St Mary 2022 admission procedure

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3991 2022-01-17 18:44:23


Any update on procedure as it's been more than month...form is filled and no update

pune2022 2022-01-18 15:31:47


No update yet

pune2022 2022-01-18 15:32:56


is St Mary's very strict ? getting this review from a few parents, what's your take on it ?

Muddassir 2022-01-18 15:39:27


You should have received the invite to come for document verification. Call up the school office and check with them.
Regards to being strict they are the leading school for a reason. All i will say is they are not unreasonable. 

pune2022 2022-01-18 16:05:13


thanks for your reply. Your son is in Bishop Right? I remember reading your comment in some last year's page

Muddassir 2022-01-18 17:10:08


Yes my son is in bishops. Daughter is in mary's

3991 2022-01-19 21:03:57


Yes no update from school yet

reeti88 2022-01-21 14:56:12


HI Muddassir, We have applied for prep admission but the seats are very less (40). Can you please guide what do they generally ask to parent/child in the interview process? Any advise/suggestions for the doc verification process? Also, they have asked to bring the child on the same day so is the verification & interview going to happen same day? Or interview date would be communicated later? Waiting for your reply.... Many thanks in advance

Muddassir 2022-01-21 17:58:40


The doc verification is when they do the interview as well. They ask basic questions like Parents education / background / work, kids pre-school details, distance from school, who takes care of kid, fav food / color / cartoon to the kid. They also verify the original documents during this time. The entire process should take about 15 minutes. Best of luck!

Curiousfather 2022-02-13 08:35:47


We went for document verification last week. The school has managed the process very well. We thoroughly enjoyed the process, we recommend the same for all. Very basic questions to parents and just few interaction with kid to understand how independent the kid is. Hoping to hear from them soon. They didn't verify the documents, please comment if it is the same for everyone this time.

reeti88 2022-02-15 16:01:38


..We went for Prep admission today..They interviewed the child and parents..However, document verification was not done..On asking ,they told that a separate mail would be sent for doc verification.. Is it same with everyone? Also, any idea how long it takes to get confirmation call on interview clearance?


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