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PS1982 2010-11-13 12:13:29


Hi people....

Im kid will start for her playgroup in some time in feb-mar-april...I was of opinion that she shud atleast complete her Preschool-Nursery-LKG-UKG in one school before moving on to another school if need be !!! and that cud also double up as her daycare....cuz am plannin to go back to work...for financial reasons...

do u think my approach is good...?

If so...cud u suggest any decent school near area of magarpatta/vimannagar/koregaon park/ kalyani nagar?

sugarmommy 2010-11-16 08:58:58


hey prachi,

hey my son also will start pg in june, we have kids of same age that is really cool isnt it, n e ways In kaliyani nagar kider brook is getting good  reviews for pre-school and viman nagar kangaroo kids is okay, then there is euro kids but i think it does'nt have a good reviews,  roots to wings is a good one. then there is brain works, and if you are looking for an international school then there is new school in viman nagar - serra international.

In KP primrose is very very good.  i have also been wreching my brain visiting schools and trying to find a good one. I plan to put my son in primrose.


PS1982 2010-11-16 11:03:26


Thx Poonam....yeah..even im goin thru all the prechools online atleast.... my kiddo is 15 months old.... so...i still have time to do lotsa reasearch... how old is ur son?

infact one of my frnd who lives in bishrantwadi has a slightyly older son has been visiting lots of skools..but is worried bout the cleaniness... have u personally been to any ?


Sarah12 2010-11-16 15:47:37


Hello.>My daughter is 15 months old. I am planning to put her in daycare. Do you know any good daycare centres near Erandawane/Deccan/Karvenagar?


sugarmommy 2010-11-18 11:34:25


hey hi,

My son is 18 months old, and yes even i am worried  about the same issues.

I have been to Brainkworks and lexicon so far.  Brainworks looks okay just for  the playgroup after that i dont think its a good idea to continue there.

Lexicon kids in viman nagar is okay but i dint like the fact that the school is on the 1st floor and i dint like the fact that they share the floor with some domestic call center.... when enquired about the same i was told that thery will share the floor with them till next year...i plan to visit primrose this week.


tk cr




 Former member 2011-01-18 11:37:58


hi poonam r u puting ur kid to preschool or nursary as soon he is 2.5



sugarmommy 2011-01-20 19:38:13


hey hi,

i am putting my son in playschool in june 2011 he will he 2 yrs then, i know its a bit early but i wanted my son to start meeting kids of his own age( since he does not play much with kids so that gets me worried). he likes to play on his own.


Tk cr




sugarmommy 2011-01-20 19:41:07


hey sarah, sorry i hv no idea about the areas you mentioned. i guess you would have Roots to wings in these areas? if its there you can check with them, coz i have got really got reviews of Roots to wings. they have a cam facility available, in which you can log on to the computer and  check what ur child is doing real time.


Tk cr





srsavi 2011-01-21 09:55:53


Here goes -

I stay in Viman Nagar too and 2 years back was hunting for a great Play school for my kid ( He has started going to Nursery Bishops now)

We visited ALL the Play schools in Viman Nagar & Kalyani Bagar and finally settled on Roots to Wings.

I think most of the play schools are the same, some small differences here and there.

My son is now going to Serra International for Day care  and I did find at least the Play school fee comparable to other play schools like Kiderbrook  etc. So you must give it a visit since its new and I like the ambience and cheerfulness.

Also you must decide if you want your kid to join a mainstream school right from Nursery or later.


Jiggy 2011-01-25 10:31:16


 Hello all the mommies!

Any suggestion for good play school in Prabhat Road? @SRSAVI: is there Serra in Prabhat Road? @ Sarah12: u happen to find some good play school for ur kid? @ PS1982: pls help me with info about Leapbridge if you have managed to dig out. @Suggarmommy: any suggestion frm ur end wud b of gr8 help..

Thanks all..


PS1982 2011-01-25 14:56:33


Hey Guys, i have been to serra international school at Magarpatta and was quite impressed with it... its a large spacious bunglow...plenty of sunlite and room for play. i found teachers impressive too...

so far only one person has recommnned bout tryin to dig out more info...shall post it if i found any :) !


PS1982 2011-01-25 14:57:52


@srravi, wots the fees in serra international  viman nagar for playgroup and daycre? plz share.


srsavi 2011-01-28 09:44:01


Primrose has to be the Best Kindergarden in the area and getting through there also assures you of admission to any main stream school.

Serra's fee for the day care is 5500/- per month for a 6 hour day and 7000/- for the whole day.  Not sure about the Nursery/PG fee but I think its around 18K for 6 months.

Good luck to all of you  mommies .

