icse or ib schools in pune

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neelish 2011-01-04 09:50:05


 we r planning to move to pune and so looking for good icse or ib schools for my kids.

one is 5 yers and other is 11 years. any suggestions?




g11 2011-04-07 19:00:17





YuRo 2011-04-08 01:04:28


Can you please advise, why not  SYMBIOSIS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.?
I am checking now Mercedes Benz, Symbiosis and Indus....


g11 2011-04-08 08:50:48


Its a polished /ICSE/CBSE School in the name of IB school... Only PYP and DP caters to the IB curriculum . In between the curriculum is as comparable to ICSE/CBSE board... (or perhaps they too don't know what they are following, --- as they have named it SIS curriculum, an unsupervised curriculum, they think it is comparable to IB syllabus ) In regard to 9th and 10th grade it follows IGCSE board, To make the child further confused 11th and 12th is IB programme... 
Teachers are not qualified, demoralising, most of the time they quit school in between. Not at all coordinated for higher classes. Management needs to work hard... They need good coordinators for IB. The teachers don't have the IB principles in them. They have a long way before they can call themselves a truely international school. Been there for two students for many years.. but lost my confidence and faith over them and now find it not worth anything... until unless you wish to pay hefty price to get a brand name of 'Symbiosis'... or looking out to get a direct seat in 'Symbiosis college' .  
Good Luck!

BTW- pls further check what is IB curriculum before you put u'r child in such curriculum.. know your child and understand where and which programme will suit him best.. ICSE and IB are two different programmes. There are many ICSE schools but for a complete IB school there are not many choices in Pune. The schools claim here but they are partially IB for the name sake not from the value ... pls thoroughly check before you choose any IB school. 



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