VIBGYOR Pune: Visited last saturday,I DONT FIND IT WORTH.

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PPA 2009-07-06 12:11:45



Hi all,
I am just sharing my experience.
Last Saturday I visited the Vibgyor School at NIBM road.
From the main road itself it’s still 2-3 kms inside.
And that road is actually not a road .I had ride through the road, coz it’s not yet concrete road. Rock n roll pathway.
And I got surprised to see the’s just like any small residential building, the name of school is hardly visible on that.
The school building is sandwiched b/w the two big residential buildings aside.
And the playground is pathetic.
It’s even smaller then any nearby park. I don’t know what they are going to do in SPA.
I can say yes classes are good, they are AC, and they are just made attractive by hanging large colorful layouts.
But as I said building  is so small that there is hardly any space left in the class after their furniture.
Now I come to know, why they have so small size of tables and chairs.
The school building is 3yrs old (hardly I can believe) and still the work is going on with taps fitting , windows etc.
When i asked is there any teacher i can met, they said NO, even if you have ur ward is in the school,u cant meet their teachers before an appointment and principals permission.
I don’t find any point in this rule.
Overall, i find it like they have the gentry of people who are new in PUNE, or staying near NIBM/UNDRI, coz they are not much aware of other schools or they won’t come in INDIA/PUNE during the admission time. Because this is the only school where you can get the admission throughout the year.
On last Saturday I visited this & BISHOP's at undri.
And i found huge diffences in both the school.
Shortly I am going to share my experience at Bishop.
But at least for my daughter I have eliminated the VIBGYOR as an option.
Have a nice time.
Do search the schools, visit them and share your opinions.
Avani's mom

Srichi 2009-07-06 19:29:34


Looks like you werent really impressed with the school setup. We never bothered to venture into this school.

Bishop's is definitely a good choice for your daughter and i feel you should go there this year end for the admission, because that is when the admissions start.


PPA 2009-07-07 10:54:19



Ya that's true!
I visited Bishop's at Undri also.
I came to know about their admission time n procedure.
I am relaxed that one (VIBGYOR) is now eliminated from my list.
I read a lot about this online, so I was keen to see this school.
But now not the case, it’s all gone.
Now I have Bishop and Kendriya Vidyalaya in my list.
Let's c in Nov Bishops will start the admission, if I succeed over there n will go for that sure, else KV is in my hand.



madhuriesingh 2009-07-27 19:24:12



Vibgyor is a big name in Bangalore. The school is fully acirconditioned which is one reason why many parents want to move their kid to that school.

The education and other facilities are fine but like u mentioned some basic things are lacking there. The most important being space.

There are good schools like DPS, ST Mary's but they have strict admission process.

Good luck.

Madhurie Singh


 Former member 2009-09-18 10:36:38


hello guys, my child is in dps and trust me i am so happy with this school ,i would recommend this to all the parents, this experience has been great.


NJ 2009-09-18 13:22:30


I heard Bishops in Undri and Kalyaninagar has quite small playgrounds and in other aspects also its not as good as the Bishops branch in camp. Can someone please throw more light on this.

Also does anyone know about the fee structure of the following schools -

Bishops(Is it different from the 3 branches)

St. Marys







madhuriesingh 2009-09-18 13:33:22


 Hi NJ ,


Pls read my reviews on school where most of your answers you may find.



Madhurie Singh



PPA 2009-09-18 13:37:10


hello NJ,


As far as Bishop Undri is concerend, I have visited that school and it has that perfect school playground ,the campus...everything.

I dont know about the rest u listed.

Please share with me even if you come to know about these schools.



karankavi 2009-09-19 19:16:37


hey madhurie,

was ur kid in kangaroo kids ?


madhuriesingh 2009-09-20 00:19:49


Yes , my older one was there was there.  


karankavi 2009-09-20 08:52:14


hey madhurie i guess we know each other ,u had a small tiff with anushree , u had called their head office in b'bay and all that scene?


madhuriesingh 2009-09-20 13:26:08


Well it was not small tiff.


It was a majot security lapse on part of the Kangaroo Kids teachers. But what was more annoying was their refusal to accept that they goofed up!

But then when I called the Head of KK , Leena Ashar , she apologised and wrote in back on that they are sorry and will make sure it was not repeated.


So I forgave them. :)

I am sorry, but I do not still place you, looks like my age is catching up on my memory :p

u can mail me on 


Srichi 2009-09-20 18:23:53


Classrooms having a/c is definitely not a criteria for school admission. And if somebody thinks it that way, well... i hope they know what they are doing...!

Bishop's Undri has a good playground. its quite big - the one thing thats missing there is the grass.  (when i saw it last). Hope the authorities wdve taken note of this. 



Avi 2009-10-26 23:32:04


hi scrichi/madhuri singh

All of you given your idea , can you provide details of admission process in Bishops school in kalyani nagar , what preparation required .







madhuriesingh 2009-10-26 23:48:23


 Avinash , if your child is in Nursery then Kalyani Nagar may have seat but other classes will be difficult.

tc care


Srichi 2009-10-27 08:58:16


the admission process shd begin sometime in December. please log into the school website to get the updates.

i know a few frnds whose children are in bishop's and the admission process then was different. Only the parents were interviewed. Last yr when my daughter got admission, the admn process was different. They had a roll number system for all the kids and 10 at a time where escorted inside. (minus the parents). After an hr they were brought back to the parents.

