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PS1982 2011-03-15 20:19:19


Hey women...

as oppose to my earlier text my daughter is goin to brain-works...viman nagar....and let me tell u she is loving it :) 

i let go of serra bcuz...they day daycre till 6pm only and not to mention...the fees is too high...!

here im payin 18k for entire year...and 3300 for daycare till 7. they might also start transport for daycre...which wud be like a dream....!!!

so far so gud :) !!!!


PS:  i stay at b.t.kawade rd...(but bcuz the skool in just next to my hubby's office).



PS1982 2011-03-15 20:21:46


also, here the max kids to teacher ratio of max 1:9....and the have installed cams too..but it would take sometime to get in process.

roots to wings was tooo crowded...i had been there too!


sugarmommy 2011-03-15 22:33:57


hey faith,

i have not been to serra international coz i heard fees was too much, so i dint bother going there..... i have been to brainworks, kiderbrook, roots to wings, kidzee, primrose and decided on lexicon....

poonam :))


fmehta 2011-04-11 12:33:33


 Hi Poonam,

cud u share ur experience on Primrose & Lexicon? Is it true that Primrose guarantees admission to high school?


tomarpoonam1904 2011-04-14 15:55:49


 Hi All,

I am looking for daycare for my 1.5 yr old daughter for 6 month in viman nagar as my office is in Eon kharadi and stayed in Aundh. I will be putting her from around mid of may as her grandmother will be travel in may end or june starting.

Till now personally i have not see any of the day care but with the help of Internet and parent tree have shortlisted 

1. Seera (I have visited aundh and magarpatta center) 2. Root to wing 3. Kinder brook and now came to know about some more like primrose brainworks lexicon.

What i have understood from you discussion that primary need of you moms is preschool and school. BUT I AM LOOKING FOR DAYCARE PURPOSE ONLY as for school i will look in aundh and here it's for 6 month (After that mother-inlaw) will be back.

I have make the list of few day care (which have good review) of viman nagar and koregaon park and after visiting them will shortlist and finalise


Little bit difference in the fee will not matter as i dont have long term plans for that.


(One More) Poonam (In this thread)


PS1982 2011-04-25 21:49:39


for sole purpose of daycare and money is not a crierteria....i would vote for serra or vivero international...dream schools!


jules25 2012-07-02 14:27:57


hi all

I am housewife staying in magarpatta.I have a daughter who will become 2year ol in august.We are thinking of sending her to play school/pre nursery.Can anyone please suggest good play schools inside magarpatta.We went to serra international inside magarpatta,we were happy with evverything except the fees.Fees is very high.


jules25 2012-07-04 14:31:02


i found all the play schools usings the above,but there was no reviews..Dos anyone know about kids2teens in magarpatta?What about treehouse,pandakids,tinytoes an d kidzee.Please do let me know ,please.There are lots in magarpatta and i dont know which one to choose.Please help


Roze 2012-07-25 19:42:14


Could some one please help me with the fees of Serra International, Leapbridge and First Five...

Also reviews of the above schools would really help me zero down on one...




kanchannasare 2012-07-25 19:50:35


 IS anyone in pune group using ETL learning program. 



PS1982 2013-03-01 12:19:06


Dear Karthik,

Your version is very horrfying. I thought because this school are charging bomb, they must be give those services. it was very unfortunate to read about the incident. i have a few qstns:

1) which centre did you have this experience with?

2) did police take any action against the complaint?

3) after, such ugly incident why are you sending your kid to same daycare, knowing that  your son will be harassed? (just a question please dont take it otherwise)

I'm really thinking twice now about these daycres now :( !


Avi30 2013-03-11 16:37:05


 Hi Jiggy,


If u are talking about Prabhat Rd area then the only name I can think of is Leapbridge!

I visited Serra at Karve Nagar but somehow due to proximity & also the teachers I interacted I have finalised Leapbridge.

Now my question is do you know a really good Day Care in Prabhat Road area??

Also, logistic is an issue. If my son attends Leapbridge from 9-11am then can there be some logistics arranged for the kid to be dropped at some day care centre? I am just thinking loudly..... suggestions please!


PS1982 2013-03-13 11:33:42


Where did "Karthik"'s comment go? was it untrue or exaggerated or did he fear someone would read it and harass his kid?

i think parents should refrain from posting such posts....unless they are absolutely sure the facts are correct.


suprmom 2013-03-18 00:08:44


 Looking to put our kid in preschool in Magarpatta City..looked at

1: Eurokids - cost 23k., approx.

2: Tree house -  Fees are around 23k.

3: Then we saw Serra International, Magarpatta. And it just BLEW US AWAY. Right from the Parent Liason Manager - super professional. Started by filing out a form first, then we were shown from OUTSIDE(good thinking), showed us all the rooms and we wer bowled by 2 aspects as compared to the above 2 schools. 1: Room size. 2. Ventilation/sunshine in each room. It's just unbeatable. No comparison.  The teachers were very firendly and spoke to my child, although they could had just ignore her if they wanted(happened in one of the above schol). Cost 65 freaking k. But I think/hope it's worth it as I dont want to compromise on my child's education.


PinkyB 2013-05-13 17:22:50


 Serra fees for playschool & nursary 55000/- excluding transportation



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