/parag,

Even i was present in the Annual day.......parents were sent back because of two reasons 1. Some came late 2. some  had babies with them.

Timings as to when the doors will close as well as rules that they should not be carrying small babies in their laps were already circulated far before the concert....

And as the principal being  strict in discipline and not the one to bent the rules , some parents had to be sent back coz of breaking the above rules.... And yes each child was given only two tickets at 40 rs each as they wre conducting the concert in a temporary auditorium which couldnt afford to seat more than 350 pple at one go....








selina 2011-03-07 17:59:50


 Hi everyone:

At first let me say that I am a new entrant to this website and my son studies in Prep class in Wisdom World School.

Another important factor, I have not been paid to blog on this site.

I do agree with you that it is a bit difficult to talk to the Principal but the Vice Principal more than makes up for it.  I find her to be extremely approachable and a Woman of Substance' if I may say so.  I have had a lot of interactions with her and all have been positive and honest.

With regards to the discipline - yes they are sticklers for rules and regulations but somehow this seems to be affecting us parents more than the children.  My son is very happy and looks forward to going to school.  

As regards, accepting the duplicate of the original of the birth certificate, I really don't know what the problem was with that and I agree that they must be flexible as long as they are within the law.

I too hope my pleasant experience continues for the next year but as of now, I think they have proved themselves and are doing a good job.  Again may I remind you I am not receiving a single penny for expressing my views.



kidds 2011-03-08 11:39:01


Hi all,

My experience with Wisdom World was also not very pleasent and hence I choose Blue Ridge over Wisdom world, though my daughter was selected for both schools for Std 1. I felt Blue Ridge will offer a lighter environment to the kids.

No doubt that we as parents are getting more effected by stricter discipline and rules that are imposed but this is only because we do not want to loose their innocence and happiness on our way of making them disciplined. All of us want our kids to be disciplined and a good human being . The happiness of going to school and enjoying school should be the first priority for kids. They can always be trained and disciplined by loving them and keeping them happy.




selina 2011-03-08 17:16:17


 In spite of the discipline in the school, my son loves going to school and has changed a lot even in his interaction with people away from school.  He is very fluent in English now and that has boosted up his confidence and communication skills.

I think, maybe the principal feels that letting up on the discipline and rules and regulations may have adverse effects and I guess with the years of experience behind her, we may have to just trust her judgement.  I do hope this does not go overboard and keeps working for the welfare of the children.


DKhanna 2011-03-09 10:15:30


Hi All,

I feel this "discipline" thing is making we parents more worked up than the kids. My son is enjoying going to school and I know some of his classmates also who seem to be enjoying. So I just dont understand why we parents are getting so worked up and making so much fuss on the "discipline" part. I still have to come accross any unreasonable deciplinary action / demand / rules and regulation of the school !!! All rules and regulations so far seem to be perfectly inline with any of the good schools.......

So I do feel and request that as long as our kids are enjoying and we dont have any major issues in following the rules and regulations, we should stop making too much fuss on the "discipline" part. 





cc1236648088us34094 2011-03-10 09:32:09


Any parents having kids in Grade 1?



Parag01 2011-03-11 00:40:20


 I am continuing my son in the same school where he was. There is nothing very great about that school or anything wrong so would like to maintain a neutral opinion and hence would not highlight its name in this discussion.


Its a kind request to all the parents to make their own decision in terms of admissions. I have only shared my experience and had not been judgmental or biased, infact, 'have put both positive and negative points (it is how you interpret).

I am not doubting quality of education at WWS (that is why i made the DD), but going overboard and illogical in the name of discipline was my primary concern. According to me a set of discipline is required in our life but strict discipline can make good laborers not innovators. If the TV remote is in the right place it is more than good for me, I don't care if it is tilted by 30° to the right.

Speaking in English for sure is not a big deal. For having a bit of American accent I was mistaken to be a call center guy by somebody. I had to practice and unlearn. I hope that explains.

Parag01 2011-03-11 00:55:06


 Hi Nitya,

Pleased to know that you were not disappointed with your decision.

I wish your daughter be the ICSE topper. All the best. Happy parenting.




Nitsme 2011-03-11 09:03:49


Thanks parag!!!

Thats indeed a great wish for my daughter . he he he

Anyways  at present she is in LKg and enjoying her heart out  ......but yes i want to give her an edge for everything that i can based on my experiences  ....