Now what happened inside is what my daughter told me... she was asked to identify some objects, colors, etc etc.. and they asked her some simple questions. You cannot really grill a 3 yr old child more.

Yes, getting into the lower classes wd definitely be easier.

As far as preparation is concerned, theres really nothing for the nursely-ukg, other than the usual stuff of numbers/colors/identifying objects.

hope this helps.


madhuriesingh 2009-10-27 11:40:58


 :)  SO true, you cannot coach your child. 

And even if you do, what is the chance that they will actually answer on that day!!!! 

There were two kids who refused to goto the interview hall during the ST Mary's admission process.

Very helpful


Madhurie Singh



rajpradip2004 2009-12-09 17:58:08


This is the best school at pune , U have open option for IGCSE or ICSC .

According to there hassle free admission rules for Nur to Sr-KG ,the admission procedure is very fast and easy and it is very true .
They will charge very genuine amount for admission form also .

The High level staff (means officers and principal)are equally kind and well spoken as compare the reception staff.

They will treat you as a parent not as a customer .
They are very much friendly with kids and the parents to.


pooh 2009-12-13 19:14:02


can u please tell the name of the school u r talking about......

My daughter didnt open her mouth during DPS interview, so she couldnt get options left are Bishops and Hutchings.....can anyone tell which one would be better?? I have gt many negative reviews of Bishops undri especially that the class teachers have been changing many times during the academic year and teachers are not very good in their own me out .....AS I AM HIGHLY CONFUSED!!!!!!!!


pooh 2009-12-13 19:19:51



I visited the school twice to get my daughter's admission and was reluctant to take admission just by looking at the small outdoor space of the school and the location is still surrounded  by many construction sites making the whole place dirty and dusty.

The classrooms too are very small in size to accomodate 24 small kids of jr kg without any free space to move around. I have not spoken to any teachers, but after a huge amount of fee they are charging the students are seperately going to dance classes and tutions......If this has to be done then why to spend so much on school fee???


PPA 2009-12-14 17:06:09


Yes i am full agreed with u


madhuriesingh 2009-12-14 17:19:50


Dear Pooh, Hutchings admissions are closed for the year 2010!

U can try for Bishops Undhri. Do not continue in any playschool, else you will be sorry next year. I wud suggest first get her admitted in one of the mainstream schools of the board u like and then try again next year in any other school.

St Mary's will start admission in Jan. Try there, Pawar Public has opened its admissions too. Its the most reasonable fee school after St Mary;s 


pooh 2009-12-16 15:58:13


thanks for all your replies!

Pawar public school has no vacancies for L KG 2010 batch....I have applied in hutchings as well as bishops case my daughter gets admission which school should we prefer???


madhuriesingh 2009-12-17 09:25:48


 Hutchings :)


kulsup 2009-12-18 13:14:26



My daughter would be 3 next year and is currently in jumbo kids, aundh. I am looking for some good option in aundh, sangavi, baner, pashan area.

Could anybody suggest me the same ?




pooh 2009-12-18 14:52:40



people told me they emphasize more on academics with too many exams in an academic there proper balance of academic and co curricular activities???


joyeeta 2009-12-18 17:57:08


Dear All,

I am a resident of Kolkata. We will be shifting to Pune around March 2010. I have a daughter age 8 and a son age 6. I will be looking for schools for them - class 3 for my daughter and class 2 for my son. I want ICSE/CBSE school with good playground, proper structured academics and efficient, organised management.

According to school websites of Pune, almost all schools have said that admissions class 2 onward will be open only end March. I am very worried on 2 counts.

1) My children have bengali as their second language, which isn't an option in Pune. Will schools understand and take my kids in, on the promise that they will be coached at home and will clear their end-of-year exams ?

2) Because of a strange cut-off date (during admissions ) of her present school, my daughter is older by 1 month-3months for class 3 in almost all schools in Pune (Her Birthday is 30 August 2001). Let me mention here that she goes to Modern High school for Girls in Kolkata which is considered the best girls' school here. Also, she is very good in academics, especially Maths, is good in Quizzing, is an Odissi dancer and is a natural leader.

Can anyone please comment on my predicament and advise me on my course of action ?


joyeeta 2009-12-18 17:58:52


** With ref to (1) above : I meant coaching in Hindi as second language


kav 2009-12-24 15:09:33


Hi joyeeta,

I am coming from bangalore. I am in pune at present for a school search. I have a daughter and a son who will be in 4th and 1st next year. Here all the schools have hindi  as 2nd language. u might have to train her a bit from now.  some schools have hindi for admission test also. I am confused about the schools here. Each school have their own age criteria. It is not the same in all.  My daughter is also 2001 born, she is in 3rd now. If you could have a search before march it is better. Here all big schools close there admissions by march. Already 2 - 3 schools told me they don't have any vacancy.




manishsharma100 2010-03-31 07:11:43


Hey Madhurie,

Impressed by your posts and blogs for schoold in Pune. Please help me decide which one is a better choice for me coming from US..I'm seriously condsidering Symbiosis but I'm not sold on it yet justifying their fees.

I'm also considering Vibgyor. I think I'm already late for admissions in the other famous two DPS and Bishops.

Please help!!




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