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PritPat 2010-11-28 18:53:05


 Hi All, I am moving to Pune in Feb-Mar 2011 timeframe. Need your expert opinion on few things below. We will be staying at Wakad, and were looking at schools for my daughter who would be 2.5 years in May 2011. Also wanted to get your inputs on schools in the near by areas.   1) Which kind of curriculum is preferred? ( ICSE[Indian Certificate of Secondary Education], CBSE).  (IGSCE [International General Certificate of Secondary Education], State booard may not be that suitable for competitive exams in India, based on my research on web).   2) Which schools are preferred?.Since we will be put up in Wakad we wanted to assess near by schools. Based on information on web, we came across the following in the Aundh-Wakad-Chinchwad-Baner-Sus-Hiunjewadi areas:   a) BG Academy (Location: Pratham - Wakad, CBSE ) b) Wisdom World School (Location : Park Street, ICSE ) c) Blue Ridge ( Location: Hinjewadi, ICSE),  d) Blossom (Location : Wakad),  e) Vidya Valley (Location: Sus) f) Indira National School (Location : Aundh, Chinchwad) g) DAV (Aundh) - Heard that this is one of the most popular schools and that there are huge queues. h) City International ( Location : Aundh)   Also based on the information which we collected, typically institutes distribute forms in Nov-Dec timeframe. Also age criterias are different for various schools etc.    Are there any schools which will have day care after school. We will also need this. As of now I think Blue Ridge has this facility.   What are your opinions?. Do you know of any friends/relatives whose kids are in above schools, so that we can get feedback.   Thanks and Regards, Priti  

abby1978 2010-11-30 11:36:58



I stay around the same area as yours. My daughter presently is in Pumpkin Patch which is a really good school for toddlers. It is only upto senior kg. So for my daughter I have visited most of the schoos as per your list and the best I can suggest amongs this I found was Wisdom World. Forms distribution starts in first week of Dec for this school and you can fill the same online. Vidya Valley shall be pretty far away from Wakad. If you are looking ofr CBSE than Indira national is fine but didnt find it that impressive. As such schools depends on your priorities as to how you want your child to grow up. Some may want more of extr curricular activities where as some may want more stress on academics, for some distance may matter etc etc.

For me to choose Wisdom for my daughter is because Firstly it is very near to my place.......can see it from my window! Secondly Me and my husband both are from convent background and I have heard wisdom though not convent but works the way as convent specially discipline point of view. I dont give weightage to student teacher ratio which now a days normally people prefer to be arnd 1 : 15 or so. Wisdom has 1 : 40 teacher student ratio which is fine with me. They have good place for extra curricular activities as well and they have a club for extra activities like dance, karate, music etc where in kids can go on saturdays so if the school is nearby you will not feel too much of a burden to send them even on saturdays. Overall I liked Wisdom World as per my priorities.

Hope this info helps you!







vidi 2010-11-30 20:39:20



My child goes to akshara international school at wakad, which is cbse affiliated.First of all i would like to address your query on the preferred curr. I feel CBSE is a good bet keeping in mind that it is tuned towards preparing children for competitive exams. Akshara is a dayboarding school and the school hrs. are from 8.30 to 5pm. So, after schoolcare is not reqd. bcoz it is 5.30 to 5.45 by the time the child gets home. Also, they have a tieup with the sports stadium at Balewadi where the commonwealth youth games were hosted. Children from primary classes are taken there twice a week. They have good extracurr options as well. My child has opted for origami. She is really happy with it. They also have good meals facility.I suppose their forms are for sale now. Since they have only 24 kids in a class they might not be open for long.

Thanks and wish u luck!



Shlok123 2010-12-01 12:13:08


Hi Vidi,

this is Ritesh , i visited Akshara today and would like to take admission over there for my kid.


just wanted to know more about your feedabck on the school, particualrly on staff.

infra is impressive, but as the schoool is very new - i am not sure about the staff.




vidi 2010-12-01 15:13:21


 Hi Ritesh,

Akshara has a good staff as well. The school has been around since  i am told. It has recently just moved to wakad. The important thing is that there will not be more than 24 in a class at anytime. Otherwise schools don't have a upperlimit to the classsize. 



VrushaliChaudhary 2011-02-17 14:36:51


I agree with Vidi .

I have also visited many schools in last month and finalised Akshara for both of my kids . I liked the schools , staff and the day boarding programme .

Also if you have read the school prospectus closely the school trustee is daughter (Jyoti Rathore ) of our President of India .

Hope this helps,



radkri 2015-03-03 20:17:52


Hi Vidi,

I am actually looking for admission into Akshara school. Could you please let me know some more details about this school?

1dad 2015-06-11 02:24:14


did you got any info from Vidi?
Can you please share with me as well. I am looking for my daughter who will be going to 4th std after primary till 3rd grade schooling in  USA/
Kindly provide your inputs!


iitmodi 2015-06-11 11:29:50


Hi, please share the inputs on Akshara,
Let me know if we can talk over phone and share the information available with each other to take some informed decisions.


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