Nitsme 2011-03-11 10:05:44



Innovations and ideas of kids are not broken by  rules that most good schools have ...Infact they help them to live life in a orderly manner and i have not yet come across any rule set by WWS that  would affect my kid adversely or would create problems to their overall development.....None of the 'rules" that is discussed  here was affecting the children. infact it was some parents who didnt feel that these rules are required just because they couldn't or in some cases didn't want to follow those.

Generally speaking meeting principal of any good school is near to impossible in pune. last year for my daughter though i live in this part of the  town, I have visited all so called good schools in pune  including Delhi public school which is one and half hrs distance from where i reside. It was to get a feeling of what was special there .. I tried to meet the principal , But the security will not allow . I  tried taking an appoinment for One week calling regularly , but didnt get. I waited at the gates of St.mary's for 2 days asking for permission to meet the principal but  the security wouldnt allow. All these because i considered the fact that a school is very important for  determining the child's overal development. i have visited about 10 schools throuout pune  before taking admission in WWS and was skeptical abt it as well..... the only principla whom i could meet that too after waiting for half the day  in school was the DAV principal....

WWS is at  its growing stage and  for a one year old school it is a "WOW" .. what is the primary need for which we sent the children to a school ? first and foremost is education as per my opinion ... second is overall development of personality and communication skills and third is to me a sprinkle of extracurriculars.....I found WWS  though new to be the only school in this part of town which gives all the three and the first factor education is given importance here and all the teachers are very good...there are some rumours spreading abt teachers leaving , but nobody told me in which class as no one seems to know....is there any base of such a rumour ? I dont knw...

We have to give a school 5 years to know where t stands , especially  after a batch of pple facing board exams pass out....

till LKG my daughter was going to Saplings and   inspite of that just in 3 months after joining WWS , I could make out  great improvement in my daughter in the following

1. very confident communicating with strangers

2. good at handling english language

3.Knowledge levels  have increaded very fast ...

4. I dont sit and teach her always but when i do that occasionally  she always managed to surprize me..:-)m My lil one has gained immense knowledge on a lot of things around her

5. She can tell stories in english and is so imaginative that these days she tells me her "own"  stories in english at night when i put her to sleep which she has imagined  and i wonder how fast little minds can travel... :-) How creativie!!

6. She makes her own drawings and can use the brush and paint well .

Considering all the above facts, i dont mind following a bit of rules that in no case seems offensive to me ...and to my child, she seems to be enjoying there  and loves her teachers and school... :-)

Since it was a new school, when i took admission , i was in half mind and thought well, if it doesnt go well i will change her school.. but after one year i didnt want to :-)














SarikaDongsarwar 2011-04-18 11:35:02


Hi Nithya,

You seem to be very happy and confident about the WWS.I am also shifting to baner and looked schools in that area.


Hi Parag,

Can you tell me which other school you chose for your child?It will be helpful for us.





cc1236648088us34094 2011-04-20 08:12:19



  Any idea about the high transmission voltage near Wissdom World School?

  Does it cause any problems a children will be in school for Maximum time


sumanabanik 2011-08-10 17:13:56



My son is studying in 1st std in Wisdom World......May I know anybody here whose child is also in 1st grade???


DKhanna 2011-08-10 18:17:17



My son is in 1st




DKhanna 2011-08-10 23:56:23



1. WWS have added 3 new sections (whereas earlier only 1 new section was planned), hence the availability of seats. FYI the total school strength has gone up from around 400 students to more than 1100 students.

2.  I dont think its prudent to write incidences of "others" children, even if they are "trusted" friends ! Let them write themselves......... 





Parag01 2011-08-11 10:53:17


My blog was deleted for code of conduct when i mentioned unethical practice (not illegal) by the WWS management

Ethics can be a personal judgement... legal is not

If writting negetive comes under code of conduct, writting positive should also come under the same category for giving undue favor

It is not a direct attack on anybody infact, if you read my 1st post, I had highlighted positive points also... because for me, good is good, bad is bad... parentree is to make parents aware

If the cordinator agree to my view, I request him/her to re-post my blog

Happy parenting




Nitsme 2011-08-11 14:06:47



    You are writing about a school where you dont have any first hand experience. whereas most of us here sent our daughters or sons to this school and are extremely happy too..

.You may write with such confidence on any school where your son or daughter studies...But when you dont speak out anything abt the school in which your wards study and keep on saying negative things abt WWS in particular then it becomes illegal and unethical too...