@Poonam : I didnt know there was a Kangaroo Kids in Viman Nagar  . Also 2 years is kind of the right age to put him in Playschool then at 3 he will go to Nursery where you can try for Mainstream schools also.




PS1982 2011-02-11 10:03:40


@Sravi..thanks for the info...

I plan to visit Serra today.....

But....OMG....Primrose staff is so rude...even on the fone...i just wished to enquire bout visiting school....the lady on the other end cut me short...why is tht mam? (did she think tht i thought primrose is a "nursery" and i wud go there to buy a plant? ).

she cut the conversation sayin... admission r full...she dint even enquire if i was talkin bout current term or next....woah! i cn just imagine how the parents r being treated if they actually take addmission!


faith83 2011-02-11 17:42:45


hello srsavi n ps1982 n sugarmommy,

i am in the same dilema as u daughter is 3 and i plan to put her in for nursery in or around vimannagar...she went to kiderbrook(vimannagar) for her playgroup but had to stop coz we were suppose to shift but now its postponed....but some how now i do not wish to put her back in kiderbrook for nursery....her class teacher was very nice but overall, the schools way of handling kids n parents..somehow i did not like...they did not answer ur queries well and did not live up to their promises made during admissions... did not accept if the mistake was from their end....lots of such experiences...

neways i visited a lot of schools in vimannagar except serra coz i had heard that the fees is on the higher side and only kids of very rich ppl go there.....i am sorry but this is wat i had heard....but since srsavi is mentioning it to be nice...i am surely going tomo with my husband there......if u remember srsavi i had asked abt little flower school....i went there....its a very old school....make kids study the old school way like we had studied....was ok but did not give it thumbs up....then i went to roots to wings....amazing school...they also have that cam facility.....but the only drawback is openspace for kids to play and run all is excellent......fees is at par with kiderbrook......then i went to lexicon kids.....the school was nice but the same thing as mentioned before, its on first floor and no particular open ground to play but the school itself from inside is very big.....the fees is also around 24k, books and uniform is less than the other previous 2 schools i mentioned.......then i went to jack and jill....thats also a nice and simple school....the lady i met there a very sweet  lady....i believe she was the principal....though this school also gave me the same old school feeling i somehow like the entire area where the school is....very quiet and open....wen i had visited the school one teacher of nursery class was on leave and the other was a middle aged lady...i was expecting a younger teacher maybe because all the other schools i visited had much younger teachers....i did not get the chance to talk to any parents for reviews.....this school was quite ok for me....i mean i am unable to decide as to wat was bad and good in the school..... the fees is also less 15k for nursery.....

after going to all the schools i am still unable to decide which 1 to opt for.....but i only have this weekend to decide.......pls help me out of this dilema.....fees wise i am more inclined towards jack and jill  or lexicon...but still dont know.....kindly advice....thank u


PS1982 2011-02-11 22:10:14


Hey Faith...


I guess i wud b more or less settling for Serra preschool....

reasos being

1) its clean and hygeince...and spacious

2) price is at par.(a bit higher...but it gives u peace of mind)

3) they have daycare with food facility

4) its near to my hubby;s if theres any emergncy he can look into it!

hope it helps u!


faith83 2011-02-12 18:39:34


hey PS1982

thank u so much for ur help....i cudnt go to serra today....lets c....will go soon.....i am glad u liked the school and finalized on that......wat are the nursery  fees there.....


Jiggy 2011-03-03 13:40:17


is that true many of the schools have hiked their fees?

Any idea on the revised fee for Primrose, Kangaroo Kids, Serra & Leapbridge International?


chatsymom 2011-03-03 14:18:16


 Hey poonam,

I had my kid going to roots to wings at koregaon park, and its been a wonderful experience as a parent to see him grow there. The environment is so very friendly and the teachers are exceptionally good. My son has been there since he was 1.5 yrs old, initially in the daycare and then when he was two he started with playschool. Every person in the center is so very good and have an excellent connect with each and every child. My child has learnt some very good values like friendship, sharing, helping in this place and i very much recommend this place. The center manager (shilpa alagh) is herself so very involved with all the activiyies in the center that it makes us parents even more assured that things are going well with our kids. Apart from the teaching staff even the maids are so well behaved and so well trained with handling children which leaves us with no fear at all. They all know hindi and english and their approach towards the kids is just very very good. 

You may have a look at the center, its on south main road just in between lane no. 6 & 7. Koregaon park. 

Hope this review helps you and all other moms who are worried about their children's daycare and pre schooling!

