School with lesser number of children in a class ?

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Karbhari 2011-02-24 10:31:28



I am looking for a school which has  a high student - teacher ratio.

My child is in the 4th standard, is an epileptic, has slight motor co-rodination issues and hence has issues with copying/writing. Her IQ is average, the counsillors feel she is OK for the class level intellectually but needs more attentionand needs more time to complete her work.

The solution to this is a school that has a unbiased opinion about epileptics, class rooms of a smaller size hence the teachers can give more attention and accomadation to her specific issues.

I am not looking for a fancy internation school. We belong to a middle class family.


Any ideas .. thanks

Have a lovely day




Nitsme 2011-02-24 11:16:59


hi  karbhari,

i would suggest AmanSetu for you..... It is near  vimannager ...

This  school operates  on all together diffrent concepts and  do not diffrentiate children based  on their intellectual capacities.... For children   with some difficulties as u mentioned , I have heard it is very good and the school  is based on a different concept compared to the other schools....  It doesnt not  vouch for a competitive environment and teach the concepts in a practical would there fore  help u daughter learn things in a pressure free , friendly manner...

i personallly feel , this school would suit your purpose. and would give your child the confidence and would help her concentrtae on her strengths and become successful in life. Please have  visit  to this school and decide for urself.. it has a totally different a farm house i heard ....

All the best dear.......and have a lovely day....




Annual fee i suppose would be in the range of  35,000/- ( please confirm)



Karbhari 2011-02-25 11:52:50


 Hi Nithya

I was told that AmanSetu only had upto the 4th std. but I will check up again.

Thanks and keep smiling





Expertincn 2011-03-03 19:06:02


 Hi Karbhari,

I do not in which area you reside but if you stay in or around Baner then Daffodil International school is the best choice. They are international school but their fees is not very high. And international school believes in making kids learn but not force them in the unnecessary competition.  





sugarmommy 2011-03-03 23:48:28


hi karbhari,

I think vibgyor has the ratio of 12 students to one teacher in pre primary and then after that 24 to 1 ....i dont know of n e other sschoool who provides this ratio and is not international, check with lexicon international, wagholi. other schools will hv a high student ratio.

tk cr


str95132 2014-04-10 12:56:58


Hello Expertincn,
can you pls share your experience so far with Daffodils. I'm considering this school for my son who will be starting in 9th grade.

We'll be moving to Pune (from California) in early I will appreciate if you can comment if he would be able to handle Daffodil's curriculum. He's into any feedback on school's sports activities and facilities would be great.



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