Rabindranath Tagor school of excellance

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3veni 2022-12-07 19:09:27


Hi moms, As you all know we are more curious about kids eduction. Nowdays there are many schools who only runs it as business. My kid is in ravindranath tagor school of excellance balewadi pune. He is in primary section. He is studing there for almost 3 yrs. We thought that it will be more practical and will be all different than other school. In pandamic we thought it is because online school it is not working properly. Now that is gone we haven't got satisfaction to what we are paying for. We are confused is it gonna be all like same till 10th or secondary and middle are working properly practically. We feel our kid only goes and comes every day no enthusiasm like any competion, project or any interesting visit. So need little help is secondary and middle will work like igcse board otherwise we have same education options in different board with less fees. We can change school school. Even their management is lacking Please post reviews for secondary and middle. Thanks,

Pra15 2023-05-29 19:16:10


BUMP !! I am also looking for revies of BVRTS for grade 9. We are thinking of finalising my sons admission in this school as we are relocating to India from Germany and my son MUST go in IGSCE, as he can not read and write Maratahi Hindi. Any responses will be appreciated.


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