Have a great day,



sugarmommy 2011-03-03 23:35:06


hiya all mommies,

After all the schools that i hv been too....i chose Lexicon kids(viman nagar) for my son.  I like the school's syllabus, they have a lot of activities and also they have a pre-primary and secondary section as well..which is in wagholi. lets c how it goes.. till Lkg he will be in viman nagar.

tk cr



sugarmommy 2011-03-03 23:42:42


hi faith,

how are you, well i think you mad a good choice by narrowing it down to lexicon and jack n jill, i not been to jack n jill but hv good review from some of the moms..... i personally decided to take admission in mexicon kids for my son....i liked the school n the enviornment...and the fact its very close to my house...Best of lcuk while deciding the school for ur kid....i know it took like forver for me to decide which school.....:-)

tk cr...


faith83 2011-03-09 09:20:08


hey poonam...

thanks a ton....i'm also thinking of zeroing on lexicon(hopefully we meet :))...lets c....we went serra too....loved the school but fees is a lil doubt abt the teachers and staff....the school is very clean too.... lovely  environment too...but 1 thing that struck me was the teachers are always busy capturing moments of kids for us and noting down their special activities but in this process i think they lose that personal teacher student interaction....

so m thinkin of lexicon now.....can u answer a few queries of mine if psbl...... wats the student teacher ratio there....and like u mentioned before are they shifting to better place or not..... and do we have to accompany the kids for the first few days......thanks in adv.....and ya which batch are u opting for?


sugarmommy 2011-03-10 18:02:35


hi faith,

i have opted for the morningh batch(dew drops) 8:30 am, they said that call center will shift soon, so i am not worried abt that. what i liked was they have very good syllabus and music sessions and they take care of the kids. schools is on the fist floor but they are very cautious abt it. ration is 15:1 which i think was okay, i seriously did not like any other play school in viman nagar, and dint wanna go out of viman nagar. i hope to meet you too.....where you stay in viman nagar, i am close to dutta mandir.



sugarmommy 2011-03-10 18:04:45


and yeah also, they said we mite have to accompany our kids for the first few days, but for the first week they call kids on diff timings so that they can adjust and not feel crowded...


take care

poonam :))


 Former member 2011-03-10 18:58:08


  Hi ,

      Everyone !.. I am new to Pune and was in quest of looking towards a good mother-toddler program . Hummmm, I have gathered lots of knowledge abt the pre-schools here...frm all of yur reviews.. Thanks .

      Basically i have being working as a supervisor in sm of the renowed pre-schools at baroda since last 8 years. We have jus moved on to pune and as i have 8 mth old baby ,im kind of looking forward for a good mother-toddler program . I m planning to visit serra international soon.. 


sugarmommy 2011-03-11 13:47:25


hey hi rikti,

why dont you check with Vivero International and kider brook in Kalyani Nagar?? i heard they have very good mother toddler programs cant say much abt them coz i hvent been to their school, so its better if you check with them.

poonam :))


faith83 2011-03-11 19:45:12


hey poonam

thanks a ton for the info....i have zeroed on lexicon but now my husbands is confused between serra and lexicon....actually serra assesement is based on regualar monthly evaluation of kids and in lexicon for nursery also they have my husband feels that atleast for nursery let her enjoy, exams burden and all then from next year she will have exams in again dilema....but tomo finally he will decide and pay the fees.....

i think ur son will go to playgroup na? my daughter will go to nursery.....i stay close to baker factory......lets c now.....god this is the most difficult time i've had till she was born; to decide a school for her....

do u have any reviews for serra.....

thank u



faith83 2011-03-11 19:52:19


hey rikti

welcome to pune....m too from guj; abad....hope u like it here.....for a good mother toddler program i think, like poonam said vivero is good......but also try serra....i ve heard it has good programs.....dunno abt kiderbrook....i dunno somehow i dont like that school......but still u mite have diff opinion....... have no good reviews abt it......

hope this helps.....btw which area are u lookin for?


sugarmommy 2011-03-12 18:25:30


hi faith,

good luck with the school, i know its vey difficult to decide a school for kids since it is the most imp thing in our kids life(present and future). you know whats best for your kid....

take care



 Former member 2011-03-14 15:54:34



    Sugarmommy and faith ,

     Hummm, I was gonna  visit Serra last Sat , bt my lil baby woke up too early in the morning and started playing :)))   Me and my Hubby was busy Yawning and playing with her:))) ,she slept at 9:00 and woke up at 12:00 Noon..So i could nt go . Anyways Next Time ! Meanwhile i did called them up, they said that Mother-toddle'sr fresh batch  is gonna start in the June and she will groom me with details one i visit them .. I am looking forward to visit Viviro and Kider brook as well.

  Hey ,Faith .

       Me too guju ,frm Baroda.By the way, I am looking out for a Pre-School at Viman nagar or Kalyani nagar ,as i stay at Viman nagar , so that it will be easy for me to commute with my cutie .





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