Why dont you hightlight things abt your son's or daughter's school instead of targeting someone else's? You have not even shared where they study as i remember asking you the same question before.

Happy parenting!!!








busymomof2 2011-10-14 14:41:09


Hello everyone,

Based on all the 'rosy' and 'nice' things about WWS, I put kid in this school this year. My elder one is in 3rd grade.Here are my honest observations:

1. The kids are disciplined, but no freedom is given to them to express their thoughts in their own words. Teachers take drills in getting the answers memorised word to word by all the kids.In the exams also, they are expected to write the answers word to word from their notebooks.

2. The method of teaching is more conventional than modern. They have multimedia projectors in the classrooms but its been more than 6 months now since the school started this year and its hardly used 2 time in my sons classroom.

3. There is so much emphasis on textbooks.. no extra knowledge is imparted .. For GK , they are given a magazine and that is about it.

4. There are not much creative competitions regularly like drawing,storytelling,elocution etc.. since the start of the year, only one drawing competition was organised.

5. There is a well equipped library but the library period is always cancelled for one reason or another. no one can get the books issued for reading also.

6. The book rack in the classrooms to be used for reading has to be contributed by the students only. Since few parents want to contribute the expensive and good quality books to the rack, its filled with inferior quality books.I wish School Managment has put the books from their own resources.

7. My son used to love going to school till last year but here, since everything is so monotonus, its become a drag for him to go to school everyday.

8. They can make the process of education a bit more fun and entertaining for the kids by playing games and letting their creativity flow.

9. The tunover of the teachers has not been much in my kid's class but i hear the horror stories of some other kids where they were teacherless for almost a month.

All the above are my personal observations and I dont have any vested interest what so ever in disclosing these minute details. As far as the attitude of principal is concerned, its understandable if she is strict and all, but most of the teachers are frightened to even express their own ideas in front of her.



SHP 2011-10-15 13:05:19


Hi everyone

Somehow I agree with busymomof2 that the classrooms in WWS are well equipped but not utilised completely. The new ERP software gemserp.com will be of great help to all but that too isnt used completely.

Efforts need to be taken at WWS to train the staff if need be on the technologies. My son in the std II so till now things are fine but the picture about WWS will be clear only after 2-3 yrs.

It is definitely disheartening for parents if a school promises and does not deliver the same; it is a risk to put children in schools which are new because the patterns of school activities and future plans and their implementation are not known.

We as educated parents want a different mode of teaching and learning for our children. Our expectations have also grown. the best way I feel is to keep giving children the environment and exposure at home even to web portals like the Khans Academy, sites for children etc.Everything comes with its pros and cons though

We can exchange some information about good stuff for our children rather than expecting that they would get everything in school!!

I agree with Mr. Parag for that matter ; every parent needs to make a list of expectations choose for themselves. However  these discussions can be pointers to actual activities going on in the schools so lets keep sharing.

Bye all for now




AmitPant 2011-10-15 15:32:29


Dear Friends (and aggrieved Parents)

 I would like to make myself clear that I have not been paid by WWS or anybody else for writing this blog.


I am related to WWS in terms of parent as well as teacher. My Daughter-in-law (teacher) and Grandson (student) are in this school since day 1.


No doubt the school is excellent. Most of the Management and teaching staff were of St. Mary. All of them ditched this school and joined WWS. God Forbids, tomorrow all of them might join another school.


Due to shortage of teaching staff, the principal madam would requested highly educated and good English speaking mothers to join the school as a teacher. Formal BEd or DEd was not required.


This was the biggest mistake we did. Now they have found a good teacher and have simply kicked by DIL (Kama purta mama) and now my Grandson is left in lurch.


Also, how many times are we going to change the schools for our children. Each and very school has some good as well as bad points.


As far as teacher leaving school is concerned, it is because of the pincipal madam. When required they will lift the teachers but when not required they will be dumped without assigning any reason. They are given lots and lots of hard work / paper work. You must not forget that a teacher is also somebody's parent. She can't forget her own child to groom others kids, just because she is paid by you parents.


There are number of cases where the parents have shifted their kids to some other school.


swara 2011-10-18 12:26:30


Hello AmitPant,

Can we know what exactly is happening to your grandson? because I feel there is less possibility that they are making a point and troubling him. What is a gain for them to trouble a kid.



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